Nick Jonas Bounces Around the Beacon Theater

Nick Jonas Bounces Around the Beacon Theater

Nick Jonas happily poses with two of his fans, Erin and Steph, outside his venues during the week.

Steph wrote to us about Nick‘s show at NYC’s Beacon Theater last night, “I met Nick Jonas at his show last night at the Beacon Theater and it was amazing! He sang all of his songs off his new album as well as a couple of covers. He sang ‘Before the Storm,’ ‘Inseparable,’ and ‘Tonight’ which of course are all Jonas Brothers songs. Then he sang a song he wrote about 2 days ago called ‘Stay’ which was amazing! He literally jumped on everything; the piano, and the speakers! All in all it was an incredible concert and one night I will never ever forget!”

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  • Marc


  • Rachel

    It’s probably not wise to tell a website visited by millions of people everyday including the Jonas camp, I’m sure, how you snuck into a meet and greet. What an idiot.

  • SEO Queen

    Is this the same brother that will be a judge on American Idol? Does he really have the skill for that?

  • chris

    Different brother. Nick’s doing a great job with these concerts. Can’t wait to see him.

  • carolinexx

    @SEO Queen: No, Thats Joe! And Nick would be a great judge too anyways, haha

  • Lacy

    I cannot believe that that girl made her own wristband and snuck in. That’s not right!

  • Britney

    LOL! Your so lucky you didn’t get caught, but very smart idea! I’ve seen the wristbands and they look easyish to copy though. Congrats on meeting him :D

  • Lauren

    Can someone post a pic of the wristbands? Or you can email me at

  • emily:]

    i was in this meet and greet:] but i had a real honest wrist band.

  • Courtney

    He is a sweetie!

  • Jamie

    Cool! Nick You are very talented oh and I JUST BOUGHT UR SONG? YOUR REALLY GOOD AND YOU WILL GO FAR!!!

  • katherine

    honestly, all you people who are saying it wasn’t right for her to sneak in are all jealous. if you had the chance to meet NICK JONAS, anyone in their right mind would make a fake pass. i mean seriously, just get over yourselves. this girl met her idol with a smart idea. put yourself in her place and i bet everyone of you haters would sneak stop the negative crap and start congratulating her :) thanks.

  • andrea

    i was at that concert i wish i was at the meet-and-greet i would have probably fainted as soon as I saw him though lol

  • Emily

    How did you get a wristband for the meet and greet? Did you buy one or win one from a radio station?


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