Vanessa Hudgens is Very Vanity Fair

Vanessa Hudgens is Very Vanity Fair

Vanessa Hudgens looks breathtaking in this new shot from Vanity Fair‘s “Women to Watch Out For” Feature.

The 21-year-old actress shared with the mag about paparazzi, working up a sweat on set and being super-shy. Check it:

On working on Sucker Punch: “I got thrown into this craziness of fight training with the guys who trained everybody for 300. I get paid to be in great shape, so I’m having a blast.”

On breaking out of her shell: “I started off as a super-shy girl, extremely hesitant. Now I’m really growing into my own person. I can actually take care of myself, which my mom thought would never happen.”

On being number one on the paparazzi’s radar: “It was like, ‘Oh, my God! No way! So cool.’ The second day it happens, it’s like, Never mind. Maybe it’s not as cool as I thought it’s going to be.”

The February 2010 Vanity Fair issue hits shelves on Thursday, January 21.

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Photos: Norman Jean Roy/Vanity Fair
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  • Julia

    Not liking that shot of her for some reason. The first two are pretty though.

  • haley

    guess I’m first! I hope Suckerpunch would be as awesome as watchmen! Gotta love V.

  • haley

    aww im second =.=

  • yo.

    stunning girl :D

  • carly

    i don’t like the first shot either but she’s mazing and i like the dress =D i’m happy she is on the list for women to watch for !!!!!

  • sheila


  • Boji

    Every photographer has a different perception of their model and this is the way he/she wants this look for Vanessa. I like seeing V in white. I think it is her eye make-up that makes her look like that, less is more in my opinion. Maybe, the make-up artist is to blame here or is it the editor ie the one who decides on the photo selection? Whatever, she’s still looking good and could be better.

  • ZanessaLuvr95

    She’s gorgeous & has an amazingly hot boyfriend? This is starting to be unfair, Hudgens

  • haley

    hope she does movies after movies. I hope she’ll become an A-list just like Zac soon enough.

  • http://justjared kuli

    wow she’s fabulous and sexy

  • sara12
  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Vanessa looks absolutely stunning in picture #2. ..I think I stopped breathing a bit there. Drop dead gorgeous. Any picture of her is gorgeous. :D Pft, I would of never thought that Vanessa was a shy one. Totally going to buy this magazine !! :D

  • Jess!

    she is GORGEOUS!!

  • Jazmin

    OMG…she is Gorgeous…don’t like the 3rd pix that much but love #2.

    Can’t wait for SP

  • Soni Hannigan

    I think she is beautful in each and everyone of them. Zac is a very lucky guy.

  • peggy

    These are outtakes aren’t they

  • haley

    ok we all think she’s pretty but no need to be so suprised about it. She’s just human…

  • jo

    Love the first shot. Vanessa’s on Vanity Fair!!

  • Vanessa lover

    Vanessa does look breath taking! I can’t wait for beasty and SP! I love her! <33

  • chelsea

    love!! :)

  • Jess!

    Bandslam (over 80% Rotten Tomatoes… she got great critics for her acting) Beastly and Sucker Punck (directed by Zack Snyder)

  • http://yahoo erika

    she’s so pretty :)
    who thought she’d be shy

  • tamara

    i sure hope theyre outakes cuz they really arent that great to be honest

  • Luise

    She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen


    @Boji: I certainly agree with you, it could be alot of things, either way, she’s beautiful and all grown up now.

  • A Fan

    She seriously look stunning in these. I love all three photos of her. From the first time I saw her in HSM, I knew she will be the one to make it big. Anyway, to answer Celia, Vanessa was in a critically acclaimed movie last summer. Her performance in particular was widely praised by critics. She was also busy filming two other anticipated movies which will be released this year and next year. Her career will continue for a long time so get used to seeing her in prominent magazines like Vanity Fair.

  • ZNlover

    So cute!

  • mykamicks

    Was her dress a light pink or baby pink color or white? Cant identify lol! Another blast for her in the stand for the next month. I love Pics 1 & 2.

    In # 2 pics, cant explain much of her looks. But i guess in my opinion she is like a Divine Seductive Fairy… I absolutely agreed w/ Vanity Mag, she is one woman to watch for!

  • Karen

    There’s no doubt she is a beautiful young woman but I’m not liking the picture JJJ used to lead this thread nor do I like the eyeshadow used for just the other head shot even though Vanessa looks beautiful. The full length picture is gorgeous, though. But I think these are only the out takes. Glad she is going to featured in VF.

  • will


  • curiosity

    Love her…she’s just amazing.

    Can’t wait for Beastly and SP!!!!

  • heat

    so stunning

  • gaby

    hahaha her personality is adorable. she’s gorgeous too.

  • robert

    she is a beautiful young woman

  • bhelle she looks beautiful!!she’s so gorgeous as always.. i love her !! haaha .. yeh she’s always being followed by the paparazzi!!haha

  • Tini

    She looks breathtaking! LOVE VANESSA! <3

  • Bee

    The full body shot is absolutely stunning.

    That close-up, flawless.

  • juturna

    she looks amazing

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    I think the three photos of all taste fantastic
    and not because I’m a fan of vanessa, because I criticize when necessary
    these photos are my favorite right now
    vanessa beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
    this girl can still be amazed me

  • kimmy

    she’s so awesome and pretty gorgeous :)
    LOVE U NESSA !! ♥

  • suzy

    I’m so happy and proud.

  • jess

    OMG! She’s so gorgeous!
    love her <3

  • J

    Wow VF she’s so gr8 , love this girl

  • IrisIris

    love her love her!!!
    go Vanessa!!

  • kristy

    She totally deserves this. So proud of her.

  • BUgRuby

    she is really beautiful!
    i hope i can be like her too

  • babyG


  • HaNnAh.kAy=]

    She Looks Lovely.
    I Like Her.

  • Wildcherry

    she looks ok but her eyes look alittle rough :/ likes shes stoned or something
    i don;t think breathtaking but pretty yes.

  • Justine

    Most gorgeous, breath taking, sexy woman ever with a boyfriend to match! Jealous (: i love vanessa, i hope sucker punch will become a hit and she’ll become alist like zac, idk why bandslam didnt do so great? IT WAS AN AMAZING MOVIE! at least it fot good critics (: LOVE YOU HUDGENS (:

>>>>>>> staging1