Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: Vanity Fair Friends

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: Vanity Fair Friends

Check out Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Lily Collins in this behind-the-scenes video into their photo shoot with Vanity Fair magazine.

The talented trio rocked out to Ashlyne Huff‘s “Heart of Gold” while being photographed by Norman Jean Roy for the “Women To Watch Out For” feature which is headlined in the February 2010 issue.

Be sure to check out Vanessa, Selena and Lily‘s outtakes and pick up a copy of VF on Thursday, January 21.

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  • daniel

    vanessa is definitly a women To Watch Out For …….. . she is very talented and intelligent girl .What she needs is a strong role to be recognized like many actresses like Julia Roberts on Pretty woman or Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted
    btw V looks beautiful

  • Nikki

    All beautiful!
    Is it me or does Lily Collins look like Emmy Rossum(from Phantom of the Opera) in this? Nit a bad thing, it’s good.
    They ALL look amazing! <3

  • Carol

    Beautiful girls…specially V !

  • SJS

    Selena & Lily Collins are so gorgeous in this. Vanity Fair is good at doing classy, beautiful photoshoots. Vanessa is pretty too, but her hair looked boring & typical. I wish they would’ve done something a bit different with it.

  • Niousha

    WOW Vanessa and Selena look really good
    I love how V looks into the camera at 1:25

  • vfan

    Wow! Vanessa is such a pro at this sort of stuff…she looks so natural.
    She definitely belongs on this list, ad she is gonna achieve so much.
    I wish her all the best. :)

  • chrissyyy.

    Wow, they are all beautiful. & the song went perfectly with the whole video too (:

  • Katty

    I think the photo they chose for the mag wasn’t the best one for V. She is still beautiful, but there were better shots.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @SJS: Lol, everytime I read your comments, you’re always complaining about V’s hair, I mean, she has done straight, curly, wavy, up-dos, she has had it long and short etc… What else would you want her to do with her hair next time, shave it so she becomes bald? is that better for you, would it finally please you?Would you consider it not ‘boring and typical’ ?

    In my opinion, all these ladies looked beautiful in their own unique way
    <3 Vanessa and I like selena too :)

  • tai

    @Jenny.s.: Well said!
    They all look goregous :)

  • Ashley T fan

    selena is the Best :) THE END

  • Badromance

    Both are beautiful girls which is probably why they look so much alike. I love Vanessa

  • Vanessa lover

    V looks amazingly beautiful! <33

  • fearless

    vanessa is a woman to watch out for

  • birdie

    Beautiful girls. Nice selection Vanity Fair. I’m a big fan of Vanessa but I like all the girls here.

  • fearless

    vanessa looks sexy

    btw who is this lily collins?

  • Jazmin

    Beautiful girls….Vanessa looks beautiful but I truly believe she looks more beautiful and amazing without too much make-up….

    Love Vanessa!!!

    Thanks for posting

  • jess

    vanessa looks so sexy and beautiful!
    she’s definitly a women To Watch Out For

  • Jess!

    OMG!!! Vanessa Looks gorgeous!
    love her!

  • Madison

    I love Selena Gomez! She is such a role model for me and she looks absolutely splendid in this photo shoot. I hope she has so much success in life!

  • Jordan

    WOW Vanessa ans Selena look like they could be related. Both are hot and have incredable style.

  • ZNlover

    V looks ggorgeous!!

  • Elizabeth

    Selena is definitely a women to watch out for I mean she has won many awards in her acting department at a very young age she is definitely gonna achieve in this business : )

  • suzy

    Vanessa looks gorgeous.

  • masbonita

    Vanessas looks great! Can wait for Beastly.

  • SJS

    @Jenny.s.: Uh, I think you’re confusing me with someone else since this is the only time i’ve commented on Vanessa. I like her straight hair, I just wish she would’ve done it differently for this photoshoot. And i’m allowed my opinion, so i’d appreciate it if you’d remove your head from Vanessa’s ass. It’s not like I insulted her. Grow up please.

  • B*

    Vanessa looks sobeautiful, i love her, and Selena too
    But how is Lily Collins?

  • kara

    selena has such a huge head she looks like a bratz doll


    wow,vanessa looks so beautiful,just like an angel

  • http://teamhudgens minda

    only vanessa hudgens deserve to be on that list, she’s the most talented, beautiful and the most talked about i don’t even know those two on the list

  • yets

    im so excited for Vanesas new film or indorsement.

  • Boji

    I just don’t like the make-up on Vanessa. I know she can look better. Her recent pics of her going out to a meeting proves my point. She looks absolutely gorgeous in those pics. Just shows what the right make-up and hair can do for you.

  • Marie

    Am I the only one not impressed with the way they shot these girls? I honestly don’t know who Lily Colins is but they did her hair and everything very well. Vanessa Hudgens is always a beautiful girl and of course ended up looking pretty. I wasn’t too fond of their choice in the way Selena Gomez looked though. In any case, they are definitely all girls to watch out for.

  • mykamicks

    Vanity Fair has an excellent choices especially by putting Vanessa on the list. I dont know the criteria on how they have choosen those candidates as well as the qualifications in order for Vanessa to be included. The mere fact she’s been recognized lately by different magazines, SHE DESERVES IT!

    I preferred her no make up at times. Because you can see the real flawless skin & the beauty she has. Though make up really helps a lot to vary ones looks.

    What I like about the photo shoot, her angle always project an exotic look.

  • Divine Goddess

    Vanessa looks incredibly naturally gorgeous in these pics but I wish there was a shot of her smiling. She’s most beautiful when she smiles, she looks so radiant. Nonetheless love her dress and Selena looks amazing as well. Gorgeous dress and hair. They will do great things

  • Karen


    Lily Collins is singer Phil Collins daughter. I can’t say I know anything she has done but that’s who she is.

    Like Boji, I’m not fond of all the pictures because of her makeup. She is never going to be anything but a beautiful girl but she can look so much better and you’d think VF would be the one to accomplish that. There are many beautiful moments of her during the video though. I love the moment where she is kind of looking down and then without moving her head brings her eyes up and looks at the camera. That is a very sultry look.

  • Karen

    I know some people have complained fo Vanessa’s hair lately but THIS way is my favorite. It looks OK when it is straighten with an iron but I’m not particularly fond of the poker straight look. I love it soft and flowing with body like this

  • teamhudgens

    Vanessa is so hot and always beautiful.
    love her hair.
    its looks so natural <3

  • filipino1vanessahfan


  • vanny


  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    I love Vanessa ♥

  • mkly

    Vannessa is an avarage girl in the real world….Selena is a pretty girl in reality….and Lily Collins is the cute one out there….and you all know it…lol

  • lslsharon

    Love Nessa!!!!

  • Jess!

    Lily Collins is phil collins daughterr

  • SEO Queen

    Awesome pics – can’t wait to read the issue.

  • britame

    lovin’ the v and s combi…sure picking a mag copy

  • Danielle

    Vanessa should be the only one… she is enough

  • Thahmina

    vanessa looks gorgeous..

  • Thahmina


  • http://none jasmine


    I agree, v looks great but with a dress like that they could of done better with her hair. And Jenny S. why do u have to be so mean and sarcastic. All she was saying was they could of done something better with her hair you don’t need to be mean…… geez its just hair people O_O

>>>>>>> staging1