Nick Jonas & The Administration: Who I Am Music Video!

Nick Jonas & The Administration: Who I Am Music Video!

Check it out — Nick Jonas & The Administration‘s “Who I Am” music video!

Nick, 17, revealed to The Tennessean that he’s hoping The Administration reaches Jonas Brothers levels. He shared, “I’m not sure [if it will]. We’re trying to continue to grow and learn as much as we can along the way. I think that we’re going to take a little while on the next record, really take our time, considering that we’ve released four albums in three and a half years. We all kind of said, ‘Let’s take our time on the next one and really do it the right way.’ That’s what we’re planning to do.”

Be sure to check out Nick & The Administration‘s tour dates!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the “Who I Am” Music Video?

Nick Jonas & The Administration – “Who I Am”
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  • jonaslove

    Amazing video, not like the BS we usually see, and I love the ending when he lift the sign “just me” and does that cute little shrug XD and I also loved the “brother” sign!! I love their bond.
    JB FTW!!


    Yayyyyyyyyyy. First. I love this song and the video. It really tells a story of being accepted and loved. You rock Nick and you’re very talented.

  • anjerrie

    awww. iLY, nickk! ;D

  • Chelle

    absolutely LOVE Nick!


  • rissa

    It sounds too much like “Give Love a Try”

  • Courtney

    The video is amazing!


    Can’t dig this project. He’s too full of himself. Oh well. I will be patient for more JB music in the future!

  • gabenceto

    awesome video shows much

  • florencia

    is the most awesome video EVER !!!! love it … make feel sad when he show the poster that say “diabetic” :( … WE ALL love u Nick !!!!! ♥ (((( he is the one forme … he is all for me … my love & inspiration )))) ♥♥♥♥♥

  • lauren

    dont kill me bu eh aint the best voice ive heard dont ge me wrong love nick jonas bu eh aint the best voice bu good song

  • lo

    I like the video and the concept of the video(even though it has been done before). I hope he goes far with his band and I can’t wait to see him in concert on the 17th.

  • Tara

    How is he full of himself. Its not a bad thing to know how good u are! This video is soooo good. Much more REAL than Jonas Brothers “pop infused” music videos!! I love it and him and cant wait to hear more from him!


    Behind the scenes of Who I am on the site! And Nick will be on MTV tonight!

  • Alice

    Its Really Good! Hahah I Was Surprized, This Is Sucha Sweet Video :D He Is Sooo Cute! Hahaha, At The End With His Little Shrug!No Matter What Happens, He Will Go Far!

  • jessica

    i didnt think the video was that good. it was kinda bad. i mean it was a little boring. and besides the song is not my type of music.

  • serena

    All I have to say is wow. I was so over all of the Jonas Brothers stuff and didn’t really care much about what they were up to but this is amazing. They really are so talented and together they did so well but individually they will do even better. This is wonderful. Best wishes Nick!

  • Ashley Lyn

    i loved it
    i suppoort him all the way

  • :p

    the video is ok and so is the song, but nicks voice…ouch! its starts off soft and nice and then he does that thing where he sounds like hes trying to take a crap. not good…

  • abby

    LOVE it! It is such an amazing song and then to have such a great video makes it 10x better. I’ve become such a Nick fan lol.

  • lucia

    he is just AMAZING
    as his brohthers
    love him and them

  • kathy

    great video!
    lousy song.

  • musicaltweet23

    WOW! so impressed with this. It is such a touching song and video. Just amazing.
    love him, love them =)

  • jonaslover1993

    This is the best music video i have ever seen! its really deep. I cant wait to see him on the 20th!

  • ??

    i love this song and video! one of the best videos ive seen. i mean this vid actually mean something. other vids are just the artist singing with special affects in the back,this video is touching and i love it!people should like you for YOU

  • Lauren


    No he’s NOT he is nice

  • angeliz

    He’s is just sooo talented !!! the video was truly amazing !! ang had a great messege !! and i love it !! and actually i thgink is really worth it to go and see him on concert !!! See on the 01/13 Lov ya !! Nick !!
    But realy ……….. dont take too much time on doing the music for the Jonas Brothers !!! I cant live without u guys !!!! lov the song !!!!!

  • Jen

    I know MANY people[the jonas fans ofc :)] will disagree with me but i personally think nick jonas is the most talented out of all 3 of them.
    i really love who i am compared to something like burning up being honest.

  • Ishi

    I love this video and the song the message of the sing and the video can change lives for the better of our world! Good job! And for those who don’t like the sing or video because it’s just Nick singing and it’s not your type of music try and listen to the lyrics cause I know for sure that it will change your opinion of the song.

    Love the Jonas brothers and every other dis ey act even miley

  • Nicole

    LOVE IIIIT!!!!

  • Nicole

    Love iiit!!

  • Susanna

    Not really a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but I’m glad it was Nick, out of all three of them, that decided to go solo. He’s got the drive, the talent and the potential. I guess we’ll see if he has a strong enough fanbase to back him up. Anyway, the ending when he holds up the sign made me smile. It was good.

  • Ishi

    This is such an amazing song and video. the message of both the song and video can change people life and i think it already did and just for the people who dont like the song because its just nick singing or just because its not your style of music or doenst like the video bcause its boring and not interesting to watch just take you time and listen to the lyrics and the message of the song cause i know that will change your opinion of the song.

    I dont mean to offened anybody but thats just how i feel

    I LOVE the Jonas Brothers and all other Disney acts including Miley

  • I♥?

    I liked it. I mean I never cared much for the JoBros I liked a couple of there songs but this is one of the best. I say that cuz it fits ME. I’m always trying to tell everybody that the way I dress and act its Just Me and everybody should except that. This HAS been done B4 but the vids never caught the concept. This fit cuz its simple black and white no effects Just Simple and I liked it.


  • estefania rubio =*

    im almost crying!
    i just loved the video :)


    GOD BLESS YOU =)))))))))

  • eveters

    i love love love love love love LOVE that video. its amazing. it really has a message and those are the things i love the most.

  • chris

    I really like this video. It actually has meaning. I hope the media gives him a chance to show what he can do and doesn’t just criticize because his last name is Jonas and he is 17 years old.

  • pouty

    nothing like the jonas songs! good, very good!

  • dang!!

    this is the best video ever he is hot cute sweet and hes just being him luv himmmmmmmm

  • Beverly

    the music video wasnt what i expected, which was good.

  • Ella

    @jonaslove ME TOO!! They’re brotherly love is amazing! Kev & Joe were still part of the music video even if they’re not physically there. :)


  • lulu

    i love him!! he’s amazing and sooo talented, i thought the video was a bit weird, like when we saw the pregnant girl who was, like, 12? but it was inspirational and i love the shrug at the end, he’s just so cute!! x x x

  • Proma

    I loved the video! the fact that the whole idea was formed out of a 17 year old’s mind is amazing! it was sensitive and had so much depth in it. the song is awesome but the video is unique and sensitive. I have always respected Nick’s and his brother’s talents. Now I admire them more than ever. NJ & TA will go a long way!

  • Proma

    @rissa: well, i respect your opinion but from which angle does it sound like Give love a try to you? needs explabation.

  • Jennie

    Awww, Nick :’) <3

    the video gives a really good message :’)
    when he holds the diabetic sign up it brought a tear to my eye, he’s so brave and strong :’) and at the end: “Just me.” :’) loveyou nick :)

    He’s giving a voice to those who were too scared to speak out themselves :’) well done nick! :D
    Loveee itttt :D

  • maria pia

    I love Nick in this video!!!

  • raich

    I can think of a couple more signs for nick j… bet miley can up with even more :D

  • chelsea

    Love nick as a solo artist! cant wait to hear the rest of his music!

  • roscoe


  • J

    Kinda reminds me of a young Bon Jovi. He is gonna be even bigger than he was with his brothers. This kid has it all!

  • mjk

    aw i love this video & song! Its so amazing.

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