Zac & Vanessa Taking Relationship To Next Level?

Zac & Vanessa Taking Relationship To Next Level?

Not Likely.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that committed couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are looking to move in together.

A source tells the mag, “When Vanessa was apart from Zac while filming her upcoming movies Beastly and Sucker Punch, she realized how much she missed him and loved being around him all the time. When she got back to LA, she told him she wanted them to move in together. It only makes sense, since they spend all of their free time together anyway.”

The source adds, “They are young, but very serious about each other.”

JJJ‘s two cents: Vanessa and Zac just got settled into their own pads, why would they move again?

WHAT DO YOU THINK — Are Vanessa and Zac ready for the next step?

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  • masbonita

    Love Zanessa, best of wishes of whatever they choose to do.

  • masbonita

    Preview post didn’t make sense, because I was trying to be first. HAHAHAH. Forgot the people are watching AI

  • Rachel

    awww…i really hope they do!

  • Vanessalover

    Oh My Gosh Yes they should dump your houses and buy one together ahhh lol!!

  • 00zanessa4life00

    even if i really wish that this would be true, i dont really think so !!
    people should stop telling stupid rumors !!!
    just leave them alone…they dont need a stupid magazine to tell them when to move in and when not !!!

    zac and vanessa are the cutest couple on earth !!!
    and i wish them the best of luck for the future :)

  • aika

    i agree with masbonita!
    i llove them!!

  • Gotta love Zanessa

    Oh My Gosh yes, I don;t care if they bought new houses sell it and buy another together lol!! ahh!!!

  • peggy

    JJJ you know as well as anyone else that Vanessa and Zac were together in Vancouver while he made Charlie St. Cloud and she made SP. So there was hardly time for all this missing each other since they were both right there.

    And I’m really sick of all these articles about how SHE wants to live with him not one about him wanting to live with her. They are always trying to make it look like shes trying to force him into something.

    The press is always trying to make women look possessive and desperate maybe if we women would stop buying the rags it would stop

  • Gotta love Zanessa

    Yes they freaking should lol!!!

  • Arlene

    I love them they make a wonderful cupple they should move in together!

  • roxana

    i couldnt agree more with Peggy. they’re too young and in love and cute!!! its up to them to decide what to do…i do wish they go crazy and get married but they got a long life ahead, for now lets be happy they are they way they are.

  • alana

    omg! this is soo great, i hope they really move in together =)
    zanessa are meant for each other *-*

  • Jess!

    I love them!

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    I agree with Peggy..
    they always try to make Vanessa seem like she wants to this, she wants to do that..they make her sound like she’s pushing Zac..its their decision, not just hers..
    but it would be super cute if they did move in together, but they’re still young..

  • ZanessaFanForever

    It would be so cute if they moved in together, but Zac & Vanessa can make their own decisions, their both adults. I just hope the best for Zanessa and thar they get married eventually. Zac & Vanessa both truly love each other and are the perfect couple, so I wish them the best! :)
    Zanessa Forever! :)

  • sandy

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep zanessa is the best!

  • mel


  • Katty

    I too agree with you Peggy.

    They always make it about how V is so in love with him, and she mostly likely is, but it’s not like he doesn’t live her back, you know? He’s admitted to it. They act like Z is the only man for V, and if they for some unknown reason to us they broke up (I hope they don’t) she would be devastated and suicidal or something. She may be hurt for a long while, that is normal, but it’s not like she isn’t beautiful herself, Zac is not get only option. They are happy together, it’s not like the relationship is one-sided.
    Sorry, vent session over.

    Now, I do not think that they are moving in together, like JJ. I think they may have spoken about it, and decided to do it in the future, but not just yet. They did both just get their own places and completely designed the insides themselves, why would they move right now? If they do, that is nice and all, but I just don’t see it happening right now for this couple.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    My god.. the press should leave their relationship alone !! Its bad enough that the paps are around them 24/7, that they (Vanessa) have to wear wigs to go out in public sometimes.. now the stupid press are talking about this. Leave them be. Gawd, Hollywood is so crazy. I would think that they are already living in each others houses anyway. And @peggy: The truth comes right from your comment.

  • fan

    As fans, we should be focusing on their careers not their private and personal relationship. When the time is right for both of the two, they will make their own choices and decision to move-in and/or get marry. I agreed with peggy, the media and gossip magazines always make Vanessa the vulnable and deseparate one, and make Zac the sweet charming innocent one that do no wrong.

  • sugar!

    i love zac and ness, i think they are perfect for each other, but c’mon, STOP invent stupid stuff people, this is not true, or i think so, i mean, get a life! and WTF is it mean “a committed couple”?? what did i miss??

  • James Taylor

    Well to Bad for Zac but Taylor Lautner is gonna take his girlfriend away from him

  • carly

    thats not the next stop, your supposed to get married then live together, why live together when you date, thats the excitement of marriage.

  • blairr

    hmm.. as much as i want them to, they will choose when they are ready. Do they need stupid tabloids telling them when it is right in their relationship? uhmm NO!!?!

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    peggy “7′perfect words
    although I believe zac and vanessa perfect together as a couple

  • rissa

    i don’t think they should do it and this might be a rumor. i thought vanessa’s parents were very old-school so they wouldn’t allow this.

  • Jordan

    It doesn’t matter to me if they do or don’t move in together. I think they are a cute couple but I like them both as individuals too. So together or apart I support them.

    If they think the time is right, go for it
    If not, Don’t

    But if they do I hope they move into Vanessa’s house. I love that place :)

  • xoxo

    okay as excited as I would be for them if this is true, considering they really did just move into their own houses and all, i doubt this is true. This has been reported before so again it wouldnt be a big surprise if its a rumor once again. Regardless if true or not, you can tell these two are really happy together and are in a mature committed relationship. Im not going to post on here that they will last forever because no one can say that about any relationship, but i do think that these two have figured out how to make it work! Love them both!

  • Mags

    I dont think theres anything wrong with it. There so cute and in love and I think its perfectly fine if they want to live together. I agree with what everyone else is saying too though, people are always trying to make it seem like Vanessa is trying to force Zac into stuff but I dont think thats true at all, he obviously has a say in this stuff too.

  • carly

    i agree with peggy and katty completely.

    it would be so sweet if they did move in together but i think it’s a rumor because they are not a couple that rush into big Decisions like moving in together and they just got their own new houses. I love zanessa cause they take their relationship in their own speed and how it’s so sacred for just the two of them!

    GO zanessa =)))

  • http://yahoo ERIKA

    AWW I HOPE SO <333
    I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  • xoxo

    and agreeing with many of you….posts always make vanessa seem like she pushes zac into things relationship wise, however you can tell zac is absolutely head over heels for her too, so this would be a mutual decision, not a forced one…i expected this stuff from perez but not from you jared!

  • StayBeautiful

    In all honesty, no one can answer the question “Are they ready to move in together?” except for Zac and Vanessa themselves. Of course us Zanessa fans would like to see them move in together someday, get married and blah, blah, blah. They’ll move in together when they’re ready to. There is no need for everyone to pressure them into moving in together, because that’s literally what Hollywood does. It pressures people into doing things they are not ready for. So I believe that these two are strong enough to make a decision on their own. If they move in together, then great, and if they don’t, then that’s great too. Let’s just leave this question alone and let Zac and Vanessa answer it for us.

  • pop86

    Please stop this nonsense, there is no source/insider. In-Touch made this crap up to sell magazine. Every couple months some blog or magazine print this old rumor. Give it a rest.

  • kami

    “When Vanessa was apart from Zac while filming her upcoming movies Beastly and Sucker Punch”
    the problem with that mag’s story is that z and v were “together” all the time she was filming sucker punch (living in the same building). so how could she “miss” zac? and after he finished maow promo he went back and stayed there for 8 days and they came home together. he was also with her in montreal a lot because they went to the virgin music festival. so the fact that the mag got the basic info wrong doesn’t give much credence to the story. besides, who is the “source” spilling this big secret?

    oh well, next week there will be some other rumor.

  • Erica S.

    They SO should! But I agree with 00zanessa4lie00 as much as I want them to, I dont think they are going to cause they said themselves that they are still young, and they JUST got their own places like only a year ago so why would they just randomly decide to move in together. But I REALLY wish they would!

  • go sox

    This post is just wrong on so many levels. First, speculation about whether they’re “ready for the next step” is just wrong. It’s obvious this couple does things at their own pace and are perfectly happy doing so. Frankly, I think they’ll continue to ignore all of it, instead of giving in to the pressures the outside world places on them. Second, this article quotes a tabloid, with no reliable resources. As Peggy said so well, why is Vanessa always the one who is made to seem clingy?? In order to have such love and commitment after FOUR years, they must BOTH miss each other when apart, or this would have been over long ago.

    Why can’t people realize they are smart, mature, and obviously committed and don’t need us to figure it out for them????

  • Jordan

    But I would like them to get married just to see what Vanessa’s wedding dress would look like. I bet she would be the prettiest bride on the planet :)

    Plus for all we know they are already living together. I know from the video that Zac has a garage door opener to her house LOL

  • Boji

    My opinion is that Zac and Vanessa are totally committed to one another and not just Vanessa. I think if they do decide to move in together it will be a joint decision and not one prompting another. They are mature beyond their years when it comes to their relationship and how they view things. I understand perfectly why they would want their own homes. It makes no difference to me if they’re living together or not since they are practically together when they’re not on an assignment or working. Having your own home is having your own space when you need it. Whatever they choose to do it will be after much thought and consideration. I just wish them all the best as a couple.

  • Trina

    @go sox:

    Yikes!!!! I agree. What next? Will he start posting every breakup, engagement, and pregnancy rumor that these tabloids report? Besides, if this magazine knew what they were talking about, they would know Zac and Vanessa were BOTH in Vancouver while filming their respective movies. They were only “apart” while he was promoting MAOW.

    Reminds me of the senator running for office who was accused of using smear tactics in one of his commercials. He announced he wasn’t going to use the commercial. Then he said, “Here’s the commercial I’m not going to run.” And he proceeded to show it to his audience.

  • gaby

    i HOPE this is true. but i dont want to get my hopes up soon until i hear it from a 100% reliable source. if they did, thats fantastic, best wishes.
    if not, they’re still more in love than ever. :]
    love them.

  • Brittany

    what i think about this is that.. its fine i mean they been together for four years straight . if they both are in love and wanna do this let them
    but sometimes i think people can just get to caught up in the personal life then in the career life its hard for them i guess. but sometimes as i feel i hate looking up there personal life .. but sometimes it can intersting.

  • LG

    As cool as that would be you can tell it’s fake. Their information is wrong. Yes, I have to agree with everybody asking why Vanessa is always seen as the desperate one. I think the only reason they do that is because it seems that Vanessa isn’t afraid to show PDA, and have fun in front of the paparazzi, but with Zac he just gets pissed off, which shows. It’s either they think that people would believe the rumor if they tried to make it seem like the one who shows affection wants to take the next step or they doubt that Zac loves Vanessa, which means he wouldn’t want to move further in their relationship.

  • Jess!

    i agree with you

  • Vanessa lover

    It will be cute if they do move in together but I honestly don’t see the problem with the age or they just finished moving; but it really isn’t up to us on if they should move in together or not. If they want to move in together let them! If they don’t oh well! Maybe at some point in their relationship they might in together.

    And I really wish the media would stop making Vanessa the bad person. Make him the bad person once in awhile; or just leave them alone.

  • yets

    as much as i wanted this for them i think this is another rumor.

  • mykamicks

    Everyone would be so happy if its true. But there are huge of things to consider. Though they belong to an adult now, I still dont agree that their youthfulness should be pre empted just because of some unreliable statements.

    I couldnt agree more with Peggy & Boji and the rest. Rumors most of the time doesnt help celebrities. Like in the note above, please stop being biased with Vanessa. She doesnt even need those kind of stupid rumors. She is a woman who is currently so stable in profession & in her personal life, so with Zac So why make some nonsense?

  • vanessa lover

    @Jordan: which video?

  • denise

    yea i agree plus like she just settled in to her place so i don’t think she’s leaving any time soon. maybe he might but i doubt it they seem comfortable and it’ll rush things and things could get rocky and bad so i doubt that they’ll move in together

    love them both xoxo zanessa

  • Jasmin

    Love them and agree with everyone here..they will make that choice when it’s right for them both.