The Record Life Covers Replay

The Record Life Covers Replay

Jake Johnson of The Record Life strums his guitar as he covers IYAZ‘s “Replay.”

The lyrics go: “Shawty’s like a melody in my head/That I can’t keep out/Got me singin’ like/Na na na na everyday/It´s like my iPod stuck on replay replay”

Jake is currently dating Miss Chelsea Staub. You can listen to all of TRL‘s stuff on their MySpace.

JJJ is meeting up soon with Jake for a super-cool interview. Let us know if you have questions and leave them in the comments!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jake’s cover?

Jake Johnson/The Record Life – “Replay”
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  • Fenna

    I Think Joe and Chelsea are the perfect couple.
    Not this guy. Nothing personal

    Btw. I Love his version of the song!

  • yayy!

    Jake is one of the nicest people Ive ever met :)
    Him and Chelsea are perfect together, not that thats even important here,
    this isnt a video of him talking about his relationship with chelsea, this is about his music, which is amazing :)

    gooo jake!

  • amber

    i thought her bf is the lead singer of the summer set???

  • Itsanogo

    ….seriously….who the heck is Chelsea dating then?

    Some people say the lead singer from The Summer Set, some say this guy and some say Joe Jonas…..I am confused.

  • Luna

    Joe and DEMI LOVATO are the perfect couple. <3
    AND please respect Chelsea and Jake’s relationship. They are in love.

  • Steph

    1. I love his version of the song ^_^
    2. What was it like recording “the bedroom ep”?

  • Mary KATE

    no this guy is dating Chelsea because they were walking through my town holding hands and kissing the weekend of Kevin Jonas’ wedding!

  • crzyredhead

    Yeah, what about Brian Dales?? I thought she was dating him.

  • aya

    jake, i think we should really hang out soon and go to pinkberry. along with chelsea too. anyways, when will your next show in la be? cause i definitely want to be able to make it to the show.

    and everyone, chelsea and brian broke up. obviously…
    but yeah, jake is a great guy

  • dinokat

    @crzyredhead: rumor has it that she cheated on Brian before Love Like This came out so some of the songs on the album got the meanings changed and Brian now say’s in all interviews that he is single and if you had the chance to see The Maine’s holiday concert being streamed live on you would have got to hear what Brian said about the song Chelsea.

>>>>>>> staging1