Vanessa Hudgens: Beastly International Release Dates!

Vanessa Hudgens: Beastly International Release Dates!

We all know that Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer would be bringing their telling of Beauty and The Beast to screens on July 30 in the U.S.A.

Now, we know all the dates across the world!

In the upcoming Beastly, Kyle Kingson (Pettyfer) is a popular kid with a mean streak who ditches a date. His date, Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), turns out to be a witch who curses him to become everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love (Hudgens) to break the ugly spell.

Check inside to see when the flick is coming to your country…

Latin America

América Central 10-Sep-10
Argentina 30-Oct-10
Bolivia 21-Oct-10
Brasil | Brazil 03-Sep-10
Chile 30-Sep-10
Colombia 24-Sept-10
Ecuador 03-Sep-10
Uruguay 15-Oct-10
Venezuela 10-Sep-10

Middle East / Africa

البحرين | Bahrain 16-Sep-10
Ethiopia 17-Sep-10
القاهرة | Egypt 15-Sep-10
Israel 21-Oct-10
الأردن | Jordan 15-Sep-10
Kenya 15-Oct-10
Kuwait 16-Sep-10
Lebanon 16-Sep-10
Nigeria 15-Oct-10
عُمان | Oman 16-Sep-10
قطر | Qatar 16-Sep-10
South Africa 15-Oct-10
United Arab Emirates 16-Sep-10

Asia Pacific

Australia 23-Sep-10
香港 | Hong Kong 09-Sep-10
India 01-Oct-10
Indonesia 18-Aug-10
한국 | Korea 21-Oct-10
Malaysia 16-Sep-10
New Zealand 23-Sep-10
Pilipinas | Philippines 11-Aug-10
Singapore 09-Sep-10
臺灣 | 台湾 | Taiwan 30-Oct-10
ไทย | Thailand 07-Oct-10


België | Belgique | Belgium 27-Oct-10
Bulgaria 15-Oct-10
Ceská republika | Czech Republic 11-Nov-10
Danmark | Denmark 29-Oct-10
España | Spain 08-Oct-10
Eesti | Estonia 15-Oct-10
Ελλάδα | Greece 14-Oct-10
France 27-Oct-10
Hrvatske | Croatia 07-Oct-10
Íslan | Iceland 24-Sep-10
Italia | Italy 03-Dec-10
Latvijas | Latvija, Latvija | Latviju | Latvia 15-Oct-10
Lietuvos | Lietuva | Lithuania 24-Sep-10
Magyarország | Hungary 28-Oct-10
Nederland | Netherlands | Holland 04-Nov-10
Norge | Norway 22-Oct-10
Polska | Poland 22-Oct-10
Portugal 14-Oct-10
Россия | Russia 04-Nov-10
România 12-Nov-10
Slovenija | Slovenia 07-Oct-10
Slovensko | Slovakia 11-Nov-10
Srbija | Crna Gora | Serbia and Montenegro 30-Sep-10
Suisse | Switzerland (Fr) 20-Oct-10
Svizzera | Switzerland (Itl) 03-Dec-10
Suomi | Finland 05-Nov-10
Sverige | Sweden 29-Oct-10
Türkiye | Turkey 19-Nov-10
Ukraine 04-Nov-10
United Kingdom 01-Oct-10

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  • VanAHudgensFan

    Why not Germany?
    We want to see “Beastly” in Germany, too.
    I’m still sad that “Bandslam” didn’t come to Germany :(

  • isabela

    Brazil can’t wait for Beastly!!!

  • david jhonas

    Brazil needs Beastly and Vanessa Hudgens <3

  • Michelle

    Will it not be released in Germany ?? Aaargh.

  • talai herman

    omg cant wait till the 01-Oct-10 the movie sounds sooooo good omg omg omg cant wait xox0

  • antonija

    Croatiaaa <3

  • Hanna

    Umm where’s Germany????

  • inji

    United Kingdom 01-Oct-10
    —– thats earlier than it said before!!! YAY!!!!!!!! :D

  • Nina

    ooooooooooohhhh suuppper -.- what about GERMANY??? HELLOO???

  • VanAHudgensFan

    Dear JustJared,
    can you please say that we Germans want to see “Beastly”, too? Please bring “Beastly” to Germany. PLEASE!!!

  • vhudsupporter

    Woop woop 29okt.!!! My clanendar is already marked!!! OMG! I Can’t wait!!!

  • jaaasmin : )

    Where is Germany -.-

  • Carol

    (Brazil 03-Sep-10)


  • jjenskus

    yayayyayy! :)
    Finally something great coming to Finland :)))
    Cant wait, but soo long -.-

  • heat

    dang they are going all out for this movies release

  • Angelica

    IcannotWAIT!!! :) ;) :)

  • Jordan

    Please CBS, Market this right.

  • vanessahudgenspoland

    awwwwww. <3
    Polska | Poland 22-Oct-10
    CAN’T just CAN’T WAIT! <33333

  • Angelica

    JULY 30, 2010……… :) :) :) :) :)

  • Angelica


    YES!!!, Please CBS, Market this right.

  • Jordan

    @jaaasmin : ):

    I imagine they just missed typing it for germany. I’m pretty sure it will be released there too :)

  • musicgirl

    whooohooo 29 oct:) cant wait<3

  • germania ;)

    Krass, sind hier viele Deutsche ;)
    Hätt ich nicht gedacht!

  • Camii

    yaay! 29-Oct – ..Can’t wait! ;D

  • Jojo

    NO GERMANYYY??!?!?!

  • Woohoo

    15 October in South Africa.
    Ammmmped :) Love MK, Vanessa and Alex!

  • masbonita

    Can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  • Kyklavydy

    Россия | Russia 04-Nov-10 блин….почти целый год…((

  • Jess!

    OMG… =(

  • Kea

    GERMANY!!! why not there ??? hello ?

    and lol .. hier sind ganz schön viele deutsche!!! Yay, das find ich gut!! : DD

  • Tata

    WOW!!! Great news, cant wait to watch the movie!

  • teamhudgens

    TURKEY! :)
    I’m so happy.. =)
    it’s too late but it’s ok :)


  • brina

    yeah what about germany??-.-

  • Jana

    Where’s GERMANY???? Pleease, we wanna see BEASTLY too!!!!

  • melissa

    WHERE’S MEXICO??!?!?!

  • Annischatzi

    Why not in germany? It is evrytime the same…. I think German cinemas don’t like vanessa hudgens… joke =)

  • mariah ;)

    could somebody tell me where’s the date of the release in canada??
    is it the same as the usa??

  • JAnine

    What about Germany?
    I understand they didnt buy Bandslam cos it was too TV-movie-ish, but why not Beastly?!

  • Aga

    Cool. 22nd of October. Sooo long . It’s near the end of this yearrrrr. That sucks but what can I do. I’ll watch it on the internet sooner . I can’t wait !

  • http://. Annie

    where is germany?
    i want to watch this movie too!

  • Indonesian!

    Omg omg omg!!! 18-august-2010???? Really?????? That’s freakin fast!!! Faster than other countries!!! Yaaaay!!! OMG I can’t freakin waiiitttttttt!!!!!!!! I love you Nessa!!!

  • Laura

    OMG!!! The U.K. has come earlier than it was before.

  • Just Interested

    16 september for me xD

  • fearless

    sony International isn’t handling german distribution
    i can’t remember who it is exactly, but there’s a distributor set there. It was announced even before the deal with ony.
    the release dates will probably be released soon for germany.

  • Sarah

    whers germany? i was pretty sure itd be released there either.

  • Thahmina

    can’t wait for the release…..
    love u vanessa! (Alex is HOT)

  • mareike

    HELLO?! WHERE’S GERMANY?! We want to see BEASTLY here too and Vanessa has SO MANY fans here in Germany! that’s not fair! And they didn’t even show the german part of switzerland in this list! Why? =(

  • teamhudgens

    in beastly facebook page.
    one person said
    germany’s release date is 9th september.
    and i think she/he learned
    from CBS films :)

  • zacs

    29-Oct-10 x,O

  • Missventimiglia93

    YES !! Denmark – 29 oct ;D Can’t wait … <3

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