Selena Gomez: Help Haiti!

Selena Gomez: Help Haiti!

Selena Gomez is just one of the many celebrities speaking out and urging people to help Haiti, the country who was shaken by a 7.0 earthquake earlier this week.

The 17-year-old actress shared on Facebook, “UNICEF has just announced an emergency alert for the people of Haiti who were hit by a 7.0 earthquake and a tsunami watch has been issued for Haiti , Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The first 48 hours are the most critical in saving lives please visit the link below to learn how you can help.”

Check out her video below!

Selena Gomez – Help Haiti
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  • B*

    OMG she is a messing person… it’s a really good action !
    Great Selena :)

  • sarah

    shes amazing. i love her.

  • bebe

    How nice . I hope she doesnt just talk and actually donates Miley donated 3.5 mill to city of hope after her tour this year actions speak louder than words

  • hollywoodgossip

    i agree with you help haiti people.

  • caroline

    Ugh. I don’t understand why a bunch of people can’t just freely get the crap needed, money not a deterrent, go to Haiti, and fix/help. Forget the dang money. Help the dang people. We have all the resources to do it now, but we’re hung up on money . . .

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    well from dominican republic nd thx God the tsunami alert is nw gone :)…but,we´re still ..sooooo sad bout the situation in our neightboard country,haiti…lot of lifes are gone now,and it can be in our hands make ythose people smile again.please,help..pray for them..they deserve start all over again :´(

    selena,you´re such an angel..

  • jenna

    @zanessahsmxoxo: it was an earthquake……. not a tsunami.

  • Selbetterthanmiles


    wwhyyy? why you always have to make a stupid comment go and die and take your slutty cyrus with!

    Miss S.M. Cyrus donated 1dollar with every ticket she sold from I don’t know 30 dollar…wwoooww :|

    Of course Sel donated she’s not stupid like other disney stars ;)
    She’s such a good role model and we all should help people who need help!
    I donated and my family too!

    Thank you Selena you’re just awsome and beautyful 2!!!

  • thetruth

    Aaaawwww gotta love Sel…
    She’s just like Angelina
    An amazing actress and an amazing person who help people!

    We all should look up to her guys she’s only 17 and is doing such a big thing I really respect her for that

  • selenasuxx



  • babybiebz

    Omg this make me cry I don’t knwo why she is looking so sad but still beautyful!
    I will help I’m gonna donate
    I love you Selena you are very special!

  • Yoyo

    My gurl!!!!!
    She is so cute and just amazing
    I don’t get it why some ppl don’t like her she’s gorgeous not a B.itch like other wannabe ‘se.xy’ 17 years old Disney Channel Stars ;)

  • damn

    her hair looks gorgeous
    I think America has found a new sweetheart :)
    Awesome what she’s doing!

  • aawwww

    aawwwwwwwwwww now I love her even more!!!


  • aawwww

    text “YELE” to 501501 to donate $5



  • loveselena

    I just love her!

    She’s my Idol!

  • Helphaiti

    Help Haiti donate please!

    I love Selena for what she’s doing gorgeous girl!

  • Angelinafan

    Future Angelina
    She’s a very nice girl I hope she will go very far in her career…

  • Taylor

    God send an angel!!!

  • blaire

    Are there other people in the world like Selena? I guess no!

    She’s adorable!

    She is an amazing actress,singer
    Is a very very beautyful girl
    Is skinny and looks like a model
    Has a big heart and help people

    Wow Respect….

  • Allaboutyou

    The first thign what I’m gonna do is donate
    and then I will get Selena’s Album!

    She’s really amazing!

  • Obama|usa

    Hope she will meet Obama one day you can see how bad she feels why are not other famous people like her it would be a world change! I want to meet her she is adrorable…

  • tyler

    That’s exactly why she is so amazing!!

  • Hopeinsel

    No words to describe her…
    Awesome what she’s doing
    I’m also 17 and I love Selena and this is one reason why!

  • dedanadan


    yup how else can you explain it!
    she’s definetely an angel, a beautyful angel!

  • Hayley


  • tyra

    That is amazing what she is doing for the people in Haiti !
    A lot of people listen to her and donate!
    I do! So proud of you Sel !

  • Cheesecakefortaylor


    uhmm I think you are on the wrong page go to a miley post where she is making out with her looser BF or is dancing with her fat body in front of 5-12 years old lil kids in short clothes!

    Selena you are my Role Model and I will never change my Mind!

  • katie

    By giving money to organizations like UNICEF, you are directly helping people in need. The money goes to the organization so they can keep supplying and tending to the needs of people. They need money to be able to send people and necessities to Haiti.

  • bebe

    sorry but i like selena but she doesnot donate as much as miley miley donated the most last year and this year so check your facts

  • andrea

    wow selena gomez is really amazing :)

  • aldi

    she definitely ahs a gold heart!!! is so downt to earth and always always use her fame and voice to help everybody!!!

  • aldi

    sel is the best disney girl ever…..and always be…. shes such an amazing person!!!

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.coms Trey

    Sel is awesome<3
    Help Haiti!!

  • lulu

    i think it’s sweet what she’s doing but, this video makes it seem so fake! im sure it’s not, but i dunno, i think it’s the really sad face and she looks like she’s gonna cry, but like, not for real. please don’t hate me, coz im sure it’s not, it just seems like she’s been put up to it x x x

  • Adam

    @selenasuxx: Why is your name selenasuxx if you actually love Selena?

    I love Selena even more for doing this. I can tell that she really does care.

  • yourfriends


    If I have million dollars, I would probably donate more too

    there’s always something wrong with celeb that you don’t like
    if she donate too much, people say she’s a show off etc
    but if she donate just a good amount, people say she needs to donate more

    I, personally, respect people who donate and do not need to tell the whole world about it OTHER THAN to encourage others to do the same…

    Don’t want to go all bible with you, but in a passage, Jesus talked about how a poor women give her only two cents. And it’s even more rewarding in heaven rather than rich people who give much more than her..

    It does not only apply to Selena… also us..
    so it doesn’t matter if you can only donate a little, just do your best and God as well as Haiti victims will really appreciate it…

  • caroline

    @katie: I know (well, sort of; I’m not good at memorizing stuff), but WHY do we NEED money. We don’t NEED money to do this! I’m just kind of glum about how the only way we’ll help people in total peril is if we stick to the economic protocol and we can’t just volunteer to make/get stuff over out of the goodness of our hearts and the realization that this is terrible and bigger than OMG we neeeed money!. . .

  • Danni

    How did this become a battle about who’s the better person, Selena or Miley? Since none of you know these ladies personally…keep your uneducated comments to yourself.

    It’s about the people of Haiti, not Disney Stars!

    It’s obvious Selena gets that. Maybe some of you should.

  • Taylena


    Okaaaaay good for you and your miley!!!

    Selena can do a worldtour 2 and donate from 40 dollars 1 dollar!

    She works for UNICEF and you don’t know how much she donated so shut up!

    Selena is an amazing girl and Miley donated for publicity she donated ‘herself’ but selena donated too and is talking to us that we should donate too so we r donating for her and the ppl in Haiti and I’m sure people who listen to Selena and donate make more money than 3 million dollar!

  • lol

    Thank you! you are awesome. I am so sick of this comparison the miley freaks insist on making. This is serious business about Hati & Selena is awesome as the aUNICEF ambassador. And for the record, giving of your own time is worth more than money sometimes. And Selena was not born to a millionaire father & mother like Miley was, nor has she yet earned the tons of money that the overratted Miley s–t Cyrus has, so a million dollars to someone worth 1 billion is nothing.

  • wow


    You are my hero! could not have said it better.

  • lol


    Sorry, but using your star power to help get others to help & donate together is the right thing to do. Selena is using the gifts God has given her in postive ways to help people. Selena is not the one whose pictures we see with her bra hanging out or slobering all over her user famewh–re boyfriend, or complaining about the papparezzi while going out to the same places the papparezzi hang out. So stop putting miley on a pedestal she is not worthy of it.


    Sel you are great role model!!!!!!!!!!!and so sweet

  • http://klk haitihelper

    sorry haiti!!! thanks Selena

  • selaly

    Aw! This is so sweet!
    I donated and my family did too.
    Me and my sister love you so much Selena.
    You look sad, but don’t be sad!. Everything will be OK.

  • team taylorswift&selenagomez

    omg she has the same necklace as NICK JONAS:::: Shes so damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to handle

  • Juhh

    I think uam aitude very nice of her since the fact of having given miley does but that the obligation he is rich .. and no comparisons ridiculous in the midst of this tragedy

    each one does what one can..

    the end I’m not spoiled rich boy is and do everything I want