Joe Jonas: Umami Burger Boy

Joe Jonas: Umami Burger Boy

Joe Jonas is all smiles as he meets up with pals at Umami Burger in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (January 10).

The 20-year-old musician has recently been away, following his little brother Nick on his first solo tour.

Joe was spotted out at Planet Hollywood with big bro Kevin and sister-in-law Danielle on Friday night before watching Nick at the Beacon Theater.

Be sure to catch Joe as a guest judge on American Idol — airing Tuesday, January 26.

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  • LC

    nice :) he looks much better with shorter hair!

  • pamela

    wow he’s so hot!!!!! his getting a mostouch

  • Alexa Nicole

    he looks HOT!

  • kris

    not the best look… he is getting a little chubby, i dont like the moustache i prefer a beard and the outfit is not the best either, that scarf is a little ……. i mean i prefer the bad boy look but i still love him.

  • AMY

    Good outfit and haircut but ugly face with hair!!….please man get a shave!!!

  • nathalia

    hot! i love you joe.

  • Noemiii

    Gosh , I think he’s more than hot. HAHA . I’m happy because I see news with Joe <3 .

  • Valee

    He looks so beautiful as always ♥ , lovehim♥

  • marty_delight

    Handsome as always <3

  • leeloo

    i LOVE him in this style! he’s HOT <333

  • sail

    He looks better with short hair and no bear!

    Why is joe trying to look older and like robert pattirson? either way joe look nice with his hair like that better than before.

    He works in a kids show???

  • hee

    He’s PRECIOUS. Goodlooking, but I really love his personality and taste. What I know of it. Can’t wait to see what he does next with & without the band! Def more interested in him than Nick. (Just saying.)

  • fearless

    he is hot but pls shave

  • romina


  • Barb

    Who’s the blonde walking with him?

  • Annie

    I was there eatin yesterday and since I’m not a fan of them my friend was the one who noticed him and also Jared that girl who is always wearing black I think her name was Deni or something was there with him and some of his friends anyways are they dating cuz they were sitting very close and I noticed that they were holding hands under the table my opinion is that she is wayyy too pretty for him

  • Natalie

    Whats up with him and that jacket he is wearing it all week ! Dude your hot but dont you have another jacket. Oh and plz shave your face

  • jj

    I’m a big fan of joe jonas and i usually think he looks pretty hott much of the time but he neeeds to have a shave big time man , i don’t really like him with a moustache and beard.

  • B*

    I love him so much

  • karenC

    I read that Aly & AJ were with them. What’s up? Why aren’t they mentioned here??

  • vic

    he looks soooo HOOOOTTTT!!!

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    O.M.J !!!!!!!!! JOE JONAS Looks soooooo HOT:] wow his hair just looks perfect & everything about him is just Wow he soo Goodlooking as always, he looks more like a man now i like it ! Good outfit ahaha ive seen Joe wear that jacket alot for the past days must be his favorite. <3

  • annasaurus

    his new hairdo is ugly. Scruff does not look good on his face.

  • Jonas4Canada

    Oh come on Joe looks great with his facial hair, keep in mind that he is on off time and is probably enjoying his scruff for as long as he can before JONAS starts up again. And he’s definitely not chubs at all, he’s bulkier I think but no not chubs, but even if he was a little chunky is better then scrawny, plus he has huge muscley arms so I’m sticking to that Joe’s just more built :)

  • jessica

    he should go back to his camp rock hairstyle. i think he looked really hot in camp rock.

  • jonaslove

    Why does he ALWAYS have to look hot?? seriously it’s not fair, I blame mama & papa Jonas!!

  • kristine

    i think he still looks HOT regardless!

  • emilija

    not shaved looks like an old grandpa but evetything else just SUPER SUPER SUPER COOL i thought he only wears shirts and that he is kind of WEIRD.its usali KEVIN who dresses up in black good he is not MICHAEL JACKSON:)$$$$

  • Treasure

    yeah i LOVE joe. for some reason now he just can’t het out of my mind. omg. he is so damn sexy. but omg he need to shave bad. the facial hair is just killing me. sorry. but hey. he can pull it off. cause he just got it like that! lol. he do! like kristine said. he is just SO DAMN HOT! regardless. peace ;)

  • gabi

    He looks amazing!! I do think the facil hair looks goon on him but I prefer him withou it!
    Joseph I love you!

  • pup

    He looks like Dominic Cooper. O.O

  • bianca

    for the first time ever he looks like a man…loving him now.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Annie: I dount it and I don’t believe your post so whatever.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @JoeJonasGirl0676: I meant to say doubt**** Dang.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Jonas4Canada: LOL I guess running and going to the gym does that to people. LOL Geez

  • Just my observation

    ok he looks REALLY good
    he looks really manly and not like a dinky little boy
    i personally luv the scruff
    the older fans prolly like the facial hair because it makes him look more masculine but the younger fans prolly like the whole clean-shaven look
    i’m also luving his outfit

  • Ella



  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Ella: Agreed. :D <3

    And the fact he reads JustJaredJr. I love that boy. LOL

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @pup: Not even close. ewwwy ewwy don’t compare Joe to Dominic Cooper. I seen that dude and that dude is ugly.

  • dylan

    ahhhh he looks not that bad and not that hot he look as if he is 27 years old !!!!!!!! i like him befor this hair cut ,and the beard is ugly but i love him any way i love his songs :)

  • Cornelie

    cOMMENT DIRE …beurk!!!!!!!!!!!Jpref avant avec ses cheveux longs!Beaucoup plu bo!Et j coné son prochain cado d anniv un rasoir!!lol