Miley Cyrus Covers Harper's Bazaar February 2010

Miley Cyrus Covers Harper's Bazaar February 2010

Miley Cyrus is brilliant in blue on the February 2010 cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

The 17-year-old actress opened up to the mag about her “Just Breathe” tattoo, The Last Song and being a positive role model. Check it:

On her secret love of shopping: “I’m a bit of a tomboy. I love to shop, but I get really claustrophobic. I get headaches. I like to just go into one place and raid it and let that be it for a while. [I love to shop at] Barneys. You can go on one floor and find a really great bag that’s like Prada or Gucci, or you can go up to the Co-op and find Marc by Marc Jacobs or Splendid tees. I thought it was so cool when girls would ask me, What’s your shirt? And I’m like, Hanes, but I have $60,000 worth of jewelry on top of it!”

On her new movie The Last Song: “People will be really surprised when they see it. It’s pretty deep. I want to do edgier movies — movies where you walk away feeling fulfilled.”

On her new tattoo: “It reminds me not to take things for granted, I mean, breathing — that was something none of them could do, the most basic thing. And I put it near my heart because that is where they will always be.”

Check out Miley‘s full interview and cover shoot at!

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Photos: Peter Lindbergh/Harpers Bazaar
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  • Taya


  • jojo

    gorgeous <3

  • Jenny

    Photoshopped but she still looks beautiful

  • sarah(france)


  • fearless

    why bragging the labels of the things she buys? or how much her jewelry costs? and her tattoo says nothing special, i think she just did it because she is a rebel and yeah she is not a good role model..

  • joboots


    Excuse me????

  • haley

    that is such a major airbrushing done here and there about this photo.
    It doesn’t look like the real miley,…

  • Grace

    it dont even look like her!

  • gabs

    my gosh, gorgeous s2

  • Aisha

    She looks amazing :) So natural and elegant. If only she was like that in real-life. I am 50/50 on Miley. She makes good songs and is a great presence, but the is already drowning in a sea of scandal.

  • mac

    Her face in the full length photo looks so funny.I’m not hatin,just sayin!

  • amy

    Photoshopped much?

  • dgfhj

    she is amzing by far the most real disney celeb ever! Shes a true rolemodel

  • LoveLeeR

    <3 <3 <3 !

  • SEO Queen

    Miley looks fantastic in this cover shot. I forget sometimes that she’s trying to grow up now. I hope that she can keep it together.

  • Sketch

    Haha, dont even look like her.

  • LC

    i love her hair !!

  • ZanessaTwilightX

    Okay, i have absolutely nothing against Miley but i think she kind of looks like someone who should be in ‘Desperate Housewives’ or something on the cover however, the rest of the photo shoot looks great.

  • crystal

    llolol SHES ALIVE!!! she was MIA 4 a while…

  • Taya


  • Danni

    i love miley….you go girl!

  • Brooke

    mileys waaay prettier than that!!!
    why did they photoshop her so much?

  • diane n.

    they did too much photoshopping.

  • Divine Goddess

    Awwww her reason for the tattoo was so sweet. She’s a gorgeous girl inside and out but that photo is not her best. She looks so photoshopped and 10 yrs older. They should have portrayed a fresher, younger, more natural Miley. She’s only 17 why so much photoshop?

  • mrs.nickjonas

    When I read that it was Miley on the cover I was like :” No way!!” I mean, it’s too much photoshoped! Specially her yeas, on the picture they look too apart,kinda weird, and she’s not like that! She’s is much more beautiful than these photoshoped pictures! But I loved her hair… I just think that these pictures don’t look like her! Can’t wait to see the Last Song! It seems amazing!

  • Natalee

    what evr she has Slu+ riten all over her gosh nose ring,tatto,half back naked pix shees just another 1 of those…pure hard core trash!!! with heart <3

  • http://iamgettingsotired emily

    whoa that does not look like her & y would they photoshop it to be an ugly pic ,Mileys pretty!

  • http://iamgettingsotired emily

    the thing thats her is the nose and a lil bit of the teeth but that does not look like miley at all

  • gemm

    that’s some seriously bad photoshopping going on there…


    Photoshop much?

  • love

    lol they made her look so pretty! too bad she doesn’t look a thing like that in real life

  • carol

    oh she’s so materialistic…

  • alyson

    could someone explain to me what she was referring too in the tattoo question?
    I’m a little confused?

  • hana

    what happened to her nose?
    she is already beautiful and photoshopping her face makes it so much worse.

  • Michelle

    That looks like Shakira a little bit, not Miley.

  • Michelle

    Oh, and the tattoo looks more like near her boob, not her heart.


    Wowwwww, they photoshopped her to make her look likeee a ailieeen she looked wayy better before.

  • Uncertainty Principle

    I am surprised Harper’s Magazine did this. I look forward to reading serious journalism in the magazine every month, not this. I think Miley can write some good songs but she is anything but a role model and please do not put her in a serious news magazine. I am not mindlessly criticizing Miley. The facts are the facts–she has problems. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is a good role model.

    Oh well, looks like I will be half heartedly thumbing my way through the February issue trying to find something worth reading.

  • Vidette diaz

    Woah Miley Cyrus was so great!!!she can wear anything,she’s AMAZING
    I really love her she was a great ACTRESS and i will surely llove and watch THE LAST SONG THIS APRIL 2,Liam is DAMN HOT!!:pp

  • amy about photoshop.

  • VaNessax3

    That’s not her face! >.<

  • cry no more

    stunning !

  • kttt

    wowah she looks gorgeous. shes really naturally beautiful(:



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