Taylor Lautner: Tongue Twister Tough

Taylor Lautner: Tongue Twister Tough

Taylor Lautner sticks his tongue out as he hops into his new Audi R8 after a workout at his local gym in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (January 9).

Later in the afternoon, the 17-year-old People’s Choice Award winner did some quick errands and snapped a few pics with a fan he met along the way.

Taylor was patient enough with the lucky fan who was so nervous taking his picture that she couldn’t get the image right until the fourth time.

Earlier in the week, it was announced that Taylor would be taking the lead in a new project called Northern Lights.

20+ pics inside of Taylor Lautner

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taylor lautner tongue twister 01
taylor lautner tongue twister 02
taylor lautner tongue twister 03
taylor lautner tongue twister 04
taylor lautner tongue twister 05
taylor lautner tongue twister 06
taylor lautner tongue twister 07
taylor lautner tongue twister 08
taylor lautner tongue twister 09
taylor lautner tongue twister 10
taylor lautner tongue twister 11
taylor lautner tongue twister 12
taylor lautner tongue twister 13
taylor lautner tongue twister 14
taylor lautner tongue twister 15
taylor lautner tongue twister 16
taylor lautner tongue twister 17
taylor lautner tongue twister 18
taylor lautner tongue twister 19
taylor lautner tongue twister 20

  • liz

    Mmmm god he’s hot… =)

  • carlyn

    @liz: agreeeed :D

  • liz


    LOL it’s so bad… Im like counting down the days till he’s 18.. =) HAHA A girl can dream can’t she?! LOL

  • sweetness

    killer bod….i’m feeling a heatwave!

  • Sally

    OMG!!! He is soooo hot!!!!!!!!! He totally doesnt look like a teenager anymore!! He is a man, well not technically yet, but still. Look at him!! Sexy!!

  • sarah

    Oh, my God. Taylor, you need to turn 18 NOW, so that I can lust after you and not feel guilty. Even though I’m only 22. Hehe.

  • http://deleted Yay

    I hope the Taylena rumors are true

    and they’re back together

    they could be the next Zanessa 2.0

    they have great chemistry when they’re together

  • riana

    hottest. guy. ever

  • Lisa Din

    omg, suppperdooper hot.

    i call him TAYLOR HAUTNER (pronounced HOTNER)

  • just jared Sr

    man..he’s hot!!
    wait a sec..isn’t his Audi white?
    but in these pics it’s black..
    how many Audi does he have, though..
    anyway..he’s so rich to have 2 AUDIs..haha..

  • sarah

    Haha! Good one, Lisa Din! I’ll have to start using that. :)

  • caroline

    that girl is so lucky, she got to see, talk and take a picture with Taylor, with no fans around, just for her ;)

  • shelby

    OMG. He and his car are soooo hot. Definitely jealous of that lucky girl. @liz Haha, no it’s not bad, cause I’m doing the same thing hahaha.

  • qayla


    i so agree!!

    those two couples are the cutest among youn hollywood!!!

  • nathalia

    he’s soooooo hot!

  • sulky reader

    why is it that the color of his audi tends to change everyday?

    white, red, now black?

    i also heard that he bought a bmw 5-series, what about that?

  • Anon

    I love it when he’s alone, Selena ruins him, he’s waay too good for her :L

    I swear he just keeps getting hotter and hotter ;)
    He’s got such a big year ahead of him, he doesn’t need a girl to distract him, he’s concentrating on his future, he really is going to be very big :D

    Love himm loooadss:)

  • xoxo

    he is such a babe ;)

  • saudia

    Hott!! Gosh Taylor looks great.

  • lily

    Soo Fit ;)
    Love Taylor Too Muchh !!!
    Wish I Was Tht Fan To Be Honset Lol :)
    Taylor Love <3

  • Marina

    OMG !
    He is so beautiful!
    My dream is to someday see him and take some pictures (and put in blogs and on Twitter, of course)
    But I’m from Brazil, so it’s very difficult I see him someday.

  • Anon

    That’s true, only his name is pronounced like L-OUT-NER. I get it though. ;)

  • liz


    LOL Im the same way! Im 21 and counting down till he’s 18!

  • Mobaby

    wow….i just had a MAJOR hot flash….damn it taylor!!

  • Jordan

    I don’t know why but he’s been giving me the creeps lately :(
    Maybe because of how he treated Selena and Taylor Swift. :(
    I liked him last year but he is just creeping me out

  • suze

    He is such a beautiful boy. I think I like that name Taylor Hotner. That was super sweet of him to be so patient with that fan. lucky girl!

  • Kell


    My thoughts exactly. I officially felt old when I found out he was only 17. For as long as I can remember, any “heartthrob” was always older than me. Now I’m so old it’s not even legal. lol!

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  • suze

    Don’t worry,

    he turns 18 next month and will be officially legal. You don’t realize how young he is because he is so mature for his age and carries himself in a classy manner. Besides his ex-girl friend is twenty.

  • Jess

    mmm… gorgeous!! I love him!

  • mel

    he’s a famewhore

  • john


  • Sandy

    Thank you so much for taking these pictures. I was the lucky fan who took a pic with him. Lucky to have been there. I work in that building. His talent agency is there. He is the sweetest person ever. I couldn’t stop shaking and couldn’t take a good pic and he was very patient.

  • miss zanessa

    taylor hautner LOL that´s a good one XD
    he´s sexy but i wonder why he always wearing black
    anyway i think he and selena make a cute couple

  • corina Mayorga

    That’s My sister Sandy! lucky girl!.. She said he was so sweet!

  • Crystal

    Man, he is making alot of money, because those Audi R8 isn’t cheap, those cars runs from $112,000 – the most recent one costs, the asking price for it is $114,200….Put he deserves altogether because he is really talented…..

  • Ramona Harda


  • Ceby

    okay, i dont like taylor when he came up on tiwlight,
    but now? he is a total hotness!!!!

  • http://www.twinterdedudy.com Eduarda Kamily Moreira de Melo

    Hi taylor yuor is cat Y love yuor I am fa d yuor

    taylor lautner & eduarda kamily

  • http://joyce.princesadocaos@hotmail.com joyce

    vc é um dos garotos mais incriveis q ja conheci taylor inteligente sensual e tem muito charme fotos so mostram o exterior das pessoas mais tanto o seu interior quanto o seu exterior são maravilhosos pois sem o seu carater sua beleza seria inutil…kiss baby