Ashley Tisdale Makes Shawn Johnson a Hot Mess

Ashley Tisdale Makes Shawn Johnson a Hot Mess

Shawn Johnson kicks it up high to Ashley Tisdale‘s “Hot Mess” in this new sneak peek from the 2010 Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular.

Ashley, 24, will also be performing a duet with gymnast Nastia Liukin singing her ballad “What If.”

The 2010 Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular will air THIS Sunday, January 10 @4PM ET/1PMPT on NBC.

Check out the awesome video below!

Ashley Tisdale – “Hot Mess”
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  • Missbieber

    Ashley is the best! :)

  • Jannii

    Awww… sooo cool!
    She did an amazing job.
    So good LIVE =D… and she is sooooo pretty.
    Just <3 her!

  • selenafan_delaine

    i am so happy hot emss is the enw single

  • mohamedshry

    soo AWESOME !!!! she’s great live

  • yasmine


  • Ashley

    you are awesome i’m your biggest fan your voice is BEAUTIFUL :)

  • kelly

    she sucks, live AND playback.
    seriously she’s just shouting in an ANNOYING way.

  • fragafana

    I think she is a relly good singer
    And For “”Kelly”"
    This song its really hard so that’s
    why she use playback in the part of
    “”oh oh oh”"

  • april

    she can’t sing good and she clearly doesn’t have any stage present.. she always looks awkward on stage.. she should just stick with acting

  • eLLa

    <3 Shawn!
    Ashley…. uhh….


    SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    this is obviously NOT playback! There’s a backup singer for the ‘oh oh oh’ part!!


    @kelly: SO NOT TRUE!!!!

  • Jannii

    SHE CAN SING ! =)


    @Jannii: OFF COURSE!!!! :D

  • nathalia

    she can sing! she sounds great live and that’s not playback..
    caroline clark, her backup singer is singing the ‘oh oh oh’ part and stuff..
    i love ashley

  • ZJ207

    I already saw the clip when they first released it
    I love that performance!! !Hot Mess is one of my favs on Guilty Pleasure!! :D

  • ZJ207

    P.S: This is soo not playback!

  • Nadia

    she’s sooo amazing live!

    and haters, just stop talking, like if you don’t like her, why are you commenting and even looking at her news?


    be sure to visit!

  • Dania

    she can’t sing live….i totaly agree with April and Kelly…she’s just shouting in an annoying way!
    she gets out of breath really quickly because her voice isn’t as strong and powerful like other singser…STICK TO ACTING!!!

    and ASHLOVER…i know ur a die hard ashley fan, but please don’t go bashing and replying to my comment!

  • Dania

    oh and to anyone, if ur gonna reply…i only clicked on the vid, to see if she can actually sing live, obviously she can’t. so it was just out of wonder and curioustiy! the comments are here for people to express their opinions, u have urs and i have mine.

  • Dania

    *singers..i meant to say singers for my first comment!

  • yaya

    i love that song.

  • Ashley T fan


    I LOVE
    *_* :)

  • Ashley T fan


  • Mac

    I like Ashley but she’s been pushing songs for this album for far too long. Doesn’t she have any other new films or list of body of work that will keep her busy for the year 2010? I just see her all the time always out buying coffee. *shrugs*

  • nina caplan

    ashley is the hot mess here <3

  • Courtney

    She’s really good live! I love this song.

  • Tolu Falade

    I thi nk the guys that are doing the stunts with Shawn are the Hamm brothers (?)

  • Tarshia

    she does hav movies lined up fr her in 2010 sleepless beauty,Teen witch and more with her production company

  • peacelovejesus

    OMG that was AMAZING!!!! shawn made the song a lot better and it was an outstanding performance. i used to have ashleys entire album but then i didnt like her and i havent heard her songs in forever. i like her voice and shes not shouting “in an annoying way”, but she’s not like a taylor swift of course and selena and demi g+l are better than her in my opinion but the video was amazing, as i said

  • ZJ207

    She has a lot of projects lined up. Filming of her new movie (which has not been confirmed by Ashley’s rep though yet) is scheduled to start filming next month. It has just been confirmed about that production deal, which is really good for her, and she HAS to start promoting her album again so she can release Crank It Up in the US… and btw that concert/gymnastic event was filmed last year in December or maybe even November… while you thought she was getting coffee lol

  • Guest

    Shawn’s routine become more artistic after DWTS. I hope she can continue elite gymnastics.

  • ash4ever

    this is AWESOME and 4 all the ashley haters shut up she’s trying her best and she IS succeeding besides, she DOES have some upcoming projects like sleeples beauty, teen witch and the reality show

  • sunni


    omg would you just shut up , clearly you dont know what sanging is.
    ashley can sang and cant sang ok so shut up gosh, gonna be eman then dont reply

>>>>>>> staging1