Ashley Greene: I Got Cast First!

Ashley Greene: I Got Cast First!

Ashley Greene dons a sexy leather jacket in this shot for her feature in the February 2010 issue of Interview magazine.

The 22-year-old actress chatted with New Moon costar Michael Sheen on her upcoming film, Apparition, her fall back career and Days of Our Lives. Check it:

On Apparition: “The great thing about this film is that it’s really serious. It’s more of a thriller. And, for once, I got cast first. They consulted me on the lead male, and we’re talking back and forth about this character, so it’s sort of a new stepping stone in my career.”

On almost going into law instead of acting: “I loved the classes. Everything was kind of set up to go on this course, which my parents absolutely loved; they were like, ‘Our daughter’s going to go to law school or become a psychologist!’ And then out of nowhere, I pulled the acting card on them.”

On her first audition: “The first audition I went on was Days of Our Lives. I auditioned five times for it, and I met the producers—it was that thing where the first audition just went really well. I mean, I had a manager in Florida and I got my agent before I moved to California—I came out to L.A. all set up, and then I did extremely well in my first audition, so I had this kind of false hope in my mind. You know, everyone says it’s really hard, but then you come out and do extremely well the first go. And then reality hits, and it’s like nothing, nothing, nothing for a long time. Of course, I didn’t actually get the part on Days of Our Lives. They just toyed with me for a little bit.”

Check out Ashley‘s full interview plus a behind-the-scenes video at

The February 2010 issue with cover star Jay Z, hits stands on Tuesday, January 19.

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Photos: Mikael Jansson/Interview Mag
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  • Kat (:

    wow, moving onto bigger stuff x) FIRST !

  • ashytisdalefan

    so beautiful! I love Ashley Greene <3

  • sarah

    I love Ashley, but all of these sexy photoshoots? She’s overexposing herself too much, too soon.

  • isabella

    this chick annoys me….shes an attention whore

  • fearless

    ew, why showing her n*ips when she is just starting?@isabella: gotta agree with u

  • rob

    she is gorgeous!

  • rob

    hahaha love the interview, elf!

  • sheila

    interview does so many great shots of stars that are not risque at all so i don’t know why the need to do this with young actors in particular. this is reminiscent of zac efron’s photoshoot with the nude model last year. sometimes i feel like they have to push the envelope with the young stars and yet they stay more conservative with the older stars. its kind of backwards if you think about it. these young stars are already young and hot. they don’t need to overexpose themselves to prove it. its like they think the public will be so easily fooled that if they do these “grown up” photoshoots, they will acquire older fans. maybe some fans are gullible enough for that but why not just be patient and let the acting roles you take do the job for you. look at anna kendrick and the recognition she is getting for doing a great acting job in an acclaimed movie. she doesn’t have to strut around in her bra to prove she is worth her salt. to me, this puts ashley greene more in the megan fox zone than the respected actress zone.

  • JAnine

    She’s so not exposing too much, if she was runnin around in a bikini noone here would be complaining …. sometimes it’d be better if you thought about what youre going to comment before you do …

  • kk

    too much sexiness fr ashley these days, no one is going to take her seriously

  • Laura

    i agree i love ashley she is amazing but its kindaa getting old yeah she should be aloud to look sexy in a photoshoot but how many times has it been now. its hard to picture alice like that.
    she should lay off these shoots for a while.
    She’s already beautiful she doesnt have to try so hard her casual everyday look is what i like about her.

  • steph

    I used to like her, but now I just think she is really annoying. She is such an attention seeker..

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