Jesse McCartney: Chipmunk or Alien?

Jesse McCartney: Chipmunk or Alien?

Jesse McCartney is seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel stay on top of the box office since it’s opening during Christmas week.

The 22-year-old entertainer chatted with CNN about recording the smallest Chipmunks voice, Leona Lewis and his mom, Ginger. Check it:

On recording the voice of Theodore: “I have a naturally low speaking voice, so when I get there, he warms me up a little. We go through some drills because Theodore has the highest voice of all three of the Chipmunks. You have to do it slower than real time and pitch your voice up. I talk really slowly with the same intensity of a normal conversation, and that’s sort of what they take and then they speed it up. It’s a really fine line. You either sound like a Chipmunk or an alien. You do the same line 50 times until you get it right.”

On his second thoughts of ‘Bleeding Love’: “Maybe at first. I wrote it with [OneRepublic's] Ryan [Tedder] … and I remember thinking, ‘Ryan, this is something special. This is not something that should be tucked away in somebody’s files for five months,’ which is what it did. But he finally brought it to Simon Cowell (Leona Lewis’ mentor), and Simon said, “Look, this needs a big, diva-ish voice” — and I always thought that. Simon pitched me on Leona Lewis, and I had never heard of her. She had just come off [Britain's talent show] The X Factor, and it was a perfect match. She brought it to a whole other level with those vocals.”

On being grateful for his manager-mom, Ginger: “My mom has made many sacrifices. I grew up in New York. She pretty much quit her job to make it happen for me. Fifteen years later, we’re still working together. She’s managing my film and TV career. Of course we have our rough spots — when you’re family, you have to — but it’s nice to know that you have someone who is going to have your back.”

Jesse McCartney Chats Chipmunks
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    I love his voice <3

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    I don’t like him or his music, but Bleeding Love is a fantastic song. So bravo to him for co-writing it. :)

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    What a great movie! I saw it New Years Eve with my sister.

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    I think he is a great artist. One of my favorites and so hot.

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    awww there both sweet hearts, cuties, and baby doll’s
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    LOVED the Squeak-quel! It was so freakin’ amazing :D
    If you haven’t seen it, i suggest you do (:

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