Selena Gomez: Borden Milk Marvelous

Selena Gomez: Borden Milk Marvelous

Selena Gomez takes a big drink of Borden’s ice cold milk in the newest commercial for the milk company.

In the short video, which premiered during tonight’s season premiere of American Idol, Selena, 17, tells viewers why they should chose Borden.

Selena shared, “They’re obsessed with flavor. So it’s delivered ice cold and super fast for a rich, creamy, and one of a kind taste experience. It’s seriously delicious.”

Check it out below!

Selena Gomez – Borden Milk Commercial #3
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  • yay!

    love you selena! love how you act and sing! 1st!

  • cheska

    i love selena the best!

  • selaly

    She is so ADORABLE when she said “just so adorable”. lol

  • http://me Qwonique

    selena is the best and she is my ldol rock on.

  • selenaluver4eva

    i love selena gomez!
    & she was really lookin so cute when she did the commercial.
    but i prefer her short new bobcut.coz on that haircut,she lokks more adorable!

  • ghost

    Selena is the sweet and in her eyes everybody can see she’s the beautiful…

  • Heather

    Gotta love Sel!
    She’s stunning n the most beautyful girl ever!
    She’s really a women to watch out for!
    She will become very very big and famous!

  • babybiebz

    gorgeous gurl
    i love selena

  • hgghhjj

    why is she so beautyful??
    Love everything on her

  • selbetterthanmiles

    I want to drink it hahaha it looks so yummy :)
    And because selena did it aaww she’s so amazing!
    Please go on worldtour selena
    we in uk here are waiting can’t wiat for your album come out here and you will come here too right??

  • selgomezfan1

    Yaayy that milk is good haha
    you gotta try it awesome cold milk!
    Love selena


  • thetruth


    me too!
    and ppl who say she can’t sing r just jelous cauz she doesn’t sound like a gay duck like other ppl ;)
    And about he racting there is no actress or actor who is better than selena and that’s the true! They all r hmm fine n all but selena is very very good I’m 17 and I hate disney and all but how can some one hate this girl? C’mon she’s amazing!

  • hayley

    Selena shared, “They’re obsessed with flavor. So it’s delivered ice cold and super fast for a rich, creamy, and one of a kind taste experience. It’s seriously delicious.”

    yummmyyyyyyyyy aaaawww I wannnaaaa drink with sel hahaha
    it really sounds good can i buy it everywhere?
    I hate milk but creamy cold milk? r you kidding me can’t wait to get it!!

    And selena – everything you do is just awesome!

  • blaire


    hahahaha yaa i know she’s adorable!!!!

  • mileysuxx

    Wow she really makes me wanna drink it .. it looks really yummy hah and she looks awesome as well

    If it was a commercial with miley she would do it for jack(wisky,alcohol,wodka….) 100%!

  • Amazing

    most amazing girl I’ve ever seen before!

  • selvanessataylorfan

    It’s hard to not love her she’s just a-a-amazing!

    Yeah selena should go on world tour she has here so many fans in europe please please pleaseeeeeeee!

  • Taylena

    Breath Takink this gurl is just breath taking!

    No words to describe her she’s the best no one can compare to her and she will be very famous in her future career cause she is a stunning actress and a very good singer!

  • lulu

    hmmm… i wonder how she didn’t get a moustache when she drank the milk, i always get one lol! x x x

  • aa

    Selena looks so sexy drinking milk.


    Gotta love Sel!
    Wow she really makes me wanna drink it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks really YUMMY”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”

  • arjane

    your so cute i hope manny song to come and video and commercial, your the hot girl ever i love you so much and be a good girl ok!!!!!…

>>>>>>> staging1