Debby Ryan Won't Change Her Mind About God

Debby Ryan Won't Change Her Mind About God

Debby Ryan has had her ups and downs about what she believes in — but she’s made up her mind now.

The 16-year-old actress stars as Kimberly Walker in the upcoming What If... and recently sat down with Susie Online to chat about her faith.

Debby shared about starting her own Bible study for kids in the industry, “It’s literally a bunch of kids in the industry — kids with hearts after God and kids who want to make a positive difference. We all have the same common drive that runs through us, and we want to share it. I don’t find it a religion. I feel like religion is a word that’s synonymous with rules. For me, it’s all about a relationship I have with God. I’m accountable to Him. People can judge it all they want to, but it’s not going to change my mind.”

What If… director Dallas Jenkins told the online mag about her performance in the upcoming movie. He praised, “I kept hearing the Suite Life director telling the actors to ‘go bigger,’ and I wanted to talk to Debby to make sure she could shift from that TV mode into movie mode. Even in scenes where she had to cry or laugh, she didn’t overdo it or push it. That’s very rare in a young actor. After her first scene, I knew I was going to love her performance.”

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  • Rebekah

    Good for her! that’s very impressive. =)

  • 1234

    There’s something about her that tells me she’s kind of fake… I don’t know.. I hope i’m wrong.

  • none

    Here is my problem with this is that actors have always claimed faith in God. Brad Pitt is one who claimed he believed and then later said it was a lie. I am not trying to bash Debby but I wonder if her faith is real or if it is just a stunt to get more fans and to increase her family friendly image. I for one am tiered of fake people and claims of finding God. If she has faith I am happy for her, but if this is a stunt then stop it. I like Debby’s acting but when it comes to God faith shouldn’t be an act.

  • Ryanfan

    I think this is real. Read her article at the susie site. She seems to know what she’s talking about and what she believes in

  • rebeca

    Um.. “None”,
    Are saying that because you don’t believe in God or because you think she is faking that she believes?

    I’m personally thrilled that Debby came out with this because there are a lot of Disney Stars who are Christian. Majority of them are. So I hope those that are, participates with her.

    Everything she said is SO true and she sounds like me.

    Anyway, GO DEBBY!! God bless you and He is with you! Love ya : )

  • jamie

    @none: i totally agree with you that this could be a publicity stunt, it might not be but look at the jonas bros. they “claimed” to be virgins when i guarantee you that the two older ones are/were not. The only reason the oldest one got married is so he could have sex without being a hypocrite. That is just my opinion though. Anyways good for debby if she is telling the truth.

  • Kristie

    such a sensitive subject…but that’s ok …as long as it’s not a publicity stunt

  • Tiffany

    Well I think that this is awesome. I hope her, and Selena, Demi, JoBros, and everyone else stays strong. I think they mean it, and I think Kevin got married because he was in love with Danielle. I respect all of them more because they still hold onto their beliefs and I think that’s amazing. Good job, and God bless.

  • none

    @rebeca: I never said tthat I don’t believe in God. I am just saying that I wonder if this is a true belief coming from her or not.

  • lulu

    She sounds the most honest about it, admitting that she wasn’t sure at first. I think everyone feels that way. I think the good thing is that she’s not too overboard over it, like she’s not copying the Jonas Brothers, who not being funny, are the only pure Christians in Disney (that’s just my opinion), whereas other stars just all of a sudden wear purity rings. I think some of you are wrong about the Jonas Brothers, saying that Kevin just got married to have sex. I don’t think that’s the case, he got married because he loves Danielle. But anyway, this is about Debby. I think what she’s doing is great, and she’s trying to be a good role model, but not too overboard and saying “I’m a great role model” that one of the girls did, she’s just being herself, and that’s why I respect her!! x x x

  • annie ryan

    is sounds honest and is honest cauz of her presonalitie and alll of the things!!!!

  • Kiran Jonas

    good for her if she’s telling thr truth. But before lying about belief in God, jus be sure to know God is watching, He does not punish nor hates but will be unhappy if His children are lying, especially about believing in Him.

  • 78violetFan

    Way to go Debby! I’m so glad she’s proud of her faith and proclaiming it to all! More people in this world should be like that! Keep on loving Jesus! He died for you, so live for Him. :)

  • CC

    It’s impossible to judge someone’s heart. She seems sincere and I respect her for that. However, we should give her a little grace if her beliefs evolve and change over time. Seriously, how many of us took up causes and said things when we were teens that we now don’t live by? I hope her faith stays strong, but I’m not going to judge her if she has bumps along the way. Publicity stunt or not, she’s is a positive influence helping her peers make good choices in life.

  • trena1

    debby was a strong christian before hollywood it is her way of life she does not preach to anyone but shows her faith by example she does not judge anyone because of the way they believe if you have debs as a friend you are blessed she is a great role model.

  • nat

    im glad she put tht out there she seems like she is proud ofher faith and thts how ppl need to act with there faith and never be ashamed of who you gave ur life too Jesus is the way

  • Lizzie

    Debs rocks!!! DR fan forever!!!! shes amazing. She is amazing internally in that is all that matters.

  • withheld

    I think that Debby and all the others are serious in what they believe in and in their beliefs and I think the people out there crticizing all the Disney stars saying they are hypocrites are sick in their heads to trash talk them for their beliefs that is my opinion.


  • chelsea

    @none: i have to disagree. brad pitt may have done so, but he was older than she is now. I totally agree with what Debby says: being a Christian shouldn’t be regarded as a religion but more as a relationship you have with God. All the other celebs that claim membership in this faith usually just say “Oh thank God for everything! I go to church! blah blah blah”. Hardly do you hear them even mention reading the Bible or talk about what it means for them to be a Christian.

  • Belen

    lol at the “God is not a religion” argument…correct me if i’m wrong but i think this girl is a christian, probably protestant. If she IS a christian then i’ve got news for her: CHRISTIANITY IS A RELIGION. Worshiping God is religion, going to church is religion, having the Bible as your spiritual food is religion, praying is religion. Religion is basically believing in God and having a relationship with Him. What she probably means is that she doesn’t want to be “legalistic”, “pharisaic” or “hypocritical”. God DOES NOT condemn religion as we can read in James 1:26-27 or Matthew 16:18 where Jesus creates the Church,as well as in the book of Acts. God condemns hypocrisy, which ironically is what many, many celebrities have fallen into.

    PS: i think, or at least i want to think, that this is not a publicity stunt. Unfortunately, in many cases, celebrities start their careers believing in God and being christians and then, as they get famous, throw their love for God away and become atheist, agnostics, non christians or liberal, feel-good christians. Let’s hope and pray this is the exception.

  • Belen

    PS 2: I don’t want to say that God is a religion. What i mean is that worshiping Him, praying to Him, etc. constitute what we call “religion”

  • http://www.flowerbooMB-.PICZO.COM zanessa

    it makes me happy to see famous and the rich to not forget their God
    Iam thrilled for her.
    God Bless her.

  • Rebekah

    GOOD FOR HER. And God is very good, if you just trust in him always and forever. And for some reason Christians always get a bad reputation.

  • http://ffy maria eduarda

    hello y love debby suit and deck kiss debby

  • Iman

    I think it’s great that Debby Ryan and people like her are able to be such a great influence in the midst of all the chaos happening in this world. Hearing about how God is working through all these people is so amazing, and makes me proud to be a christian. I pray that God blesses her through this ministry and gives her strength. Way to go!

  • james

    You know i dont think debby is lying about her faith. for i believe she is a very strong christian. And for all of you who think christianity is just religon its not it is the truth.god bless you debby. reply please so we can chat. By the way i’m a huge fan.

  • disneyfan1

    GO, DEBBY!!!

  • Tammy


    thats true. Like Selena and Demi. i love them, and they’re susposed to be Christians but i Dont know. selena thanks God for awards and stuff, and i guess thats all good… but i want to see these awsome disney stars live out there faith for real. If debby ryan is a true Christian,
    then that is awesome and i can’t wait to meet her one day in heaven!! same with the rest of the disney stars out there… i pray that they’ll stay firm.

  • http://msn liam

    ok debby ryan im not here about to talk about god im here to say you are the most beautifullist girl in hole inter world i wish i could marrie you your is beautifull you are the only one i would marrie love you so much bye.

  • http://msn liam

    @disneyfan1: yeah go debby ryan the most beauterfullist girl in the world

  • http://trena1 brad

    Debby has been in Hollywood 4 years and she is as devoted to God and never would say that for a publicity stunt, God Bless you Debby. God will honor your faithfulness.

  • Dancr4God

    I pray that Debby’s faith will inspire others around the world, not just for the moment, but eternally. I believe Debby can make a difference even more then she has now. And to all you Christians in Disney, and anyone, never back down on your God!

  • Demi GoMez

    I like Debby and I hope nobody uses religion as a publicity stunt, I doubt a 16 year old would.

    I am a non-religious person, but I am a good person and would never use anything like this as a publicity stunt, so I hope Debby wasn’t coerced into it by her PRs

  • http://enternet reily

    i think shes telling the truth im a christain and shes never done anything horrible so just believe her

  • debbyfan222

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!! i think it is AWESOME for her to believe in God he is AMAZING!

  • Elizabeth

    It is great that Debby Ryan Is one of the Disney stars that have not lost their minds it is awesome that she believes in god I will definitely encourage her to keep believing I think it’s true the Image that she gives is proof and you could tell brad pit was fake because the image he gave and gives is wrong and past holiness Debby Rayan is awesome and pretty and a great actor!

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