Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Sneak Peek!

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Sneak Peek!

Check out Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas in the first sneak peek of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam!

In the sneak peek, you get a short glimpse of the movie plus the music video shoot for “It’s On.”

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam finds the gang reunited at Camp Rock for another summer of music and fun. Their love blossoms as they battle against a new state-of-the-art music camp called Camp Star that has opened across the lake.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the sneak peek?

“Camp Rock 2″ Sneak Peek
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  • lover

    I’m soooooooo excited :D:D:D!!!!

  • sabrinadinizz


  • iam

    meaghan martin look so different! cant wait!

  • ALexia


  • Ashleigh

    camp rock 2 will definitley better than the first! i cant wait. everything will be better in 2010! lol (lets hope anyways) :))

  • Anna

    DUMB. though i don’t think anything could possibly be worse than the first one.

  • chris


  • el

    aah i can’t wait !!!

  • rock_chic_chick

    looks as bad as the first one. typical disney they have the b*tch in the first one be nice at the end and then in the second one she is back to being a b*tch. just like in HSM 1,2,3 *rolls eyes*

  • nathalia

    I’m soooooooo excited! I love them! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! may all your wishes come true.

  • Sarahjbxx

    ANY TORONTO PEOPLE HERE??!!?? heey! I made a twitition for jb to have their premiere in toronto. can you please sign it??? thanks! :)

  • erica ;]

    WHOO! been waiting ages for a little sneak peek or glimpse of the next Camp Rock installment! :)


    ahhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait!

  • Jason

    “HSM 2″ deja vu much?

  • lexie

    is it bad that im not very excited for it?
    not that it looks bad or anything, i dont know, theres just something about it.
    i guess i have to wait till it comes out to judge it.

  • a blogger person

    Cant wait for the movie!!

  • Gabby

    @rock_chic_chick god, what’s wrong with you? It looks amazing. Yeah it’s typical disney. It looks amazing. That’s what they do, amazing movies.

  • flyaway

    Demi and the Jonas brothers should stick to singing!! Leave the acting to Selena!

  • Jaqueline

    yay!! can’t wait! for the music!, dancing!, romance!, camps!, and lastly the kiss of Jemi (Joe & Demi) they are very cute couple sucks there not together! :-(

  • Mariariaaa

    i like how they did joes hair
    my fave part in this
    joe has a chicken on his head
    adorable : )

  • Sony

    @lexie: No, it’s not bad. It means you are actually NORMAL. People who are actually excited for this movie weirdos. I’ve seen the first movie and it sucked even harder than High School Musical. This one doesn’t look any better. The only good thing is that new girl. She looks HOT! The blonde chick looks a lot better too. Demi…not so much. :(

  • TV

    what’s the difference between this one than the last. lame.

  • patty

    why does Demi look so old in this movie? she looks like she’s 32. i liked the old mitchie better.

  • A.M./P.M.

    @flyaway: I LOVE Selena Gomez!

  • Krissy

    What do i think of the sneak peek?

    Honestly, I think, it’s okay for now, not too too excited.
    I actually expected more to it. After watching this sneak peek, I find Camp Rock 2 needs a little bit of work. And i mean it.
    The dancing is getting there; really spicing it up a bit.
    The acting kinda fair; not much humor as the last
    The story line is classic, romantic and of course, used before like in the HSM sequels, romeo and juliet and a few others. Well what do you expect? it’s disney. TONS of movies have been repeated and added a new element to it, so it wouldn’t SEEM like a ripoff. Hopefully, Disney will edit, revise and make this movie good ( till next summer, yeah, they have enough time to make this work)
    The songs, are def improving, no surprise there.
    New characters – pretty cool.
    And as for Demi – she doesn’t even look like mitchie from the first movie! she just looks like herself, wth? Is mitchie supposed to be like that? with dark hair and rebellious for her own camp? And i thought, she was going to dye her hair back to brown ..well that’s what she said on twitter :|
    the JB’s – nothing more to say, except i wanna see some rock -action
    and the “special jemi kiss” ;)

    Pretty much that’s it.

  • Andrea


  • lOl

    Once again, the music sounds more POP than ROCK. They should’ve just called it Camp Music or something cuz this is definitely not rock. ugh, Disney is so stupid nowadays.

  • Lizz

    Woah, I wouldn’t go as far as amazing. It is typical Disney movie but I don’t think it’s going to be terrible, either. I love Demi, so I’ll watch it for s&g’s.

  • sofia reed

    exactly what i was thinking

  • sherydan

    why joe not cut his hair cut before this movie so I CAN SEE THE JOEHAWK IN THIS MOVIE.
    I don’t like the curly one, he look so much better in the first one. but nick and kevin so much better in here.
    and demi look like 30 years old woman, thats stupid how shes start to dance.
    Can’t wait to see Chloe Bridges, she look like angelina jolie and meaghan look more better than demi.

  • Emmmma:)

    the preview wont work for me
    any one know where else to find it?
    arghh i really wanted to see it!

  • bella

    I love camp rock 2 ,demi se observa hermosa ,tiene un rostro perfecto y una sonrisa divina ,ella es mejor que selena ,que la dan de cantante y no lo es ,se debe quedar en la comedia ,demi es bellisima en este video luce genial es una chica fashion ,toda america latina te extraña un montón ,te quiere ver haciendo conciertos ,pero hay algo extraño la chica meaghan parece vieja ,que feo peinado le hicieron ,su cara parece demacrada ,bueno solo queda esperar camp rock 2 para ver a demi lovato ya a joe jonas la mejor dupla del año 2009 y del 2010 de lujo feliz año a todos

  • gabenceto

    WOW I no words will be a great film really awesome film!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    the first 1 is horrible !!!! and the cast are horrible (exept anna maria perez de tagle ) !!!! idk about this 1 !!

  • jamie

    hey…umm…actually it sounds & looks a LOT more interesting than the first one….i think i’ll actually watch it :)

  • Angela

    that’s not mitchie, it’s DEMI. she should’ve dyed her hair to brown and bangs, she looks just like herself.
    i can’t wait anyway, i will only watch it cuz of the jonas brothers.

  • clive

    this SUCKS! The can,t show this shit on disney channel.No offence to demi,but she is behaving so sexual and she also reminds me of this girl from this series called TRUE BLOOD.Reality is that the jonasbrothers are just getting old, so their losing the passion for rock an roll.

  • Jennie

    Yayyy :D can’t wait for this! but i bet here in england it doesn’t come out until like september like the first one did :(
    I love the curly-haired Joe :P soooo much better than his straight-haired days, although i love that look too ;) also, his Danger side is coming out; falling off the truck :D <3 thats my joe :D
    But where’s Mitchie’s/Demi’s fringe? :( She looks amazing either way, but still… :(
    Kevin’s hair is soooooooooooo much better curly :P And Nick is just his usual adorable self :’)
    omjjj it looks amazing though, actually can’t wait till it comes out :D :D hopefully if they make a 3rd one it will be in cinemas like hsm3 :D

    Love you Jonas Brothers, demi & everyone else in camp rock :D :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • qayla


    i agree demi looks like she is playing herself in the movie…it doesnt look like her character at all. she should have had dyed it brown and cut it kinda like the first movie or even the way she use to wear it on sonny w/ a chance initially. even in her show, the last episode (the one where they are on the talk show) not only did she look like herself but she acted that way….i mean it wasnt “sonny” but demi

  • Renata

    OH YAY! Awesome preview, I hope we get more soon.

  • jessica

    I cant wait. Because i am the super # 1 camp rock fan

  • clive

    Get permission and sing this song(Dirty Little Secret- All American Rejects).This song sound like it was made for the jonasbrothers.

  • marilina


  • http://? kelly

    i love camp rock:)
    im so excited everyone looks soi different, jobros 2009 look coming to the big screen :D

    Nick Jonas is Amaaaaaaaaaazzzzinnnnnng! x

  • dot

    idk if people fully understand that most of this preview is basically just a music video they probably did to promote the movie. it’s disney’s way of getting people’s hopes up for a dcom.

  • sj

    so totally awsome caun’t wait demi and the jonas brothers rock!!!!!

  • jonaslove

    This looks amazing!! and Joe looks incredibly HOT at the beginning, nearly gave me a heartattack <3 I’m so watching this CAN’T WAIT!!


    Meaghan and Demi look so different!

  • Anna

    camp rock was a mistake from the start.
    and camp STAR? it can’t get worse than that.
    somebody needs to give JB acting lessons, and demi a bit also.
    tell her to not smile so wide like she did in the first.
    & the parts where they’re all singing with the lights and everything. DUDE, it looks exactly like another one of demi’s music videos.

  • Evie

    @Angela: TOTALLY agree. Her hair just BUGS, especially because she is so pale. Totally ruined Mitchie.

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