Nick Jonas Gets New Album Jitters

Nick Jonas Gets New Album Jitters

Nick Jonas is just weeks away from seeing his new solo album hit stores and is a bit nervous about it.

The 17-year-old performer dished to MTV News, “I’m feeling it … I’m feeling the vamp-up. It’s exciting. It’s just hard to believe it’s all happening. I’m thankful to everyone who made it possible … not so much nervous. I think once we get closer I might be anxious to see what the response is, but so far it’s been good and that’s encouraging.”

Nick also revealed that his new song “Stay” may be on a bonus edition of the album. He shared, “It might be on a bonus edition. I wrote it a little late to add it to the record now, but you never know what could happen.”

TELL JJJ: Do you want “Stay” on the CD?

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  • hollywoodgossip

    “The President” is number one

  • aakash

    omg he looks so skank here, his yellow teeth and greasy hair , blerchh!! :(

  • nathalia Braga

    he’s hot.. ‘stay’ is a really special song, i love it!

  • Courtney

    Nick doesn’t need to be nervous!

  • Dani

    He is so perfect he’s imperfect… I love him for that

  • Taylor

    YES.. I want stay on the album!

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    I was gonna say why is Nick nervous? Wait, does he get nervous? I would be excited and so is he. I can’t wait till the album comes out though.

    Stay better be released on some album. IDC which one though. :D

  • m

    It should be on the album it’s a good song

  • chris

    I can’t wait for this CD. If it’s anything like his concert, it will be great!

  • mrs.nickj!

    ahh! i want it on the cd!! that song was AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE!♥

  • Hannah0

    yes of course we want “stay” to be on the album!!! that song is so beautiful and he seems like such a sweet guy! good luck with the album release!!

  • Sarah

    yes i hope stay is on the bonus cd i love that song

  • georgie

    GOSH i want stay to be on the album! its such an amazing song and would be good to hear WITHOUT having to put up with the screaming fan girls in the background ruining the song!

  • Trisha

    yes!yes!yes! i would love for stay to be on the CD it’s an amazing song! now only if we could find out who it’s about!

  • jonaslover988979


  • Luis F. Gomez

    He should add that song to new record… Im buying it as soon as possible… Greetings from Guatemala Nick!!

  • jc

    We LOVE you Nick, you gonna do good!! We LOVEthis song!!! STAY beautiful song, we don’t know who you wrote it for, but she is a very, very LUCKY GIRL!! i can see that she is really in Nick’s heart! Good luck with her Nick !

  • Jana

    OMG… I want “Stay” on his CD. And I want this CD now. :D
    I wish someone would write such a beautiful song for me :D

  • chichi

    he is so prematurely aged, he has nasolabial folds and he is so aged beyond his years.

  • Mrs.Nick.Jonas

    I would love it if Stay was on the album.
    it’s such a good song, and he performs it with such passion and emotion.

  • Brandi

    I think Stay should be on the album. It’s a beautifully written song and when he sings it, it is really obvious that what he wrote means a whole lot to him. He is such a sweetheart in person and he is just beautiful inside and out. I’m so very excited to hear music that he’s made branched off from Joe and Kevin.

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