Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Phillip Island Hand-Holding

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Phillip Island Hand-Holding

Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, hold hands as they enjoy a romantic stroll on Phillip Island in Australia on Monday (January 4).

The 17-year-old Last Song actress is believed to have arrived in Melbourne on New’s Years Eve (after finishing her world concert tour) and spent a relaxing time with Liam‘s family. You can bet they were each other’s New Year’s kiss!

Since being on the island, Miley has gone to the Pyramid Rocks Music Festival and a coffee shop in Cowes.

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  • cristy


  • cristy

    ok now that it is officially established that i’m first, i want to say they look friggen cute together! did she go by herself to Austrailia to visit him?! without her parents! “gasps”

  • anni

    he is somewhat… not.. goodlooking.. after nick and gaston (who were both actually pretty handsome guys) she chose HIM? well, maybe he has a good character……..

  • b.w

    You’re right.They look sooo cute.

  • bella

    OMG shes in Australia! My brother and I got excited lol but she’s not in the same state. Hope shes enjoying herself!

  • Jannii


  • tori

    correction she is 17 :)

  • stephanie rose

    dudeee i was going to be at phillip island this week! glad i didnt go :)

  • stef

    Thats correct, they were at the Silvleaves Store today on Phillip Island for lunch. She is just lovely. Easy to please.

  • Jenny

    she looks happy and thats all that matters and she is about up to his shoulders god he is one tall man

  • Jenny

    And btw i cannot wait for the movie

  • mayyy

    thats the smalllesst town ever!
    as if she went there.
    pretty cool though

  • lulu

    She 17 not 16. She looks happy, she must finally be over Nick now! x x x

  • brett

    No WAY miley is 5’5, liam is 6’4 and their height difference should be drastic, but it’s not

  • annie

    Miley’s 17 not 16 :)

  • bella

    And Jared, mistake she’s 17 not 16.
    Can’t wait for that movie either!

  • Vic2763

    Yes, very cute. And, I havent seen any other family mems or body guards, tho the Hemsworth boys are an imposing sort and have demonstrated a propensity for not taking any guff.

  • Shir

    Darn you Miley and your insane man catching skills!!!
    I’m so jealous and impressed.
    But she’s super hot, so it all makes sense.

  • lol

    yeah he & his brother are bullies – like to fight 2 against one.
    He is a creepy looking. & she sure knows when the camera is on her – all smiles yet in some other pictures I saw she was always on the phone. Her parents are idiots letting her go with him to his home alone & staying there. They know each other what 6 months & now she has to meet his family – what are they getting married now – oh wait that is right she is 17 & that is old for a hillbilly – she should have been married with kids years ago. Get ready for the baby shower – should be soon.

  • leeloo

    ohh his HOT…

  • mALAK

    isn’t she 17? loool xP

  • freezy

    Ugly girl whx is he dating her? she’s fat n ugly uuggggghhh creepy

  • mech

    i love them as a couple, i hope this miley boy stays for a longer time, please!
    how awesome, she travells all over the world, all the time…
    Liam Hemsworth, u’re hot stuff

  • alana

    Im from Melbourne, Australia and Phillip Island is not far from Melbourne.
    The island is beautiful!
    They looook so cute!

  • josef

    she is hoooooot they are so cute together lucky liam

  • josef

    she is hoooooot they are so cute together lucky liam lol

  • LoveLeeR

    Good for them ! :-)

  • http://www.flowerbooMB-.PICZO.COM ems

    the girl changes boyfriends like she changes clothes, iam guessing she spent new year away from her family to be with him
    and whats with the way they are holding hands?

    some christian

  • http://www.flowerbooMB-.PICZO.COM ems

    shes not 5’5 , i think shes 5’7
    or maybe hes not 6’4 he looks more just 6

  • Taya

    cute <333

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    miley is 17 year old, is that against the law traveling without the parents?, she is still under age thought?. her boyfriend is 18 year old.

  • Emma

    Jealous! Miley looks slim aswell. I bet her family is there with her, just not with her at that moment.

    Also is that were they film Home and Away? It looks like the Home and Away beach!

  • wow

    yeah right! what is it Perez Hilton calls her? Well now I think he is right.

  • wow

    he ios 20 – born in 1990

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    OMG he is 20!, i didn’t know that. i don’t think it ok for a 17 year old dating a 20 year old but it is that a legal?

  • Katie g!

    =) i love the two of them together, and she looks kind of tan, and i love her hair. all in all sher looks happy and healthy

  • Sketch

    If he is 20 then it would be illegal for them to have sex. Does that answer your question?

  • Tiffany

    Get all of Miley’s cute and ripped clothes at

  • Kayla

    OMG, I have those jeans, they are from Topshop, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Zenon


  • Shawna

    Sketch # 20 – No it is not. The age of consent is 16. And just because he was born in 1990 does not make him 20. It is only January and he could be born in August for all you know which would make him 19 now and only 2 years older than her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 17 year old dating a 19 year old.

  • Taya

    I love her <333333

  • anna

    who cares about the age difference its not any of our business. she looks cute, happy, and healthy

  • anna

    oh and he is really hot, and at least he is way taller than her nick and justin were short

  • cam


    I don’t find him hot – but that is your opinion & your right. Correction Justin is 6 feet tall – which is not short, Nick is shorter at about 5’7″ or 5’8″ & the aussie looks to be about 6”4″ or 6’5″ -taller than the average height for a guy.

  • wow

    agree except for the part about Liam’s good character – not too sure that is the case at all.

  • AJ


    Um, she’s had 4 boyfriends since she was like 13… 3 long term… with one short term after her breakup from Nick. So do YOU only change your clothes 3-4 times in 4 years? Most “relationships” for teens last a month.
    You fail.

  • Vic2763

    GossipCenter list Liam’s DOB as January 31, 1991. Thats only 22 months older than Miley. I think they look very happy and thats what counts. Just a couple of normal teens in love =]

  • Analeigh

    @Emma: No, they film home and away at Palm Beach and Avalon Beach near Sydney :)

  • fearless

    alone with her boyfriend at that age without her parents?

    wow nice parenting