The Beautiful Life to Get Second Chance on Air?

The Beautiful Life to Get Second Chance on Air?

Just a month after posting unaired episodes of TBL: The Beautiful Life on YouTube, Ashton Kutcher has surpassed his goal.

CNN reports that executive producer of the series had a half a million (view) goal that he set for the episodes on series when he made the executive decision to put it online.

Ashton shared in a vid message posted earlier, “If we put this thing on the Web more than half a million people will watch it on the Web. I want this to be the first show ever that gets more viewers on the Web than it did on terrestrial television.”

Starlet Sara Paxton shared, “It’s pretty exciting for our friends and family to be able to watch the episodes that never aired. After it was cancelled, a lot of fans were reaching out on Facebook and Twitter and asking where they could see the rest of the episodes. Now that it lives on the Internet, who knows what it will turn into. I don’t know what to expect out of it.”

The five episodes combined have been viewed about 2.7 million times in the three weeks they have been available online in their entirety. With that said, Karey Burke (Ashton‘s business partner) revealed that they’re considering continuing to keep the show alive.

Karey shared, “Now that the airing of the episodes on YouTube has been as successful as it has been, there are conversations about continuing with the show in some form or fashion. We haven’t had any discussions with the CW about bringing the show back, but anything is possible. There certainly could be a short form version of the show that could live on the Web if our studio partners were interested in that and enough of the cast were interested.

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  • niki

    yeah please, but anyway i love this show on youtube too, so no matter what just keep this show:)

  • Clémentine

    Oh yeah ! more episodes please :D
    The cast is so talented, love them all.

  • fearless

    yes pls second chance!!

  • Mikel Johnsan

    THEY SHOULD BRING IT BACK TO TV. cuz its a good show . Melrose Place isnt, its as bad as it could be and it has scored the same ratings as TBL and yet TBL got canceled and Melrose Place is still on air.

  • Soraya

    yes PLEASE

  • I want more please =]

  • bailey

    BRING IT BACK!! its amazing i love it

    and i watched on tv and now on youtubeeee

  • SEO Queen

    I love this show and was so disappointed when it was canceled. I’m glad it’s getting a second chance!

  • jenna

    second chance pliss !!!!!

  • KATE

    Yeah i’d definately like to see more. I don’t get why it got such a poor response when it first aired

  • Krista

    I loveee this show and want to see more! COME BACK!

  • selenagomezcity

    yes please i love sara paxton bring the show back

  • brianna

    i reallllly hope the bring it back !!
    i think the reason it didnt get alot of views origanlly was beacuse there were lots of peopel who didnt know about it (like me)
    its a really good show and has a good plot and could have ahuge viewing audience

  • I really hope they bring the show back. The show is awesome. It was a good show, and it would be the first of its kind, full length and only on the web. It would be a something new, possibly the first of a trend. If they keep it the same, production quality, good plot, same characters/actors, it could be really sucessful.

  • Caíque

    I love Mischa Barton, and the show is great! I think it should definitely keep on going, and even if it gets back to airing on TV, they should put it online as well! I live in Brazil and it’s never aired here, and as a Mischa fan I had to look all over the internet to watch it!

  • emma

    I loved it!!! it should REALLY be back please!!

  • nick


  • emily

    I love the show and it would be so awesome if it got a second chance either way!!!

  • arantxa

    Whoa YES! please !
    but like “caique ” said
    you should put them on the internet too
    because alot of people watched in the internet ’cause they don’t live in the US

  • Maria

    yeeeeees, love itttt :)

  • LuvTBLbring it back :)

    love this show so much please bring it back we really need more good show like this :) :)

  • annie

    please bring this show back!!! even if it’s just on the web, keep airing it because it’s a great show. it’s such a waste to start something and not finish it. please please pleaseeeee continue the show!!!

  • sarah

    Please keep the show alive! On tv, preferably. But the internet is fine! I love it and miss it :[

  • madeleinee


    I heard that there was a tv show which was cancelled in 2009 and it got brought back a couple weeks ago… THERE IS STILL HOPE. I like to think… I adore the show and would love it to suddenly be resurrected, no matter the slim chance.

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