Lucas Till is Dying To Work with Selena Gomez

Lucas Till is Dying To Work with Selena Gomez

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift who?

Lucas Till is now setting his sights on working with Selena Gomez!

The 19-year-old actor revealed to TeenHollywood that Sel is one actress he’d absolutely love to work with. Lucas shared, “I think Selena Gomez is extremely talented. I have a lot of respect for people with a lot of talent. She’s extremely pretty and a really good actress.”

Lucas also joked that if he could, he’d work on action movies until he dies: “Actually, I’d be totally happy if I wasn’t a good actor at all and just did action movies for the rest of my life. And I got to do it in my last movie (Battle L.A.) I love it.”

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WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lucas and Selena working together?

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  • selly

    This girl is on fire! Taylor Lautner, Justin Bebiber, Nick Jonas, and now even this guy wants her! hehehehe But he is right, she is very talented!

  • w

    So he’s trying to complete the trifecta. First Miley. Then Taylor. Now he’s eyeing Selena. Don’t be sloppy thirds Sel, just say no!

  • bebe

    sorry but Nick doesnot want her and she dont want him she said he changed her for the worst and made her a seat filler

  • lulu

    i do like her, but im getting fed up of seeing the same people all the time, there are other people who are just as talented too!

  • Elizabeth

    It would have been sweet if he was mason from wizards lol any ways who wouldn’t want to star along side Selena Gomez ;) I know I would..

  • claire

    i would love to see them do a movie or something together!!! love them both

  • Anna

    he’s such a fame whore.
    miley’s done with him.
    taylor s too .
    so , what now? selena?
    there’s nothing even special about him
    just say no selena!

  • http://me Qwonique

    he is so sexy i wacth hannah the movie and he was good and if thay do selenai will be so happy .xxxxxxxxxXXXXXX lol

  • jane

    What is wrong for lucas to say something nice about Selena?
    Lucas did an excellent job in both Hannah Montana movie and you belong with me video— as well as miley and taylor s. Their combination created touching and awesome movie/video for us.
    It will be great if Selena and lucas can work together !


    Selena Gomez is just becoming more and more of a star.

    You can tell everyone likes her because of her amazing personality, sincerity, graciousness and overall she is a great girl.

    Not to mention her acting has improved so much and she is becoming more and more confident and her looks are to die for.

    She’s going to go far in life and in hollywood and when we’re all 40, we can watch the Oscars with our kids and say we saw Selena when she was a teen as she wins her award.

  • CS


  • ultramarinus

    He is going through the clique. Maybe he is not interestet in unpopular girls any more? He is part of the Hollywood machine now. The “stars” are aristocrats and stay under each other. They don`t want to go well together with just normal people. But who wants to fly too high maybe burns the wings. These people often forget who they are and where they come from.

  • aldi

    well who doesn´t work with the most talented and gorgeous girl in hollywood?

  • aldi

    @selly you´re so rigth…. damn my baby girl definitely is on fire!!!!

  • Landra

    he just wants them all. he dated miley, then taylor, and now selena. selena and miley dated the same person, and taylor and selena ‘maybe’ dated the same person. Seriously, i like all three of them, but can these guys get someone else. at the moment, miley and demi are my favorite!

  • fearless

    what? lucas miley was a total NO! taylor ok but sel? downgrade? seriously..

  • none

    not sure if he is as good as they say or just a bunch of hipe but if they want to work together and he can act then ok. but i hope she is playing a charater that isnt mean. i am getting tiered of seeing her play a mean person.

  • sarah

    i love selena. but with lucas till together? no thanks.

  • ashly

    um first hes too cute to work with her but im not a hater or a fan but i liked her movie but i just cant like her even if i want to and lucas go look for other ppl to act with

  • jessrei07

    @HAROLD i agree with you so much! i’m looking forward to see selena be a respected actress and win those awards.

  • lomomoe


  • selaly


  • Taylor

    If it makes them happy I dont see why not, besides not like they’re getting married . lol


    Both of them are so cute i love lucas acting hes very cute and cant wait to see them TOGETHER….Lucas ROCKS

  • Kate Hudson

    I think they would be pretty good together! I mean Selena seems like an appropriate, sweet, and generous girl who would certaintly love to meet or work with, Till, 19, who certaintly has the hots for her.