Lucie Jones Passed on Dinner with Robert Pattinson

Lucie Jones Passed on Dinner with Robert Pattinson

While most girls would jump at the chance to get within two steps of Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson, former X Factor contestant actually passed on dining with him!

Upon hearing that Rob was a fan of hers, big sister Victoria invited the 19-year-old singer/model to dine with them after the London premiere of New Moon last year.

Unfortunately, Lucie had to decline because she had a gig that night in Warrington, a four-hour journey from London.

Lucie shared with Life & Style mag, “I was [heartbroken] to miss out on a date with Victoria. I was hoping Robert would be there as I’m a huge fan. But hopefully we’ll get to meet up in the new year — and this time I won’t be canceling.”

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  • amy

    Slow news day much? This is old, old news!

  • verokim

    OMG :O

  • lauren

    i luv lucy her and stacey an olly shoud of been in the finals

  • Kevin

    This story was destroyed on GossipCop a while back. Completely false people. Who, in their right mind, believes for one second that Robert Pattinson watches the X Factor :P

  • Emily

    lucie dear lucie..

  • Emily

    @Kevin: “who in their right mind..”
    … excuse me? is it so hard to believe? maybe he isn’t a “100% active fan”. but just as me, he can enjoy lucie’s music. Maybe his sister send her a video of her. Who knows. But it’s not impossible to believe it might be true. Maybe someone who knows Lucie knows Rob. Remember. Rob was “un-famous” one and a half year ago. …

  • lauren

    x factor has millions of viewers much betta thn american idol…..the americans in that act all stuck up even simon cowell even relised it cause hes gone after this season an settin up a american x factor..wont be ask good as the british

  • shaked shneider
  • Jenny

    Lucie is AMAZING and talented and totally dedicated if she passed up the chance but I really hope Lucie gets a record deal because she is so talented and extremley beautiful and thats why she has got a modelling deal

  • Grace

    Haha i liked Lucie she should of got to the final. Stupid jedward

  • Jennie

    Actually have no clue what she sees in him; she’s stunning yet he’s a dirty-looking tramp, she could do wayyyyyyyyyy better :P I liked her on x factor, she sang This Is Me from camp rock :D but thats the week she got booted off, probably because the song wasnt as well known as everyone elses :’( stupid jedward :/ xxxxxxxx

  • susiedolly

    Rob actually said he watches the X Factor. He was a big fan of Alexandra Burke. Lucie should have gone further in the competition.

  • Gaynor

    that happened months ago lol but god dhes stupid great singer tho simon played dirty by saving jedward

  • SummerBower


    He say in one interview that he watch x factor, saying that its one of his favourite shows, and that its like the british version of American Idol, so dont comment things that you dont know.

  • Laure

    Lucie <3 I love her, she’s AMAZING!! She should have won not Joe :(

  • Jenny

    If you dont know Lucie search
    Lucie Jones- My Funny Valentine (SOOOO GOOD)
    Lucie Jones- Sweet Child O Mine ( AMAZING)
    Lucie Jones- This is Me (Too Good cant believe she got out that week)

  • Debra

    No comments. She wants spotlight.

  • Jenny

    @Debra excuse me I’m sure she doesnt need RP yh his way outta his league (i think so anyway) she has been part of the biggest TV show in the UK and she doing the X Factor tour which has been described as the biggest sold out tour this year and she oozes with singing talent plus she has been signed to a modelling agency and as soon as the tour finishes she could get a record deal plus when she got eliminated there was a HUGE controversy that even made Simon Cowell think twice about his decision… After all that i dont think she needs Robert Pattinson for the spotlight plus how do you know this isnt all just rumours?

  • Jen

    Who the fuck is Lucie Jones hellooooooo???? And this story is completely false.

  • Ani

    Listen to this..
    Lucie Jones lives in Cardiff, not a little village, just like me
    She went to college around the corner from me too, and was best friends with my next door neighbour

    And honestly im not usually one to be mean and spread rumors, but there have been many ive heard from people close to her,,, lol, just had to say that :L

    Sorry, i know that was mean… shes performing in this place called Dewis and i really wanna go!! LOL