Celebs Who Love Their Coffee!

Celebs Who Love Their Coffee!

Recording, filming, promoting, and even just hanging out – it takes a lot of energy to do what celebs do!

Check out ten of JJJ‘s top coffee craving celebs…

  • Miley Cyrus picked up a yummy warm drink from Starbucks as she left her hotel in Manchester, England.
  • Abigail Breslin chose a Pumpkin Spice Latte with her mama while they spent time at the airport together.
  • Aly and AJ Michalka did lunch before meeting up with their grandpa – both opted for cold drinks to beat the heat!
  • Nick Jonas stopped at Starbucks for a quick pick-me-up before meeting his famous brothers.
  • Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens held a mini-Wildcat reunion at Toluca Lake’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!
  • Also caffeinated inside: Mandy Jiroux, Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene, Taylor Swift, Robert Pattinson and Brittany Snow!

    Who’s your favorite coffee-craving celeb? Sound off in the comments!

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    • http://hollywood-hot-gossips.blogspot.com hollywoodgossip

      Starbucks is number one.

    • ms. a

      firssttt ! Nick J is the best ;)

    • http://www.hsm-famous.blogspot.com Anibal


      obviously Vanessaaa!! She is the best!

    • erin


    • Samantha

      Ashley Tisdale’s always at coffee bean.. I think she should win queen, am I right?

    • emi.

      Nick is the best of course. <3

    • Bailee

      Vanessa and Ashley look great in that picture and Robert is hot. :P

    • nathalia

      love all of them (:

    • musicgirl

      vanessa OFC:)<33

    • http://twitter.com/Officalvstyle abby

      You forgot Zac Efron. He’s been seen at Starbucks a few times. Just thought I’d let you know ;o)

    • Kristy

      I love Vanessa but she hardly ever gets coffee. It’s not the healthiest thing for you and she’s been training alot. Give it to Ashley Tisdale. You see her buy that stuff every single day.

    • http://www.oceanup.com anapblovesjb

      Nickk jonassssss duhhh!¡¡!¡! he loooksss so hott while drinking cofffeee!¡!¡¡!¡!

    • Sophie

      How could you forget when joe jonas wore that hoodie and had a starbucks in canada?! He looked totally awesome that day! ;)

    • Vanessa lover

      Vanessa only because she is beautiful. She really doesn’t get coffee but still!

    • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

      Ashley. She gets the stuff daily. <3 I love TSwift, but I rarely see her with coffee.

    • craz

      Vanessa and Ashley. Ashley as the queen!! Also Miley she drinks lots of coffe!!

    • rob

      Ashley Greene looks beautiful.

    • alexis.

      Team Miley! (:

    • Jess!

      Gorgeous Hudgens!

    • http://www.celebgawking.wordpress.com celebgawking

      We heart ALL coffee but Starbucks is #1 but Coffeebean and Tea Leaf come in a close second

    • http://www.celebgawking.wordpress.com celebgawking

      Starbucks Bold is heaven but Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf places a close second.

    • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

      Ashnessa please !! And Zachary.. even though he doesn’t go out to get coffee.. but we don’t know that.. Zashnessa.♥

    • fearless

      are you freaking kidding me? ashley tisdale leaves there SHE WINS …but vanessa is the prettiest

    • fearless

      sorry it was lives*

    • mee

      Robert is a hottie!

    • luciA

      Ashley wins!!!
      love her

    • http://www.yahoo.com mykamicks

      I love Starbucks coffee. But I am so addict with the Ice Latte of Coffee Bean… The winner is I love both!

    • 00zanessa4life00

      definitely Vanessa and ash !!!
      V looks just gorgeous as always…ash is also beautiful!

    • lu

      vanessa is the best!!!

    • ZJ207

      Who else than Ashley should be the QUEEN OF COFFEE?
      love her <333 :D

    • sara12


    • lslsharon


    • Jannii

      Awwwww ASHLEY <3
      She is the most beautiful girl in the world & I LOVE to see her w/ her BFF Ms. Hudgens =D

    • Jannii


    • http://twitter.com/preskoo preskoo

      ashley & vanessa = the best!!!

    • http://www.editedandblended.blogspot.com Carla

      Ashley Tisdale gotta win! She drinks coffee everyday! we dont know about all the other ppl… x) At least i dont.
      but V still the prettiest :)

      Vashley gotta win :D

    • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

      nessa <3 is nomber 1 even know she doesn’t ge coffe much ! i”ll say ash T is the queen of coffe lolz :D

    • StarbucksXO

      VANESSA! <3

    • vanessahearts

      Well, ofcourse Vanessa!

    • gossip-girlssx


    • http://www.hermela.hyves.nl vanessafan


    • Cynthiia



      QUEEN ASHLEY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333
      if there’s an Oscar category for queen of coffee then Ashley would definitely be the winner!!! and anyone saying otherwise is not saying the truth, he’d be just voting for his fav artist and not the queen of coffee lol

    • ashleyrockss

      ASHLEY TISDALE!! *duh*!!!
      she practically lives there !! + she rules!!

    • vfan

      Vanessa! Even tho she’s not there 24/7 she’s still beautiful! :)

    • http://Justjaredjr It’s obvious

      @ASHLOVER: LOL, an oscar that’s funny:D

      I love Vanessa, but you don’t see her getting coffee that much anymore unless shes out with ashley, therefore my vote goes for Ashley, I mean, we practically see her either there or the gym lol


      TAYLOR SWIFT THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NO. 1 I LOVE HER

    • zac&sally#1

      eerrm!i think taylor swift,by the way taylor lautner getting hotter n hotter!!!

    • drew roy,my boy!!!


    • Amt1rockstar

      Ashley Ashley she of course is the Queen of Coffee she gets a cup of coffee everyday!!! Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale!!!!!!!

    >>>>>>> staging1