Nick Jonas Covers Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me

Nick Jonas Covers Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me

Nick Jonas gives pal Taylor Swift a shout out before covering her hit single, “You Belong With Me,” during his concert in Philadelphia, Penn., on Saturday night (January 9).

The 17-year-old musician also caught up with MTV News to update how the tour is going so far. Nick shared, “[Thursday] night’s performance at the Beacon was an amazing moment. I was telling people after the show, you can really feel the legends in this place when you’re on that stage. I played a new song that I wrote, ‘Stay,’ that the audience responded well to. It’s just been amazing so far, but [Thursday] night was excellent.”

Nick also commented about his pals who have come out to see him play, saying, “No one that I was surprised to see came out to see me. I’ve got a couple friends in different places … Texas and here in New York. I’ve got a lot of friends and family. It’s just good to know there are people who are supporting me in this dream of mine and taking time out of their evening to come see this show.”

Nick Jonas & The Administration – “You Belong With Me”
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  • Lesly


  • lulu

    I think it’s good he covered her song, because he’s trying to put an end to what’s going on between her and Joe. He has amazing talent and I really hope he goes far. I love him too :D x x x

  • taylor

    hés soooooo talented and hot haha (:
    i love him.

  • tom

    That was horrible.

  • tai

    i love him.

  • jonaslove

    That was really nice of him to wish her luck and congratulate her, especially with the grammys coming soon, I love his taste in music he covers the best songs: catch me, you belong with me, fireflies, use somebody and not to mention the JB old songs which btw he seriously needs to sing “take a breath”. And he looks so happy when the crowd was singing along to “Lovebug” -and VERY loudly I might add- seriously I though I was gonna loose my hearing. I wanna go to one of his concert !!

  • carol donato

    OMG, THAT’S SOOOOOO CUTE ! *O* i’m crying. i just love nick.

  • lauren

    ACTUALLY, this was last night January 10th
    I was there.

  • Jen

    This happened on Sunday night (January 10th) not Saturday night (January 9th).

  • caitlin


    i completely agree, it was such a nice thing to do and they were good decisions :)

  • iam

    @jonaslove: agree he got a great taste in music love that songs

  • ms. a

    OMG! love nick <3 What is that second song he sings? Nick is the sweetest thing, even after what happened to Taylor and Joe <3

  • ms. a

    Oh, and what is the last line he says ? Someone @ reply please, thanks so much! love ya Nick J!

  • joanie

    he also performed it last night in phillly!(1/10/10)
    he is an amazing performer, i love him<3

  • me

    oh my gosh
    he’s so cute.
    i still can’t believe that my cousin doesn’t like Nick Jonas anymore!!!
    instead now she loves that a**hole of NeverShoutNever
    WTF! is wrong with her?

  • connie

    @ms. a he says “shout-out to my best friend demi lovato”

  • connie

    @ms. a: he says “shoutout to my best friend demi lovato”

  • Mary KATE

    nick’s big theme of these concerts is love!?!? haha just a funny that he’s mentioned love multiple times at each concert

  • kali

    Not that im like one of those obsessed fans who care about every person he dates and trust me i’m not a Niley fan either but a girl on told the site that she gave nick a letter saying that Nick and miley belong together and that Liam is not right for her. So is this him implying that yes he knows that him and miley belong together and that Liam is not the type of guy she needs to be with? Just a thought!

  • Cel

    Man, Those girls didn’t even let him sing …….
    I would have like to hear him…

  • CS

    @ms. a: that song is Catch Me by demi lovato, amazing soong IMO :)

    lovee you nick <3

  • http://mmmmmmste mak

    @ms. a: you are so right

  • andrea

    im dead, seriously <3

  • mrs.nickjonas

    OMG! This is the sweetest thing!!! He is so talented! And I love both songs that he covered! And I think it is amazing the fact that he doesn’t hate taylor or anything like that…. I love Nick so much!!!

  • chelsea

    LOVE Nick J!!!!! He is so good. I admit I was a little surprised considering what’s been going on but…some feuds come to an end right? So glad he did that. My two fave singers/bands are making up! Oh and so lovely to hear him sing Demi’s “Catch Me”. I adore that song!

  • Amy

    He should’ve covered her “Forever and Always” song lol. Anyway, I don’t think there was any bad blood between Taylor and Nick so why is everyone acting like he did something gracious by singing her song? With the JoBros last album flopping and Taylor having the #1 album of the year, it would do them good to get on her good side…

  • -sophia-

    I love it! I love the Jonas Brothers and Nick and his band!
    I wish I could go to a concert from Nick… but no way… live in Germany.
    In my opinion he get a wonderful voice and the songs are great! Very good to sing these songs. It’s so lovely to hear him sing “You’re belong with me” and “Catch me”!
    Love Demi and Taylor also!

  • mrs.prez

    he sings so sexy

>>>>>>> staging1