Logan Lerman: I Get Compared To Daniel Radcliffe A Lot

Logan Lerman: I Get Compared To Daniel Radcliffe A Lot

Logan Lerman gets a little gray in the new issue of Teen Vogue mag.

The 17-year-old actor sat down to chat about his upcoming movie, Percy Jackson, why he got started in acting and being compared to Daniel Radcliffe. Check it:

On how he got the acting bug: “They’re all doctors [my family] and I’m the black sheep. When I was five, I thought auditions were a great way to get out of school! At 12, I landed the TV show Jack & Bobby, and I realized acting was something I wanted to do forever.”

On being compared to Daniel Radcliffe: “I’m being compared to Daniel a lot these days. Honestly, my character [Percy Jackson] doesn’t have much in common with Harry Potter, except that he’s an unlikely hero who’s been thrown into a huge situation.”

On what he did to prep for Percy: “I’ve been studying mythology for months; reading about Perseus, Poseidon, Apollo, Medusa. I don’t know if the movie will reach Twilight levels of obsession, but if it does, I’m ready for it.”

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief hits theaters on February 12. Also check out new character posters below!

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Photos: Paul Jasmin/Teen Vogue
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  • Sahina

    i might go watch this. the posters looks good

  • http://none Tatiana Lopes

    i love just jared jr because it is the only website posting stuff about percy jackson and logan lerman. i used to rely on oceanup, popeater, 4tnz, and JSYK for star info, but i quit those and only go here. percy jackson is my twilight. i read each book 5 times and saw each trailor at least 25 times. he is so hot. JJJ is my homepage, my sanctuary for star info. Keep up the good work, JJJ, keep posting stuff about Logan Lerman. this is one regular customer. other websites only post twilight and jonas and miley selena demi justin bieber. dont get me wrong i love those stars too, but the sites forget that there are smaller stars who need regontion as well, there are fans itching for a story on them. the world doesnt revovle around jbiebez, jonas, and twilight, thats why im always going here, the dont forget the small stars too. keep on rocking, JJJ, i will always be here.

  • littleani

    O M G Logan Lerman is so fine it’s ridiculous! More pics now please! :D

  • migui

    this is really good…i read the books

  • Zaina

    The books are really good

    Logan is an amazing percy. he’s pretty cute :)

    cant wait til feb 12th


  • cris

    he’s 10 times better than that petit radcliffe guy!

  • Celia

    Getting compared to DanRad is a positive thing. It means he actually has a chance at success. If he has half the talent that Dan does (which he does…I saw him in 3:10 to Yuma) then there’s a good chance of the Percy Jackson films becoming successful.
    I love Dan and Logan! :D

  • jamie


  • jessica


  • skullpirate007

    Lol twilight obsession level logan is perfect to play percy they both have an immature sense of humor

  • Renata

    Geez, he does look a lot like Dan!

  • Future Mrs.lerman

    He’s almost 18

  • Andrea

    He is so cute!

  • Just Interested

    what the F?!!
    how do they compare this guy to daniel radcliffe?!
    they don’t look alike & harry potter is so different than percy jackson >_> some people make me laugh

    besides it would be an insult to compare him to daniel radcliffe, dan is a much better actor

  • Mamic

    i’ve always admired Logan for his acting since he was in Jack and Bobby and Butterfly Effect. He’s what a young actor is to me. I love Dan Radcliffe too!! i mean i’ve been a Harry Potter geek since forever, but Logan has more charisma.

  • jasmine

    i hope the movie does really well :)

  • Mar

    I completly agree with you!

  • Mar

    he does not look anything like daniel radcliffe!!!!

  • me.

    all stars get compared these days, even though they have nothing in common.

  • Angela

    I cannot believe that this guy is being compared to Daniel Radcliffe… and somehow I really doubt this franchise is going to be as obnoxious as Twilight.

  • Zacefron1fan

    Hottttttt !!!!


    aaawh. i love JJJ!

  • victoria

    sound like he is arrogant.sorry but he can’t be daniel.daniel is good actor.actually i can’t wait dan’s new play,”how succeed in business”

  • alaska

    Love harry potter
    Lover Percy Jackson
    Love daniel radcliffe
    Love logan lerman

  • Laura

    i love the percy jackson books i read the last two books in two days!!! i really like the harry potter seires too but they are nothing alike. and ok i read the twilight series and liked those books too but the movie killed that whole series for me. Logan plays a good Percy and i hope the movie turns out good!!! and besides Logan is very very cute!!

  • CamTeeM

    logan is probably the most normal teenage actor i’ve ever met. which he really is, he doesn’t do this for the fame and is usually a very private person. this whole percy jackson movie is something really big for him, and i’m pretty happy for him.


    logan lerman and dan radcliffe r both good actors
    but… logan lerman has a better personality in real life
    and they dont look alike at all

  • Lionsmakeyoubrave

    the dudes LUCKY he’s being compared to Daniel.
    it means he’s talented, loved, quirky, funny, and amazing.
    for all you haters on drad? your whack. :)

  • beth!! =)

    Logan Lerman is sooooooo cute! cant wait for the percy jackson movies!

    btw the books are really really good!

  • paige

    I read all of the books! i remender the night that i saw the preview for the lightning theft! my family and i were on our way to see harry potter and the half blood prince. My mom and i were talking about how cool it would be if the percy jackson books became a movie. As we were walking in to the movie thearter and the preveiw for the lightning thief. I rememered the date of the movie every sencie that day. Well Percy Jackson’s number one fan needs to go. Peace

  • Laky

    Darlings, the guy’s not obnoxious- I mean, all he said was that he’s compared with Dan. He never said he agrees with them or anything but it’s just the fact. Just because you’re being compared 2 someone, doesn’t mean they look like the other person, alright? And um, by the way, Logan is actually one of the best teen actors in Hollywood, winning the Young Artists award a coupla timz. So yeah, and Dan Rad doesn’t seem so great 2 mean unless it that British accent of his that is seriously getting peops high.

  • Mrs. lerman to-be

    OMG Logan Lerman is cuter than Danial Radcliffe, and it takes a LOT to make me say that any one is cuter than Danial Radcliffe….

    LOGAN LERMAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juliaa

    omg he is smokin! daniel radcliffe is ok…not as good of an actor as logan. harry potter and the lightning theif are totally nothing a like i don’t even get why people compare him to daniel. oh yea, and did i mention that logan is super hot? lol

  • Janae

    Give me a couple of Justin Bieber poster and a website full of Logan news and I’m good.
    Logan Lerman is like Leo DiCaprio for this generation. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see him onscreen with Johnny Depp? That would rock so much the better :D

  • vh only


    yeah. :]] and also, vanessa hudgens and zanessa. :]]

  • sheetal

    nopes i dont think so….i am relly nt agree wid cris…….logan is alos cute nd tallented bt i love dan he awesome….the one and only dan is the best…

  • Mia

    Daniel Radcliffe?? REALLY? That’s no comparison at all! Logan is sooo much better! Don’t get me wrong I love Dan and especially his accent but him and Logan are NOTHING alike. The only reason people are comparing them is because Christopher Columbus did Harry Potter and Percy Jackson! And plus Logan is wayy hotter than Dan…I mean, did you see his EYES???

    I think Logan is like a younger Jake Gyllenhaal<3 I love them both!

  • Mia

    Logan Lerman= the most gorgeous and talented guy to ever walk the face of the EARTH!<3333

  • Mel

    I love him!!

  • http://facebook annominous

    i love logan i mean theres nothing wrong about him. hes just so nice. he is hott and a good actor and anyone that picks on him is just jelous.

  • dania

    @Just Interested:

    God BLESS you !!!
    I tatally agree with you… he’s really much better and logan is a beginner actor….. A huuuuge insult really!!!!!!!!
    damn them!


  • mega007potter


    You’r the only one with brains, Daniel is soooo much better Logan!!!!!

  • angela


  • gena

    Logan Lerman is a beautiful Jewish boy.

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