Nick Jonas Makes a Ping Pong Pal

Nick Jonas Makes a Ping Pong Pal

JJJ reader Emily snaps a pic with Nick Jonas backstage during his Washington, D.C. concert earlier this week.

Emily writes to us about the special ping pong paddle, “I won a meet and greet through TeamJonas for the DC Nick Jonas and The Administration show. I asked the security if I could give Nick a gift in the meet and greet. I got him a Yankees ping pong paddle since he is a fan of the Yankees and enjoys ping pong backstage.

She continued, “He was so happy and took the paddle and thanked me and bowed down to me. He kept saying ‘This is so awesome.’ He was really sweet to all of the fans backstage. He had so much energy onstage, and he even played a new song for us that he had written last night. It was a great show.”

How sweet!

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  • Andy

    l-u-c-k-y duck. I really want to meet him.

  • Arual

    that girl was so lucky to meet him!

  • chris

    Creative gift and one he’ll actually use I’m sure!

  • Courtney

    He is a sweetie!

  • Jennifer

    Awww! Nick your soo cool! I wish i could have gone!! I am an ultimate fan of you and the administration! ;) Your song “Who I Am” is so real and really speaks to many! I am glad you are using ur talent and fame to help others! For all of u who dont know, Nick made an amazing song called Who I Am and it is really good lol so GOO Buy IT!!

  • emily:]

    thanks me!!!! thanks jared:]:]

  • emily:]

    i meant thats* me…hahaha im so excited im shaking!

  • mrs.nickj!

    im gonna meet him one of these dayss:)♥

  • colleen

    omg EMMMM!! I LOVE YOU!!! this is amazing!! im so glad you got this on heerree!!! LOVVEE YOUUU! and i love nick!!

  • jessica

    aww that was so nice even though im not a fan.

  • Abby

    bow down? to be honest i think that its ridiculous that you put on there … you made it sound like you were the hottest thing since sliced bread. Ever heard of being humble? but it is really cool that you got to meet him ;)!

  • emily:]

    why wouldnt i put that in there? i have waited for 3 years to meet him..and when i got into meet and greet and had a different expirience then people usually do in m&g im gonna be excited and tell people all about it.
    i do not think i am any more special then the other girls in there…i was simply retelling the story as it did in fact happen. i felt so honored to be there with nick.
    so thank you.

  • Megan

    @Abby: haha wow she was just saying that he appreciated the paddle. YOU took it out of context. and you are being extremely rude to say that. She feels amazing about meeting her hero you would want to say all the details too. So be nice.

  • marissa

    yayyyy emily!
    boooo abby!
    so glad were both jjj stars now! :)

  • emily:]


    ahahahahaha LOVE you marissa. we ARE jjj stars:] one day day will be daily posts of us! woowoo!

  • Jayda

    i got him a yankees gift like two months before this and he did the same to yeah

  • summer


    so need to be so rude sweetheart. she was telling HER story, not your story.

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