Sterling Knight: StarStruck Sneak Peek!

Sterling Knight: StarStruck Sneak Peek!

Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell snap a pic in front of the famed Hollywood sign in this new sneak peek of their upcoming DCOM Star Struck!

The flick follows Jessica Olson (Campbell), a down-to-earth girl from the Midwest who collides (literally) with Hollywood’s teen heartthrob, pop star Christopher Wilde (Knight). They wind up on a love-struck adventure in Southern California, but their bond is tested when she returns home and he publicly denies their relationship.

Starstruck, also starring Brandon Smith, Chelsea Staub and Maggie Castle, is set to premiere in February 2010.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Star Struck?

Sterling Knight & Danielle Campbell: “Star Struck” Sneak Peek
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  • Living4Lovato

    I will not watch this! I am a die hard channy fan and I will NOT see Sterling kiss someone else!

  • holly

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks sooo good!

  • Lola

    Personally, it reminds me of so many other DCOM’S….HSM, Camp Rock, etc. It could even go back to the DCOM Model Behavior. This concept is extremely overdone and Disney should be more creative….It’s pathetic that all of their shows or movies have to be about famous people or of just completely unrealistic things in general.

  • loovers

    loooks good (:
    loove Sterling ! such a cutie , can’t believe the girls 14 though !

  • Isabelle Opata

    The movie looks awsome and it looks like the girl has a crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirstin

    Haha is it sad I’ll be 17 by then & i can’t wait for it :D
    Cheesy “popstar” movies ftw!

  • Lulu

    I can’t wait for this movie, it looks so good! it definately looks better than anything movie Disney that have made straight for TV, since they released Camp Rock! It’s gunna be great!

  • katie

    this new girl is really pretty, i think she looks like camilla belle :) can’t wait for the movie!

  • Zacefron1fan

    aww I LOVE sterling <3 !!

  • barbara

    OMG, this movie is going to be so cool!

  • Annie

    Looks cute, some points his face creeps me out when he smiles…I dunno why.

  • catherine

    the girl cant act, soorry.

  • joboots


    Jumping to conclusions again,eh?????

  • Itsamystery?

    Hey guys we decided to make a fan page for Danielle Campbell on twitter, if anyone’s interest in following
    We’re hoping to get some support for Danielle before the movie comes out =]

  • itsmeagain

    Can u say Camp Rock Muck?
    Sterling=Shane Gray
    His Love Interest =Mitchie
    Brandon =Wannabe Jordan Francis

    And the whole plot of the MOVIE is pretty much CAMP ROCK minus the music, the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato


  • itsmeagain

    @Lola: I agree. Disney even took parts from Harry Potter and Pieced it in to the WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE THE MOVIE in fact. It’s obvious Disney is running out of ideas. That’s why I am glad for shows like GOOD LUCK CHARLIE something that kids can actually RELATE TO.

  • Jenny

    looks awesome i feel its like like the whole thing is similar to others disney DCOMS but it feels toned down and the fact that there is a new actress maked the whole thing seem a bit fresh

  • ANSA

    wow what an overused concept. i agree, this is really stupid. this movie is SO MUCH like many other movies.. especially like Ella Enchanted. But it’s more annoying that they always try to give little kids HIGH EXPECTATIONS and show that superstars are really normal people. Yeah they are, but they don’t easily fall in love with random people.

  • Minh

    it looks rlly cute and I absolutely love Sterling Knight :D Although I agree that the plot has been used already in many other Disney movies, I still am interested in seeing it and I would like to hear Sterling sing in this movie.

  • Bee

    Awh Sterling. This actually looks pretty good, I love his comedic timing, I’m glad he’s got his own DCOM.

  • bonnie lagtard

    this movie looks amazinnnnnnn lol sterlin knighhhtyyyy looks maddd swaggalish delish in this moobie! that gurlz lackyyy as hell dah shes in dis moobiee wid him. LUB LUV LUV disney channel foreverr! cant wait for this movie count downin this flick on my camp rock calendar in my kitchen! holla!

  • Lonny Bramstand

    like OMFG i really cannot even live my life until this movie comes out like FORGET high school musical; this is the new hot disney channel moneymaker. i forsee sequels and danielle campbell’s gettin herself a hot endorsement deal like ness hudgs & ecko red.
    me & all my friends are gunna have a viewing party in feb when it comes out but first i need to find some friends…

  • cdcforlife

    i love sterling. he’s adorable and he looks a little older (in a good way), but couldn’t they have picked a better hat for hid disguise. each time i see that hat i cringe…. i’ll admit it, i can’t wait for this, he is my guilty pleasure!!!

  • Tiffany

    I agree with Minh and Bee. I also can’t wait for this movie and I’m actually pretty excited to hear Sterling sing too. :-)

  • katieee13

    Oh yeah, totally, just like Camp rock copied off High School Musical right -_- You dont know what this movie will be like just wait until you watch if before you judge

  • sterling

    omg i cant wait!!!! i love him!!

  • lilly

    he is so cute. the movie looks good.

  • Angela

    Cliche. I like cliches, though. But I agree; Disney is obviously running out of ideas. That’s what they get for taking down the classics and replacing them with tweeny bopper franchises, besides HSM. HSM has already made itself a classic. The other DCOM musicals/shows that came after it were just, let’s be honest, rip offs, because Disney only made them after suddenly musicals were back on again.

  • http://Thisone ChannyisLife04


    Agreed.. He is so much better with Demi

  • http://Thisone Demirulztheschoolz

    @Lola: @itsmeagain:

    Camp rock sucked, I love Demi but it sucked. This movie looks cute

  • http://Thisone Demirulztheschoolz


    Yea it’s unrealstic, but that’s why their called movies

  • http://Thisone Demirulztheschoolz


    Awe that’s sweet :) she’s cute

  • http://Thisone Demirulztheschoolz


    Ikr?! She looks about 16

  • http://Thisone Dontcrytearsoflove


    How the hell is this like Ella enchanted?

  • http://Thisone Dontcrytearsoflove

    @Lonny Bramstand:

    ‘first I need to find some friends’… Lol

  • http://Thisone Thatsrightiwentthereee


    How would you know that? You havnt even seen the movie yet. She’s cute, so don’t judge a book by a 2:34 cover

  • Joyce

    The part of Chris Wilde was originally given to Cody Linley, but then he got drunk at a party, and that screw-up lost his part. :( But I think Sterling Knight makes a WAY better Chris Wilde. :D

  • valerie

    This looks good. but it wud be better if they find other star, that r more good looking… no offense to all the sterling knight fans.

  • Brittany

    LUV Sterling he is suuuuccccchhhhhh a cutie and a hottie and cant wait 4 starstruck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://none alex

    I can not wait! i thinkthis is going to be alwsome! for all you people who are saying stuff like it is not original, or copycat. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT YOU HAVE NOT EVEN SEEN IT YET! i mean really people? how can you say that “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”
    sterling is SO cute!!!! He is just SO cute!

  • kaihan

    dam danielle campbell has gorgeous eyes tho

  • roby

    love eu starstruck

  • елеонора

    Невероятен е днес гледах премиерата по disney chanel и преди няколко седмици гледах от vbox7 английската версия и пак бих го гледала . Много е хубав :)
    А да не говорим за Sterling , който е просто нямам думи и има невероятен глас (h) .
    Дано да направи нов филм е макар че този е от 2010

  • robyn

    i love soney with a cance but when i herd of starstruck i bet im goona
    love that even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook sydney p

    i cannot wait for the movie to come out it look so cool it brang me to life when it was first advertrsingg x

  • http://facebook nikita simon

    u rock selena
    and u’s ramsoon and beezus is dam good thinkinsg so

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