Sterling Knight: StarStruck Soundtrack Listing!

Sterling Knight: StarStruck Soundtrack Listing!

Peep the cover of the StarStruck soundtrack!

Starring Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell, the upcoming DCOM follows Jessica Olson (Campbell), a down-to-earth girl from the Midwest who collides (literally) with Hollywood’s teen heartthrob, pop star Christopher Wilde (Knight). They wind up on a love-struck adventure in Southern California, but their bond is tested when she returns home and he publicly denies their relationship.

Starstruck, also starring Brandon Smith, Chelsea Staub and Maggie Castle, is set to premiere in February 2010.

Check out the track listing and a new clip below!

StarStruck Clip #2

StarStruck Soundtrack

1. Starstruck
2. Shades
3. Hero
4. Something About the Sunshine
5. What You Mean to Me
6. Party Up
7. Got to Believe
8. Hero (Unplugged)
9. Something About the Sunshine
10. New Boyfriend
11. Welcome to Hollywood – Mitchel Musso
12. Make a Movie – Jasmine Sagginario

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  • cris

    looking foward this movie!

  • go sox

    So weird…..they look like the “new” Zac and Vanessa on that poster.

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    the blond boy in the trailer looks like that kid that plays chad in “sunnie with a chanse”. and he kinda looks like the same kid from “16 again” the movie with zac efron. werid.. but anyway this is for sure to be a hit. it will probably surpass that DCOM movie ” spectacular” starring robert pattinson. i cant wait for this movie! i cant believe we have to wait till 2012 for it to be released =] danielle/sterling= new efron and hudgins

  • Just Jill
  • Joyce

    Yes! Jasmine and Mitchel Musso are going to be on the soundtrack! They are both amazing singers! But I haven’t heard Sterling Knight sing yet, so I really can’t form an opinion about him. :P

  • Florencia

    I just can’t wait to see that movie. And I’m from Argentina, so I guess I’ll have to wait too much more, like a year maybe :( On the other hand, I love Sterling Knight and Brandon Smith too, I think they’re really good actors. I can already feel that I love this movie haha. The third comment here is a lot too weird :S

  • Vivian Owens


  • Blaze


    the blonde boy is Sterling Knight from Sonny With A Chance (He plays Chad Dylan Copper) and he is the same kid from Zac Efron’s movie 17 Again.

  • Andrea


    You should really know what you are talking about before you post comments. 1) It is Sterling Knight and he does play Chad in Sonny With A Chance. 2) Zac Efron’s movie is 17 Again, not 16 Again. 3) Spectacular is a Nickolodean movie not Disney. 4) Spectacular stars Nolan Gerard Funk, not Robert Pattinson AND 5) StarStruck comes out on Disney Channel on February 14, 2010 (next month on Valentine’s Day) not in 2012.

  • nursyafiqah

    i love sterling knight because he’s handsome and i love his smile and he’s funny and i love him

  • rylee


    that’s because it is him lol :D

  • Christine

    I love “Hero”. Its so sweet and romantic and its just in time for Valentines Day. Speaking of Valentines Day, Happy Valentines Day to all of you single or in a relation ship.

  • Dani

    I liked the movie! :D

  • Paige

    OMG, thank you so fricken much for posting this, it was driving me crazy!

  • stacy mae

    Ok so I totally love Starstruck. I am 23 yrs old and have two kids that love the Disney channel and trust me when I say I’ve seen them all, but Starstruck has been by far my favorite Disney channel movie. Sterling Knight is a little cutie and they did a great job portraying him as a singer!

  • Bella

    DUDE, Where have you been for the past two years?
    I Mean, no offence but your data is Way off.
    Like, SCARY Way off.

  • Sara



  • blueeyesxx

    @getitupgetitoutnow: lol, thats cause it is the same guy, from both of them, his names sterling knight. and he is soooo fine!

  • anonymous

    Sterling Knight does play as Chad in Sonny With a Chance.

  • x

    @Florencia: @getitupgetitoutnow:
    You can watch it on youtube.
    I just did…

  • Shanyalovessterlingandjustin

    @getitupgetitoutnow: it is the same person :P
    sterling plays chad in sonny with a chance
    sterling plays alex in 17 again ( not 16 again :P :)

  • http://- Marlena

    I love Sterling Knight in this movie he was amaizing!

  • KAyley Babiee

    @Blaze: OMG your soo clever :L x

  • shannon

    @getitupgetitoutnow: 1: it is 17 agan
    2: he is in 17 again
    3: he is in sonny with a chance as chad dylan cooper

  • carissa

    i love 17 again and star struck and sonny with a chance to and sterling kngiht and Danielle Campbell and the other cast

  • carissa

    sterling knight is cute

  • carissa

    sterling knight rocks :)

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