Selena Gomez: Fan Club Coming Soon!

Selena Gomez: Fan Club Coming Soon!

Selena Gomez keeps it cute as she takes a walk with a friend in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (January 10).

The 17-year-old actress recently posted on her Facebook about her upcoming fan club. She shared, “My fan club is coming soon and to get it started were offering a limited number of VIP and pre-sale tickets to all the new shows that go on sale in 2010…In order to purchase your VIP or pre-sale tickets you will need to preorder a membership to the fan club.”

Selena is also getting pumped for her Valentine’s Day concert in Philadelphia. Want tickets?

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Photos: X17online
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  • pouty

    she’s always gorgeous! is her hair shorter than before?

  • sam

    ffirst!!! finally

  • nina

    Very cute :)

  • http://deleted Yay

    omg she cut her hair?????

    so short!

  • Mirella

    Shes always prety but this top, c´mom

  • elizabeth

    i think she tied her hair in a bun thats why it looks so short :) shes really beautiful love her :)

  • taylor

    she’s gorgeous!!

  • aali

    i dont think she cut her hair i think its just pinned up but its cute

  • Yes

    I first thought it was Kristen Stewart!
    Sel’s friend reminds me of Gwen Stefani, haha.

  • Heather

    Most stunning girl ever!!!
    She will become very big and she doesn’t need Disney I mean she has REAL talent not like Miley or other Disney girls who just became famous thru lil kids n all I mean okay Selena too but in her upcoming career without the wizards she will go very far cauz she’s an amazign actress and Miley isn’t!She even can’t sing and without Hannah Montana after a year she will go down…..

    Whatever I love Selena she’s awsome!!!

  • sail


    WELL GUESS WHAT the population has spoken and they prefer miley. Miley is a better than her in everything and she prettier than selena too.

  • Selaly

    She is always gorgeous! I just love her so much!
    She said she didn’t like to work out, but now she does, I’m glad that she has time to work out and get healthier!.
    She is so awesome!.
    Wish her overflowing amounts of success this year!.


    i love her shes my idol and i look jus like her

  • dgfhj

    lol at the person saying Miley cant sing when Even die hard Selena fans admit Selenas the worst singer on Disney and face the facts Selenas been on Disney almost the same amoutn of time as Miley and she aint nearly as popular sorry!

  • looksgood


    really? did you do a survey or something? just grow up! if you don’t like her, STOP LOOKING HER UP! It’s that simple!
    you’re just a hater. i think she’s great and i agree with Selaly it IS great that she’s started working out! :)

  • blaire


    no Miley worked one year earlier then Selena on Disney!
    And Now the most of ppl watch The wizards and not Hannah Montana!
    SO the wizards r now more populaire!
    And I agree that Miley is nothing without Hannah Montana!
    Because she is not really good in acting like Selena!
    And about her voice hmmm sometimes sound like a guy!
    Selena is improving and I must say she’s good!

  • Mileysuxxx


    Get a life!
    You’re just jelous caus she is more beautyful than miley and skinnier hahaha miley is fat!

    Miley is S h . it !She is a teribble actress and her voice is so GAY hahaha
    she is just famous becaus eof little children who watch hannah m. and buy her stuff!
    I agree without Hannah Montana she is NOTHING!


  • Heather


    what are you talking about?
    She is very famous!
    Every gossip site tell us about her and she has now the most watch disney show she is becoming bigger n bigger!
    Wait you will see without hannah montana miley will die caus she isn’t talented at all and Selena will be the next angelina n i hope she will go very far in he rmsuic career!

    Miley is just richer caus her disney show was about singing so she starts earlier she gave concerts with 15 n Selena just started now!
    And she was on premires here in europe and there were just kids under 10 years hahaha I swear !

    And in Uk Selena has so many fans as Miley !
    She can some to the O2 arena and we will see – she will break Miley’s record!

    And sorry for my english I know it’s bad!

    Selena is AMAZING!!!

  • Selbetterthanmiles

    Yo she’s gorgeous!
    Stop trashing on her you lil ugly miley fans she’s better!
    Caus She has an awesome body and Miley is fat!
    Caus she sings so soft and Miley like a gay
    Caus she acts like a supertstar and Miley sux!

    Selena is better in everything gotta love her!!

  • jessrei07

    @dgfhj: no matter how popular miley is…she’ll never get the respect that selena always gets..
    i would rather let miley be more popular than sel…at least people don’t call selena a slut.

  • dgfhj

    Oh please Selenas a fake and no one outside of Disney takes her seriously even Taylor Swift dislikes her now

  • dgfhj

    lol Selena will break Mileys record hahah first let see her sell more than 200,000 cds

  • bebe

    at least Miley can sell a cd

  • miss

    selena always looks so gorgeous. awww i love her so much shes a very talented actress with a great personality i wanna meet her one day.

  • deb

    lol Selena will break Mileys record hahah first let see her sell more than 200,000 cds

    wow, you hate her so much yet you have the time to go looking up how many cds she sold. obsessed much?
    get a life.

  • nash

    “miss” FYI , Selena’s album, sold more than 270.000 copies! So SHUT UP! At least she doesn’t need to be a famwhore posing with her fake BF to get some attention!

  • aldi

    sel always looks so gorgeous, seriously she is the msot beautifil disney girl ever!!! ans she has a real talente not like the ugly travesty vyrus ewwwwwwwww

  • aldi

    btw for all stupid teenies who thinks miley vyrus is the most popular girl ever, yeah right c´mon little girls wake up, that´s no true!!! shes the most popular and the bigger star but in your tiny insignicant and pathetic world hahahahahahahah….. sel has a real respect in hollywood and a brilliant carrear in the future!!!!

  • bebe

    haha Stupid selena teenies that girl is only known as a seat filler

  • jessica

    i dont even know why you guys have to bring up miley in a selena post. i mean you could wait to talk about her when she gets a post.

  • Arthur

    I don’t know, I don’t like her that much
    I prefer a thousand times Demi Lovato

  • hot1215

    She is BEAUTIFUL. No matter what she wears, she will always be gorgeous. Love her.

  • Jen


    sel is awesome. so cute too!

  • Adam

    @bebe: Go back to OceanUp b*tch!

  • aldi

    @bebe sorry retard but i think you are in the wrong post, i supossed you try to say haha Stupid MILEY TRAVESTY VYRUS teenies that girl is only known as a seat filler hahahaha that has so much sense…..



  • arjane

    go!!!!!!if you want tomake a fans club i want that me is the first ok!!!!!!1i love so much…….

  • arjane

    go!!!!!!selena if you want to make a fans club i want that im the first ok!!!!i love you so much…..

  • http://selenafanclub Kayla

    I am Selena Gomez’s BIGGEST fan in the whole world! Hoppe I get to see one of her concerts this summer!!!!

  • angela

    i’m going to selena’s concert febuary 20!!! i cant wait!!!!!!! i was gonna get vip tickets but it was to expensive…. i wish i could get them… but i’m glad i’m going!!! i LOVE her!!!!!! she ROCKS!!! i wish i could meet her….♥ =) =D =( love you selena gomez!!!!

  • Ehem

    If all you are going to do is slam the celebs that are on here, then don’t bother COMING on here. They get enough Crud thrown at them and they don’t need people arguing about them. If you don’t like them, leave, If you do, You rule.
    Slenea gomez is awesome, don’t you dare slam her, or I will knock your eyebrows off!

  • jess

    I’m thinking your the 1′s thats jealous(mileysuxxx).Don’t u think…

  • david b conway

    dear just jared jr web site , hi my name is david b conway , and my comments to selena gomez and my question is about her age and my age as well , selena gomez is 18 years younger then me and my birth date is june 7th 1962 and next year i will be 49 years of age , lov e david b conway

  • selena

    so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i love her shes so awsome