Taylor Lautner - People's Choice Awards 2010

Taylor Lautner - People's Choice Awards 2010

Taylor Lautner shows off his gray suit as he walks backstage at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards held at Nokia Theater L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (January 6).

It was just announced this afternoon that the 17-year-old actor would next star in Northern Lights, which is about a gifted, young, aerobatics pilot who faces off with his controlling, billionaire father and falls in love with a gifted, female pilot.

Taylor is nominated for Breakout Movie Actor and Fave On-Screen Team with costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.


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Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • diane n.

    he won! (:

  • saudia

    Congrats to Taylor!! He looks fantastic

  • http://twitter.com/AshleighLashae Ashleigh

    I’m so happy he won breakout actor. He looked so yummy in his suit. Love him x 1 millions ;)

  • Sally

    GO TAYLOR!!! So glad he won! totally deserved it!!! LOVE YOU!!!! He is sooo sexy!!

  • haley

    boring…he always look the same. Didn’t he wore the same tux to New Moon premiere?

  • Zaina


    hahaha yeah.

    so sick of him

  • mel

    hes unattractive n short

  • Georgia

    Congrats to Taylor, he deserves! And it looks beautiful as always! *-*

  • http://twitter.com/lolelizabethR Elizabeth

    i seen him in this look before? He just looks the same to me probably cuz im kinda over him already ?? maybe…

  • TheOneToWatch

    Was there any doubt?

  • c

    i agree with mel!!!
    hes not all that in a bag of chips!

  • miapuce

    Here is the video of him winning :D


  • overated.

    of course he won, everyone from Twilight will always win an award. Awards are gonna be so boring this year. “And the winner is… Twilight !!”

  • Mobaby

    love him love him love him love him!!!!!!
    i don’t know if i can say that enough congrats cutie pie you deserve it!!!


    He’s just in the right place @ the right time, let him shine for it’ll be over in a blink.

  • lily

    Taylor Love <3
    +& Taylor Has Done So Well With His Life So Far, So Haters Shud Stop Bringin Him Down :(

    +& He Won !!! :D

  • meghan

    @mel: watevs ur just a hater n by the way hes like 6 ft n hes so hott! yay so glad he won!

  • justine

    its always twilight duh..
    i was so in love with taylr… im ssooo OVER him now.. he always looks the same and … well i saw threw his body and his face is kinda u-g-l-y…. SO OVER TAYLOR!! :P hes boring

  • wendy

    Taylor Congrats! You seem so graious and humble it is very sweet,
    .Team Edward!

  • Anon

    He’s soooo damn handsome!
    the haters are like vampires..looking for Tay Tays blood….LOL.

  • i dont

    i dont get how ppl say he looks the same ?! for me boys always look the same on pics… they can be wearing totaly different clothes but look the same… they never chnage.. lol. unless theres hair difference.. anways congrats for him winning whihc it was NOT a surprised. i do feel bad for this ppl that won…. they always look so nervous/ akward up there saying thnks…. hahaha.
    he looks so nervour or more akward, that it look like he was annyoed or mad ? idk but that what i saw from his face expressions.
    which i now he wasnt .. cause i know he appreciates all this.
    it just seemed like it….

  • Petra

    congrats. you hot

  • melai

    oh,yeah i was going to ask the same question too:) giuliana18_but in the nice way and good way:) im thinking too what taylorlautner is with that bodyguard he’s taylorswift bodyguard right??i read it somewhere..so,it means ONE THING?THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER RIGHT??COZ IS HE WITH TAYLOR SWIFT BODYGUARD IF THEYRE NOT TOGETHER MYBE THEYRE NOT REALLY TOGETHER ION THAT SHOW BUT THEY STILL TOGETHER IN REALIFE..OMG,IM SO CONFUSED BUT IM SO HAPPY I REALLY WISH THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER:)LOVE THEM BOTH 2TAYS

  • ninnia

    go twilight :)

  • xoxo

    love you taylor!

  • Brunax3

    Eu te amo muito, Taylor, não só pelo seu talento, mas também pelo seu esforço e por você ser lindo. *-*
    Prêmio merecido, sou a única que comenta em Pt aqui, mas dane-se. Sou brasileira. *O*

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