Nick Jonas Wants You To Stay

Nick Jonas Wants You To Stay

There’s just a little less than a month before Nick Jonas & The Administration drop their debut album across the nation.

But the 17-year-old musician just couldn’t wait to share a brand new song (that’s not on the album) with his fans and tweeted the lyrics to his newest masterpiece.

Nick shared, “Played a new song I wrote last night, at the show tonight called ‘Stay.’ Its about fallin’ for someone. I hope you like it when you hear it. One of the lines is… ‘Now that the pain is done, no need to be afraid, we don’t have time to waste, just tell me that you’ll stay — stay. Beautiful, one of a kind. You’re something special babe, and you don’t even realize that your my hearts desire.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nick’s new song?

Nick Jonas & The Administration – “Stay” – Washington, D.C., 01/06
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  • Vivien

    Best song out of any by jonas brothers or nick j end the administration!!! It has to be published!!!!

  • Deen

    love him! ♥ argentina loves him too, I like the way he talks, the way he smile, And for some reason when he sings I feel every single word, He gets to my heart with his lyrics… love him

  • ME =)



    Oh my Nick! I love he, Love you so much Nick. You’re the best boy in the world. Please Come To Spain with The Administration. You’re awesome. I love you!! Please Reply for me on Twitter!! Bye!!

  • http://- Mellz

    NELENA Song !! LOL…
    remember when they both say that
    “2010″YEAR OF NO FEAR”

    n one of the line said “no need to be afraid”
    ^^ NO FEAR !!


    OMJ, hes just amazing at everything i love him and the jonas brothers i really wonna go an see nick and the adminstration i love himmm <3 <3 <3 <3 and kevin and esepiclly JOE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i hope he gets back with miley (NILEY) good luck with the rest off the tourr nick keeping rockkingg <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!! :)

  • leighton

    sure it’s for miley!

  • mandy

    i wish it was for miles, but i don’t think so .. peolpe are telling that he’s seeing courtney hmmmm what’s more miley is with liam and far away, if it was a song for her it will be something like .. ‘please come back to me’ haha

  • Dorine

    Love that song & the way he decided to sing his brand new song :D

  • Megan

    I’m just going to say it…this is totally baby making music! Haha, it sounds very marvin gaye like.

    I love it, no matter who it’s about. It really is hard to believe he’s only 17. Gosh, I can’t fathom where he will be in another 5 or 10 years, filled with grammys I assume. Keep it up Mr. Jonas!

  • lilly

    this song is SOOOOOOOOO about selena

  • emily:]

    i was there! and it was sooo amazing:] i had meet and greet before and nick was so nice!

  • Pam

    Wow, sounds awesome! Sounds like the boy’s fallen hard for someone ;)

  • jojo

    i love when he take of his shirt x 0

  • Itsallypo

    Love that song….

  • lisa

    sorry people its for miley he loves her listen to the words we have a past he wants her back

  • Sarah


    It could also be a Niley song because he’s singing
    “We had our past, leave that behind. ‘Cause your love will last…” ;)
    OUR PAST ..Nick and Miley were dating for 2 years ;) longer than Nick and Selena

  • haley

    too many songs about miley…move on Nick Jonas.

  • Mathilda

    Ah, ah ah. it’s not about Miley guys. Move on, Niley is over. Thank God

    But on the other hand, NELENAAAAAAAAAAA :)
    They are close apparently, and they dated before, so it would be more logical

  • mmm


  • Latifah

    AMAZING, just speechless now!!!!!!!!

  • http://- Mellz

    hey..nick n selena also have their past,
    besides miley is with liam now…
    so thats impsble !!

  • kim

    i wish people would stop tryin to diset every song this boy write. its a great song leave it at that. this boy is a musical genius…be able to write this song the night before and then sing it the next day. nick jonas….beyond talented. i wish i could had been there to see him sing that. thats a very deep song and i love every minute of it

  • sabrina

    this song is amazing and for him to write it in a night is just incredible but why does every love song he write or even just a song have to be about Selena or miley?? its just ridiculous!!! he writes amazing songs with amazing lyrics but it does mean its for his past girlfriends!! nick is amazing and hot and i love him and will follow him throughout his carer but cant people just listen to his music and appreciate and not ruin it but trying to decipher who its been written for??

  • Peace

    This should be put on the cd! its awesome! This boy is got ALOT of soul! and the cd will rock! also

  • haley


    umm nick doesn’t care if it’s miley in the matter. He used to make a move on miley eventhough miley was with justin gaston at the time.

  • Taylor

    lol i love how everyone’s automatically deciding who its about. just look at that boy, it doesnt matter if we know who its about. either way, WOW i love him and he’s so amazing. gosh. i’m so jealous of everyone who’s met him !

  • katherine JoNAS

    Guys why do you think that this song is 4 miley?? absolutely nooo! well. i hope so.. :)

  • katherine JoNAS

    Oh my gosh nick looks gorgeous when he’s singing :)

    Lov’ uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  • sara_jayne

    omg so about selena. there have been articles about how they are back together and the line “Now that the pain is done, no need to be afraid, we don’t have time to waste” totaly relates to how they broke up werent friends and now they want to try again. so sweet :)

  • hee

    these songs are soooooo insipid

    and i’m a jb fan.

  • Camm

    Great song ! People should stop talking about Nick’s relationships and star paying attention to his work !

  • Andy

    I love him.

  • emele

    silly tweens screaming when he takes his shirt off. pfffft. hopefully he can draw in a slightly older crowd with the administration. one who won’t scream light crazy at the sight of him removing a layer of clothing.

  • andrea

    I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA :p

  • andrea

    HEY! i wa there and i screamed >:I

  • Jennifer

    @lilly: um… i dont really think u know what your talking about

  • colleen

    This song was sooooo great!! I cant believe i was on of the first girls to hear it! i LOVED it.

  • mrs.nickj!

    he’s incredibly perfect.♥ I’m feeling a single coming onnnn:)

  • http://JJJ Anastasia

    OMJ, You guys Just dont Realize how much I love him n His Broth! :X:X Love ya guyss, He is soo sweet andd Ooh love love love Hiiim! :*:* Taking shirtss , so sexy, Love you Nick <3 anD Joe <3 N Kevin <3 My everythingss :X:X

  • http://JJJ Anastasia

    I’m so Jealous off all girls Who meet nick! I lovee you my everything! He is all minee :X:X aw! <3

  • PopDiva101

    Nick New Song Shoud Be On The Jonas Brothers CD

  • http://JJJ Anastasia

    I’m not sure couse it’s The administration Not the Jobroth :X I Love them most off all in the world But , Ins Nick & The administration! Soo Go ahead, Keep going on, You rock hurder than enybody :X Love ya Nick! <3

  • http://JJJ Anastasia

    I’m not sure cause It’s The administration Not the Jonas Brothers, Does not matter That I Love them most off all In the world! So their all Mine but it nicks new band They cant Broke up cause they are Brothers :X:X Go ahead ! Keep going on! Love ya <3

  • Laura

    I think it doesn’t matter for who the song is ..for selena or miley or who else…i think it just count how beautiful the song is and he wrote it from the bottom of the heart, i think you can see it in his emotional performance… i just was blowing away and the one for who the song is can just be very lucky with it…: )

  • Cathy

    Oh, come on! :/ It doesn’t matter who the he** he wrote this song about.. It’s just a beautiful song that he put all his heart and soul to it. So, please, just appreciate the song. And don’t fight for who he wrote it. :) I LOVE this song and the lyrics are beautiful. :) He’s a super talented guy, with a beautiful heart. Just stop fighting ok? :)


    IT IS ABOUT SELENA she wnt to the his concert and she was crying when she heard this song and was shaking her head and covering her face and nick dad was comforting her

  • stel

    nelena forever niley for never


    NILEY IS SO CUTE! i really hope that it’s about miley cyrus because it describes so much about their story. and some of the lyrics from the song like 2 or more lines are in before the storm and 7 things. I think it’s about someone who’s not recently in his arms right now and since miley is not with him maybe it is written for her. and just maybe maybe selena cried because nick had tears in his eyes that time too. but i love niley and selena<3

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