Nick Jonas Knows The Way You Make Him Feel

Nick Jonas Knows The Way You Make Him Feel

Nick Jonas jams out to Michael Jackson‘s “The Way You Make Me Feel” during his Sunday night concert (January 3) at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas.

The 17-year-old musician and The Administration made their tour debut just the day before.

Nick also took time out to lend a helping hand to the North Texas Food Bank. He shared with the Dallas Morning News, “If there’s something I can do to help — volunteer here today or giving a financial gift — that’s something I can do.”

Nick spent about a half hour helping assemble bags of food for children’s snacks. As he loaded peanuts and crackers into sacks and handed them down the line, starstruck kids snapped his picture.

Nick Jonas & The Administration – “The Way You Make Me Feel”
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  • katherine Jonas

    It’s pretty exciting to see that nick is growing up by himself i’m very proud of him he’s an awesome guy and he deserve good thing is his way so .. :) GOOd luck baby lov’ u’! ♪’ :} ♥’

  • itsmeagain

    Oh Gosh, MJ must be turning in his grave right now.

  • Emily

    I prefer Nick by himself. Highly dislike the Jonas Brothers now.. I used to love them, but idk, just stopped liking their music. But I’ve always liked Nick the best, and I think he has a lot of talent.

  • lulu

    he’s a very talented musician. love him, but he can’t beat mj with that song! but i love him and wish him the best of luck x x x

  • nathalia

    he’s soooooo talented and hot haha i love him

  • Gino
    New AJ Michalka (of 78violet) interview with Starry Mag! It’s an awesome read!
    Spread the word! She’s awesome! And The Lovely Bones (in theater nex week) will be awesome too!

  • jessica

    wtf even if nick jonas branches out from the jonas brothers, he still wouldnt get taken seriously. i mean the only people that know that hes going solo is the jonas brothers fans. i highly doubt that he has some older fans. and i absoulty hate the jonas brothers. i mean there music is good for the people that watch disney channel but for people that are like 15-16+ its not. they are considered a joke outside of disney. they seriously are fading. they didnt get basically nominated for shit this year.

  • l.JONAS

    Okay, I was at the concert on Sunday and it was great! Nick Jonas is a really great guy and he is willing to help even though he has a busy schedule. All of the songs he sag by different artists were great, and I enjoyed every moment of the concert! Nick showed more of his true side to the crowd, without Joe budding in and doing something. I really like Nick and he is more than you think he is!
    Peace, Love, Jonas <3

  • daniella limon

    im so happy to see that nick is growing up as musician. ( : i love him a lot♥.

  • angeliz

    I think hes no made to imitate MJ cuzz MJ has a relly different voce And the only that can sing that song the thats suppose is MJ .
    Mj is the greatest ……… But nick i lov ya wth all my heart …….and i love ur musik u r the best male artist ….But MJ is not ur kind ..leave MJ rest in peace …… and keep doing ur thing … ur so much better with ur own musik ..LOVE ya NIck…ur the BEST EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren


    u r wrong & stupid

    if u don’t like them, then don’t comment

  • jo-li

    he didnt do that bad…of course hes no MJ nd i dont think he was trying to be….i feel he did the song justice. it was cute

  • rock_chic_chick

    this is the perfect of example of a high pitched wannabe ruining an amazing song!

  • jessica

    @Lauren: oh please you sound so stupid not me. im entitled to my opinion and i dont care what anyone says. you guys are just in denial.

  • allie

    @jessica: I’m 19, and I love all three of them, their music, and I think they deserve much more credibility than they actually receive. I believe that denounces your theory that no one above the age of sixteen would listen to their music.

    Also, I’m fairly certain that Rolling Stone gave them a good review on ‘Lines, Vines, and Trying Times.’ They’re not just ‘taken as a joke’ outside of the Disney channel – they have credibility. Maybe you should try listening to them and find that out for yourself.

  • joely

    Actually for those of you talkin a bunch of crap you dont know about just because you personally dont like the JB………………. More albums more sales more stuff with pictures on it then the ever….. CNN ABC CBS NBC BBC all the big tv broadcast have done pieces on them at this point…… all comparing them to legendary levels such as the beatles. Spend your time doing something productive, instead of writing about the how you hate the jonas brothers…

  • joely

    Find something els to do with your boring plain stupid friendless life jessica…..

  • angela

    i’m so proud of you nick .you did an amazing job .i love you nick and i miss you so much mj

  • Sketch

    You are stupid. You base your opinion as a fact which it isn’t. Its a lot of bollocks actually. Im 18 and i listen to the Jonas brothers so instead of talking utter wank go do something you actually enjoy you sad excuse of a human being. Gosh, i really do hate haters.
    Anyway, i think Nick is doing really well as a solo artist and im happy for him.
    <3 JB
    <3 Nick .x

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