Mitchel Musso & Gia Mantegna: Kiss & Chat

Mitchel Musso & Gia Mantegna: Kiss & Chat

Mitchel Musso and Gia Mantegna couple up during their latest Ustream chat that they held on Sunday afternoon (January 3) in Los Angeles.

The cure couple chatted with fans about Mitchel‘s upcoming tour, new show Pair of Kings, and exactly how they met.

Mitchel tweeted after the chat, “Thanks guys for watching & being a part of the Ustream! Wish I could read faster, questions came SO fast! U guys ROCK as always!”

Check it out below!

Mitchel & Gia Chat, Part 1

Mitchel & Gia Chat, Part 2
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  • LC

    what a cute dog!!

  • sav.

    haha, they’re cute.

  • Andreea

    Hahaha yeah! I love the dog :P

  • mrs.nickjonas

    Mitchel is so cute! I love the fact that he doesn’t hide from his fans that he is dating and who he’s dating! A lot of stars do that and that just makes people wonder and asking them more and more… The dog is adorable!!!

  • Giovanna

    hate his girlfriend not coz im jelous coz i dont like him in that way that much but shes weird

  • Deen

    he read my comment ^ ^ ARGENTINA loves him! I wish they could stay more next time!

  • gfgafad

    Im jelous;( i love mitchel

    i like gia but

  • chelsea

    They are so adorable. Ahh…young love :)

    They both look so gorgeous here.

  • bianca

    I do not like this kid at all. I think he’s way to over himself. Idk there’s something about him, that’s so…idk annoying. Sorry girls if I just said something bad about ur guy.

  • joboots


    Jumping to conclusions,huh Bi????

  • nathalia

    they are adorable

  • http://123456 lilly

    love u mitchel hate u gia

  • http://1992wolves Gillian beckett

    Hey Mitchel i ♥ you, Gia i ♥ you but a little less and the dog is the cutest thing ever, I have to cats but i ♥ dogs more! Twitter me! Thanx ♥♥♥

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