Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Right Here, Right Now' Behind-The-Scenes

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Right Here, Right Now' Behind-The-Scenes

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens get a little silly in this never-before-scene clip from the making of HSM3‘s “Right Here, Right Now” scene!

Vanessa, 21, shared with viewers, “We’re in a tree fort that’s on blue screen. It’s been so much fun. I really love this song. It’s such a sweet, romantic number. All the girls out there are going to die when they see it.”

Zac revealed how exactly they filmed the scene, saying, “We’re spinning by ropes and the cameras are helicoptering around us. The visual effects of the stars add the magic touch. That’s it (laughs)!”

Check it out below!

HSM3′s “Right Here, Right Now” Behind-The-Scenes Clip
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  • Esther

    aw so cute

  • hollu

    AHHH love it

  • sel


  • cm

    Woah I thought they had actually filmed it outside! Haha! Love this song :)

  • ello

    Hey does anyone know what island they went to in Hawaii? i would really like to know.
    anyway this is cute:)

  • Laura

    Aww there so cute. I love zac and vanessa. She is beautiful and he is hot.

  • gaby

    this is SOOOO cute!

  • craz

    cute, right here rght now, screem and can I have this dance are my favourite songs from HSM3. I hope they show clips from the other songs too.

  • diane n.

    they are so cute together. (:
    i remember being obsessed with them when hsm1 came out. lol.

  • Meyli

    Arrrrrrggggggg i hate vanessa i wanna be her and in that way i can be with Zac he is so hot and its so romantic the way he see and hug her if they get merry ir something in the future i think ill cry and cry like a child without a candy ahahahahah

  • http://yahoo erika

    LOVE THEM <333


    @ello: Correct me if I’m wrong but they went to the island of Maui, it’s really beautiful.

  • lily

    Awwww Zanessa Forever !! <3
    Really Cute Indeed :D
    Love Them !!

  • muse

    I just love seeing these two together. Love how their independant without each other and yet look so strong when they’re together.

    Cant wait to see Beastly. Read and the book and saw the teaser trailer. Looks pretty good to me. :)


  • Zanessa x Lover


  • wildcats

    @Meyli: that’s how i feel!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    *sigh* I think I almost cried. ..Because of the way the act around each other, I feel so giddy inside just seeing them like that. You can totally see love in each others eyes. And the fact that High School Musical.. is really.. over.. :( *sigh* That movie is one of a kind. Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat. :)

  • nikki

    There serously the cutest couple in the entire world :) :) :) I LOVE THEMMM!!!!!!!

  • stillthereforme

    Credit: Stace from New Zealand for posting that video! Thanks for lurking ZF.

  • nikki


  • justine

    Zac Efron.. XD
    life can;t get ay better when you know a new Zac Efron thread has come….
    XD :D
    happy day

  • yets


  • mykamicks

    I feel like am reminicing my teenage years when I watched this scene. It’s one of my favorites in HSM. Zac has a very cute angle there while staring at Vanessa. Same with the rooftop scence while dancing the Waltz. I could not imagine that there are two beautiful people who gave much justice in that characters ( Troy & Gabriela). That is why their movies will remain as timeless ever in the hearts of their fans. I bowed also with Kenny how he molded the acting of his casts in every sequel of HSM. Just like what he did on his movie Dirty Dancing to Jennifer Gray & Patrick Swayze.

    One of my dream role for Vanessa & Zac is reviving that moive with director Kenny someday.

  • Z&V Fan

    I think I obssesed with them more than before now! Omg, I can’t stop watching that clip. They are too adorable. The way their stare in each other eyes and smiles is just to die for!

  • Vanessa

    aww i think i died. They’re so cute. The way they look each other. OMG I LOVEE ZANESSA < 33
    I miss HSM. ;[[
    HSM forever < 3

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    zac and vanessa are simply adorable here
    zac and vanessa make a beautiful couple
    I thrilled to see this video

  • Laura

    These two are just so cute, I love the way they can be so natural with each other… it’s amazing :)

  • ZNlover

    One of my fav song, they are juz so cute Tgt!!!(:

  • ZanessaLuvr95

    I started to tear a bit up when I saw the title & the pic.. Then I completely lost control of myself & started busting out crying when I heard that song and saw Troy & Gabriella again.. Ahh, I miss those HSM days..

    Gawd, I sound so corny :P

  • zanessa4ever

    they are SO SO SO SO cute i love them both!! they are so in love with each other!! :)

  • ZanessaLuvr95

    It brings back so many memories :)

  • xmomoxashxzanessax226

    Zanessa 4Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amanda

    Aww there just too cute! <33
    Ahh this brought back some memories :)
    remember the hsm days? I do. I actually miss them.
    I don’t care that im almost 17, high school musical will always be a part of me, cause it inspired me. Once a Wildcat Always a Wildcat! <33

    Zanessa are just amazing together, the way they look at each other is beautiful. I wanna find love like that one day :)

  • sunny

    awww so cute ;D

  • London Lemming

    I saw this clip BEFORE HSM3 came out. A newspaper did a preview Promo DVD of HSM3 and this clip was on it!

    Gotta admit kinda spolied this song for me watching it BEFORE I saw the movie :/

  • burningup_92

    plz post about jimmy bennett

  • Anibal

    Hey guys, do u remember the song ”last chance”? was supposedly on the soundtrack but i NEVER HEARD the song, only a preview. Someone knows what happened with this song?

  • gabrielle

    Wow. Possibly one of the cutest things I ever saw. They’re made for eachother, and Vanessa seems so sweet.

  • svenja**

    Oh my freaking godd. I love this :D sooooo adorable.

  • Clariz

    ♥ 1:28 – 1:30

  • Clariz

    Is it weird I wanted to cry?

  • Clariz

    Is it weird that I wanted to cry?

  • Carol

    They are too dman perfect together!
    Love them!

  • Sinaline

    that just threw me back to my amazing hsm time <3 they are so adorable and vanessa is just the cutest person on earth <3 miss them and the time back there <3

  • Katie G!

    That was possibly the sweeetest thing i’ve ever seen.
    i miss T&G but loveeeeeeeeee Z&V =)

  • Zanessa4ever

    I so needed this! it made my day!!

  • jocelyynn


  • shir

    They are too adorable

  • ZANE

    one word…….cute!

  • elliee

    they are so adorable <3
    i love how close they are. :)
    zac even was trying to get something out of her teeth but she was embarrassed.
    they’re so close!
    its amazing.
    i love them <3 :)

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