Vanessa Hudgens Smells The Aroma with Aly & AJ

Vanessa Hudgens Smells The Aroma with Aly & AJ

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it cute in a floral dress as she heads to the Aroma Coffee & Tea Company on Wednesday evening (January 6) in Studio City, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress met up with her pals, 78violet sisters Alyson Michalka and AJ Michalka (both pictured below) plus Ashley Tisdale (not pictured).

The sisters tweeted earlier in the day, “Getting a little eyebrow waxing done and then off to hang with our girlfriends V and Ash. :)”

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens grabbing a bite to eat with Aly & AJ

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  • vanessafan

    she is so so so cute
    i love her

  • adcgordon

    Beautiful no matter what she wears!

  • Jess!

    thanks… Hope we get some pics

  • Tiffany

    She looks so pretty in her floral dress. Get all of her clothes here

  • lslsharon

    She looks amazing!!!

  • lslsharon

    Vanessa looks so stylish.

  • KoEy

    Hope we get some pics of zanessa
    love you nessa and zac

  • lslsharon

    Btw,if Tisdale is friends with Aly&Aj,WHY did she go to Perez Hilton’s bday party instead of Aly’s last year???!!!!

  • lslsharon

    Maybe the “Ash” didn’t mean for Tisdaly.jjj.Because Tisdale definitely would catch every chance to get pictured.

  • maddylucy

    @lslsharon: i agree… she really would catch every chance to get pictured.

  • Sinaline

    omgg she looks gorgeous <333
    her make-up kinda makes her look alike with eva longoria <3
    love the outfit <333

  • maria

    vanessa looks so beautiful!

  • kate1

    Gorgeous as usual

  • Karen

    Lighten up, people. Why must there always be some uppity comment made with no thought? We don’t know what time these pictures were taken or at what point in the ladies’ time together this occurred. Perhaps Ashley had not had time to arrive and meet the girls yet. Maybe she had already left as in she had to leave early. It seems Vanessa met Zac later for dinner so maybe Ashley had another “engagement” also at a certain time. Why must everything be so dramatic for some of you when it comes to anything connected with Vanessa and Ashley?? The stupid paps got the pictures when they got the pictures!

    Also, I love Aly but she was the one who tweeted that she was going to meet Vanessa later. So, who’s the say SHE wasn’t the one who was hoping to get photographed by the paps and get some notice? Some of you are always right ready to blame Ashley but I haven’t heard one of you say how it is apparent that Aly was wanting attention. Yes, Ashley does tweet a lot about what she is doing and where she is going but it seems to me a LOT of people in Hollywood tweet all the time. What about Demi and Ashton? And John Meyer? They tweet all the time but unless it has to do with Vanessa and/or Zac we never hear about it unless some other actor/singer is being followed because of their fans.

    Just quit trying to find fault with something or someone all the time.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    damn she is super stunning !! GO NESSA !!! u rock V + super sexy outfit i love it !

  • Jordan

    Its hard to say if this is where they met up with Ashley or not. The Tweet about meeting Ashley and Vanessa was made when Vanessa was in Jeans and that drop dead see thru top :) they could have meet up earlier. Ashley is busy with her new company, new house and BF. Twweting your meeting up doesn’t mean your inviting the papparazzi to come. No one said where they were going to meet up.

    Vanessa doesn’t seem to upset with the papparazzi. I think it just bothers her when there are a bunch of them and they swarm her. Or when she’s out with Zac. I think they would like just being alone and not pestered

  • fearless

    she is the most beautiful of them:) and im pretty sure ashley wasnt attending cause she likes attention and she would have been in those pics

  • birdie

    Beautiful girls. It ‘s so great to see that they stayed friends, and make time for each other.

  • susan 1

    Love the make up and she is cute in a floral dress.
    she is beautiful as always.

  • inji

    DAYUMM. i wish i had her wardrobe ;P
    looks absolutely stunning.
    i love the dress, boots, make-up, hair and how she pulled off the cardigan :)

  • kgg

    Just to clarify something….the pics of V in the black beanie was on Tues. and she was getting gas in her car and picking up food and heading to Zac’s house. These pics here are from yesterday and last night. They either made plans before she met Aly and AJ or he might have texted her to meet him as a surprise. Either way, she’s looking gorgeous again, even with less makeup…such a sweetie.

  • Jess!

    this… lol

  • peppe

    78violet rock <3

  • mac

    Yeah.I’ve been tryin 2 figure it out too. VHud’s black beanie day was Tuesday.the same day she went over to Zac’s house and the same day Aly n Aj tweeted they’d be hanging out with Ash(we assume it’s the Tizz).but this hang out was done on perhaps they pushed it forward or something?? But I’m not sure about the day the alleged Zanessa dinner that was tweeted about.

  • vfan

    I love her outfit.
    She looks so pretty.
    Wish i had her hair. :)

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    She’s gorgeous. ♥

  • Andreea

    I love her dress, make up, hair… She’s beautiful!

  • Katty

    I seriously love her… she has the most amazing style and can pull vitrually anything off.
    I can’t wait until Beastly!!!!! Or the next ZV sighting.

  • ashytisdalefan

    gr, I wish I could see Ash :(
    but I love Aly, AJ, and Vah too <3

  • nrab

    LOVE her.

  • Jannii


  • Jess!
  • Jess!

    Does anyone know where i can find these boots?‎

  • mykamicks

    I defintely love the eyeshadow. Love the floral dress too.For sure, Vanessa misses her friends around L.A after past months of being out of the country.

    Its great, she has lots of gal pals.

  • paO

    wOw!! beauty…. I love her style!

  • curiosity

    Love to see her hanging out with the girls..beautiful.

  • daniel

    vanessa has amazing friends …………..well at least brittany and aly
    btw V looks very bohemian and I love it

  • sara12

    Get Vanessa’s look!

  • Jess!

    I love vanessa and brittany friendship!

  • Jess!

    love her boots… thanks guuuurll!

  • Thahmina

    love u vanessa!

  • Divine Goddess

    They all have killer style and are so pretty. Vanessa is gorgeous! Love her boots and the eyeshadow really suits her

  • daniel

    She looks beautiful in that hair and attire

  • Tata

    Vanessa is the cutiest!!! Love how her eye shadows correspond with the dress color :)

  • Sam


  • Sam

    I love her!