Lucas Till Twitterview -- Send In Your Questions!

Lucas Till Twitterview -- Send In Your Questions!

Check out this exclusive clip of Lucas Till in Spy Next Door!

Spy Next Door stars martial arts expert Jackie Chan as Bob Ho, an undercover CIA superspy who decides to give up his career in espionage to settle down with his next-door neighbor and girlfriend, Gillian (Amber Valletta). But Bob has one more mission to complete before Gillian agrees to marry him: winning over her three opinionated kids.

The flick, also starring Madeline Carroll, Billy Ray Cyrus and George Lopez, hits theaters on January 15, 2010.

Just like we did with cutie Madison Pettis, JJJ is hosting an interview on Twitter with Lucas! Got questions? Leave them in the comments and we’ll try to ask him!

“Spy Next Door” — JJJ Exclusive Clip
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  • Britney

    What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

  • disneystarfacts

    Please Ask Lucas This! :)

    “if you can be miley’s boyfriend [in reallife]. what’s the first thing your gonna do together?”

    DSF! (Stacey).

  • georgia

    How was filming the Hannah Montana movie different than filming The Spy Next Door?

  • carol donato

    Do you still have a crush on Taylor Swift?

  • Kathi

    were you dating Taylor Swift?

  • carol donato

    Who is your favorite actor/actress? And singer? (taylor?)

  • Jenny

    If he could date any disney star other than Miley Cyrus who would it be ???????

  • pamela

    Would you date a fan, if so what kind of girl? And would you actually have a contest for a date with a fan?

  • stella

    When will you be back in Germany? And what else would you like to see in Germany?

  • andrea

    did you like filming hannah montana the movie or the spy next door more?

  • Letícia

    First of all : I LOOOOVE YOU LUCAS <3 ! You are a such great actor !
    hmm , ok , my questions are :
    How would be the perfect day for you ?
    If you could have any super power , what it be ?
    How was act in a movie with Jackie Chan ?
    What is you biggest dream ?
    I really have more question to ask , but I don’t remember all those now :( .I think that’s all , xoxo <3

  • Jane

    Do you have any other project you is going to work on ?


    Where do learn Kung Fu ?
    Are you still friend with taylor swift ?

  • Taylor miller

    What type of girl do you usually go for? If there isn’t one then what is something you look for in a girl?

  • Mary

    Wow, you can act cowboy, charming jock, cutie guy and cold heart bad guy. Hope you can play more charming good and tough guy.
    Which character you like most?

  • Dyann

    How much fanmail do you get? :)

  • superfan

    What do you think about Jackie Chen ? Is he cool to work with ?

  • lucasfan

    big fan :P and are you still in touch with miley?

  • yaz

    is taylor swift still your crush…if so, would you go for her (again) now that she’s single…

  • Nikki

    What kind of music do you like most ?

  • Eric

    Hi Lucas, I am your big fan.
    Here is a stupid question, do you like a normal girl from high school/ or collage or an actress ? By the way, Taylor s is free again. Hope both of you keep being friend.

  • michelle

    Do you like Chinese food? If so, what kind?

  • Cutie

    Lucas, Do you like to be in action movie or cheesy comedy movie ?
    You look adorable good guy, I cannot image to link you to bad guy.

  • peacelovejesus

    is it fun to act as a martial arts dude?? and with jackie chan??


    if you could choose one role in a movie, which would it be?

  • ariana

    i am your fan lucas till please love me

  • SEO Queen

    He’s going to make a good bad guy!

  • lala

    LOL, hope you can make more movie !

  • Maha

    my Question is
    WAS IT FUN…?

    <3 Luv Maha <3

  • Vanessa

    Ok, lucas is at the Grove LA for the premiere of the spy next door, any photo ?

  • jessica

    lucas do you wear glasses/contacts? because you would look really really cute with glasses. :)

  • bárbara

    which place in the world would you like to go?

  • Sarah

    Question for Lucas,Are you dating Desi Page? If not who are you dating?

  • schmidtchen

    Dear Lucas, you said that you like horseback riding. I would love to see you riding my horse, would you?
    Greetings from Germany!

  • anonymous

    Where would Lucas most like to travel to?
    Lucas is a fan of Lord of the Rings. Is he also a fan of New Zealand, and where would that rank on his list of places to travel?

  • Katelyn

    Were you dating Miley Cyrus?

  • Katelyn

    Hi Lucas, were you dating Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift? Next question, Do you like like anybody? Do you have a youtube channel?

  • Katelyn


  • justonekid

    if you could live in any era what would it be?

    what is the most embarrassing music on your ipod/ iphone/ phone/… right now?

    what is the most awkward thing you’ve ever done?

    is there a person who you look up to, you’d like to meet but you haven’t, and the person doesn’t know about it?

  • Katie

    What do you do in your free time on movie sets? Do you ever do touristy things around wheree you filming? :)


  • http://............. samia

    have you a crush on miley cyrus when you saught her for the very first time

  • Andie

    What lesson, that you learned working in the film industry, do you value the most?

  • salma noreen

    hey my names salma n’ i was wondering do u wear contacts?
    reply bak/

  • carchaseromance

    Lucas, what are your favorite cars?

  • Bárbara

    what’s your favorite book?

  • Jess

    Will you ever do a n*de scene?

  • natalie t

    Are you currently studying anything in school?

  • natalie t

    What is your favourite national sporting event to watch on tv? And favourite team for that sport?

  • Elizabeth

    How was it like to be in a movie with Jackie Chan?

  • Melanie

    What role would you like to play next?

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