Jake T. Austin's Twitter Talk

Jake T. Austin's Twitter Talk
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  • http://www.youtube.com/Crazymegateen jenny

    I must say its werid hearing a disney star using the word sh*t but I wont I have heard worse from kids younger than Jake T and then the whole tweet itself was something good I mean he is making people aware of the Earthquake

  • L

    @ Jenny

    I agree with you.

    “Disney stars” are scrutinised more because they’re supposed to be “role models” for kids but you can’t expect a 15 year old boy not to slip up sometimes. They’re literally attacking the kid for dropping a swear word. The people who work for Disney must really get frustrated and fed up with having to watch everything they say and do. Anyway, this is just my opinion.

  • twitter

    Who cares. He’s a normal growing 15 year old. It’s natural. No one really thought of him as a role model, (not a mad thing) so he can say whatever. Plus, there’s no rule saying that he can’t swear just because he works with Disney. I bet the people who said he can’t swear because of where he works, swear daily.
    So stfu <3

  • http://www.youtube.com/Crazymegateen jenny

    @L: Dont worry I agree with you the fact that any of these stars have the right to be a normal teenager taken away from them is VERY stupid and cruel most child stars ending up extremley weird when they frow up I mean it happened to Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan they were all child stars and each and everyone of them is know to be eccentric

  • chelli

    Oh grow the hell up people. Acting like its a damn surprise a teen age boy curses. There’s 3 year olds out there cursing out their ass and people find it cute yet a disney star curses and the world goes off In flames. Let’s concentrate on more important things like these poor people in haiti. Jake do your thing homeboy you’re cuter than ever. NY represent

  • rock_chick_chic

    he is an actor not a disney star, sorry but while he is on disney he is a disney star. its rather sad though it seems he is swearing in order to make him seem mature and grown up.

  • jessica

    oh please this is exactly why i dont like disney. who the fuck cares if he said that. i mean who cares about the stupid little kids. its not his responsibility to teach them right from wrong.

  • m

    who cares. he can cuss on twitter, smoke weed, get girls pregnant. doesn’t matter he’s on disney.

  • lia

    WHO CARES he is 15 freckin years old they expect him not to curse,it doesn’t matter a lot of teens do wow what a waste of time shouldn’t people be caring about more important things like the earthquake in Haiti!

  • I♥?

    This IS stupid I mean he’s 15 you can’t expect a 15 yr old boy NOT to curse. So what if he’s in Disney doesn’t stop him from being a teenager. He drops 1 WORD and the world goes crazy but when Miley sings a word its ok. Its fine only cuz shes ‘Hannah Montana’? I think NOT. Luv ya Jake don’t let stupid pple tell you what to do. Be YOU.

  • I♥?

    And I agree with all of you except @Rock_Chick_Chic its normal teen stuff WHO CARES it may not be a GREAT thing but its normal.

  • http://twitter/stardoll ranti

    JakeTAustin ACTUALLY cursed on twitter !!!!!!!!!!! check out his tweetz

  • Gül

    Çookk seviyorum bunuu

  • http://twitter noreenhlovesjaketaustin

    hi jake you should look at jake t austin fan club there are bad words on there by your name.. and all the girls saying that the fake jake t austin..
    anwer me on your fan club soon…………

  • http://twitter noreenhlovesjaketaustin

    hi whats up guy’s i m at school no i be back soon


    love noreen hourigan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://dredogC Andrea

    I think it’s hilarious to hear people talk about “kid stars” swearing in real life, even though they don’t think much of themselves swearing. I mean, just because they’re on a show that are meant for kids doesn’t mean they really act that way in real life. He has a life like anybody else, so doesn’t he get a say in what he wants to say? It could ruin his image only for those that think his character really is him. He’s an ACTOR!!! That’s what actors do: they act. Just because he cannot swear in the show doesn’t mean he doesn’t swear at all. What’s the big deal, anyway? I don’t know why fans don’t want him saying that: it’s not anything they haven’t heard already. Please, there are a bunch of kids out there, way younger than him, who swear. I don’t really, but it’s not like I don’t hear it everywhere I go. The point is, it’s MY choice, not anybody else’s.

  • Coolkat

    Jake T. Austin shouldn’t curse. It shows a lack of control and upbringing. Look at Nick Jonas he doesn’t curse so it’s possible for a TEENAGE BOY NOT TO CURSE . When someone curses it just makes them look like they are stupid and low class. Can’t people be more creative with their vocabulary ? I personally think Disney should fire anyone who curses on something as public as twitter. Because what is it showing young people now days (I’m a young person) that it’s okay to curse. Think about this from the standpoint of a parent, they’re not gonna want their kids to read or support people with such a foul mouth, so Disney is gonna lose a lot of their fan base. It’s not acceptable to curse especially when YOU ARE A PUBLIC FIGURE, It’s just not done. If you’re gonna use swear words than you ought a become a sailor, cause that’s the only profession it’s really acceptable. If people had made a bigger deal about him cursing on Twitter it probably would have gotten him out of his filthy habit. His habit is a learnt one. Not just something he does, he must have gotten it from his parents or someone like that because he feels it’s okay. And telling his followers to stop sending him messages (fans) is just wrong. I hate (HATE) when famous people snob their fans, we’re the ones who support you and watch your shows and movies and stuff. Without us you wouldn’t be famous. It’s because of EVERDAY people that famous people have fame. You know why there are so many murders and criminals in the world? Because we let young people get away with so much. Back in the old days he would have probaly lost his job. I don’t understand the world today more and more things are acceptable that shouldn’t be.(“The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it. “)
    George Washington. He even thinks that. You go George. <3

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