Selena Gomez & Gregg Sulkin Make a Magic Match

Selena Gomez & Gregg Sulkin Make a Magic Match

Selena Gomez gazes at the necklace she received from on-screen love Gregg Sulkin in this new still from Wizards of Waverly Place.

In an all-new one-hour episode “Wizards vs. Werewolves” welcomes back Bridgit Mendler and new cast member Gregg in a top-secret storyline from the show.

In anticipation of the new episode, just started a “creature creator” application online that invites users to upload and morph their own photo into the assorted otherworldly characters seen in the episode — a wizard, vampire, werewolf or mummy. Check it out at

WHAT DO YOU THINK is going to happen in the new episode-arc?

10+ stills inside of Selena and Gregg on a date…

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selena gomez gregg sulkin magic match 01
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selena gomez gregg sulkin magic match 03
selena gomez gregg sulkin magic match 04
selena gomez gregg sulkin magic match 05
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selena gomez gregg sulkin magic match 10
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selena gomez gregg sulkin magic match 14

Photos: Eric McCandless/Disney Channel
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  • Bia


  • Serena

    I love this show! Selena is gorgeous. :)

  • tena

    I am 22 and even i think the show is funny i can’t wait to see this new one :)

  • ems

    is it just me or the show getting better and better?

    i can’t wait :D

  • http://- Mellz

    Gosh they looks cute together !! ^^

  • miss

    im 19 and i love this show i cant wait to see all these new eps i love wizards and selena is gorgeous (:

  • Deen


    haha 100% agree, I’m 19 and i literally laugh at loud seeing WOWP. And Selena does a very good job, she is great and gorgeous obviously…we all can tell that!

  • angel

    oh good, I’m not the only one, lol. I’m 19, too. Almost 20. Wizards is the only Disney show that can entertain me. I love it.

  • jessrei07

    i’m 20…and i love wizards and all of the cast.^^ especially sel..
    she’s an awesome actress and has a perfect comedic timing.
    i can’t wait for this new episode!

  • ems

    i kinda get the feeling that alex might winn the wizard competition but give her powers up for her new boyfriend?

    i am very exicted!

  • Minh

    I can’t wait till I see this episode!

  • saudia

    I love these specials!! Wizards is pretty much the best Disney Channel show out there. Great writers and actors.. cannot wait for the episode!

  • Smacky35

    This is annoying coz in future harper they made quite clear someone called mason would break up with Alex so I know they’re gonna break up

  • keri


  • http://me Qwonique

    i love snow an he is so hot and sexy he good for me.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://me Qwonique

    i love alex so much so i think she going to win ande give up her powers for her new hot boyfriend.xxxxxxxxxx

  • Zara


    future harper asked alex if mason broke up with her, she didnt actually say he broke up with her, she just asked her to make sure.


    omg i love alex !!!!!!!!!!!cant wait

  • wizards

    you better hope she doesn’t stay with him, because david henrie is NOT in the first episode he’s in. which means if he stays LESS DAVID HENRIE. that would suck. david is the best.

  • justohsoveryawesome

    she said ‘ did mason break up with you yet?’ main word is YET…get it? yeah you just got pwned

  • ciara

    I can’t wait to watch the new episode i just saw the preview and its brilliant.the british guy is hot.

  • http://mmmmmmste mak

    I would love to meet sel and what is taylor lonter going to do I think greg is going to kiss sel so och. Greg is so hot and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

  • http://mmmmmmste mak

    Taylor lotner beter watch out because Greg is going to stell Salena’s heart and then we will hear the news Salena Gomaz is dateing Greg Sullken. I can’t wait for the next episod with Greg. I would die to see him. Greg =hot hot hot and cute.

  • brenda, angie, yizza & edgar

    I am 21…and I also think this show is really funny & the best show in Disney Channel…I can’t wait to see this new one…I always watch it with my cousins and y niece we all LOVE this show and the entire cast especially Selena!!! She is gorgeous and an awesome actress :)

  • Jenn

    I’m 19 and now I don’t feel bad for loving WOWP if others my age do too.

  • cassie


    according to wikpedia, Mason is a werewolf who knows Juliet, and Mason admits to being in love with Juliet! :O

  • Alyssa

    Ok I saw that show o my god masons hott but Im gonna miss him and jouliet on the show I HoPE they make a come back :)

  • http://myspace marisa

    wow that i didn’t see

  • http://yahoo opal

    i would like to meet selena gomaz and i would kiss gregg sulikn

  • alex

    Gregg loks cute when he dates selena.

  • gabby!

    @alex: You spelled looks wrong dummy! It’s “looks”-to alex, please dont be Alex Russo.

  • gabby!

    Dear Selena,
    Why do have such bad pickle breath? – And – popcorn!!??!!!

  • gabby!

    Aaaahhhh!!!! Gregg Sulkin!!!!! You’re HOTT! Please—marry me!
    Luv gabby! from:

  • gabby!

    That girl’s stupid! It’s “looks” not loks, duh! Marry me Gregg Sulkin!

  • gabby!

    @Deen: Oh, who the heck’s tena?

  • gabby!

    Dear Gregg Sulkin,
    Why are you so hot?

  • gabby!

    Gregg, is yor last name Soul-kin, is that Sulkin, n y is yer name Gregg n not Greg?-oh…Screw with how it’s spelled! Yor still super handsome! And…are..You..uh…Uh…single? Ya kno selena n her dumb pickle breath!

  • gabby!

    @gabby!: It’s me, gabby!, and Gregg Sulkin’s just super HOTT! And tena and Dean, cen i ask u somethin?! Dean, how did u get Dean with a capital cuz wen i tried with “Shift” it wouldn’t go capital. So i put an exclamion point @ the end, to make it look cool. And lowercase g with exclamion point always look extremely cool. But, why doesn’t it go capital? Why does it stay? Why’d you do to make it go capital, Dean?

  • gabby!

    @Alyssa: idiot! it’s spelled juliet! How could u not know that!

  • gabby!

    @mak: mak?! What kinda stupid name is that ?!

  • gabby!

    @opal: it’s gomez, not gomaz, and sulkin, not sulikn, duh!

  • gabby!

    Uh Gregg is it pronounced Soul-kin or Suhl-kin (Suh). ?
    Please answer. gabby!

  • gabby!

    @gabby!: Uh, are you boy or girl?

  • gabby!

    Salena*gomEz’s jus’ sooooo hott! Oh i bet gregg.SUlk*n coud realy luv her, but i read somethin’ ’bout her havin’ “pickle breath”? And guess what? The one who said it is…Was…oh no!…was…Gregg Sulkin
    !!! That’s righ’ girls—him…Him…yeah. Gregg Sulkin, he’s mean. Uh…bye!! Uh Gregg i’ll call u!!!

  • gabby!

    Wats yer phonenumber Gregg?????!!!!!!!

  • gabby!

    Uh…Gregg, is this a wrong time?

  • gabby!

    (Selena Gomez’s song):

    “Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh…Cen ya feel me wen i thin’ abou’ u?
    It’s like a desert out of water for athousand daa-a-ays! Don’t know if it’s real or jus’ a marose, baybay! I’m missin’ you so much! A day without you is like a year without rain. A day without you is like a year without raaaa-a-a-ain. Oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh. It’s like a year with out raaa-a-a-a-aaain—oh, oh, oh—oh oh oh…Oh oh oh. Ohhhh—”
    For you, Gregg Sulkin!

  • gabby!

    Gregg, if it’s not over, cen i kiss u, it’ll knock ‘em dead!

  • analouo

    I love you gregg

  • Sarena

    I love selena so much that I and starting a noval of pictures of her and her life with relationships and concerts and stuff like that and I can’t wait till people see it

    love always Sarena Knoop

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