David Henrie is a Wizards Writer

David Henrie is a Wizards Writer

David Henrie is taking on another role on the Wizards set this season — a seat in the writers room.

The 20-year-old actor chatted with PJ Star about his production company, the upcoming episode and who he ultimately wants to be like. Check it:

On scribing his first Wizards episode: “I wrote my own episode, and we shot that a couple of weeks ago. That was pretty big for me. They haven’t set a release date, but I would imagine it will air in the next month or two. I know they’re almost done editing it right now.”

On becoming the next Steven Spielberg: “I want to act, I want to direct, I want to write. I want to be like a Vince Vaughn or a (Steven) Spielberg.”

On having his own production company: “I have my own production company, I’m going to be writing and producing feature films. And there’s a new media side to that production company. I’m currently developing a Web series that I’m either going to star in or hire people to star in, and I’m going to be running the show almost. People can visit youtube.com/yutetv to see our projects.”

TELL JJJ: Did you watch “Alex Charms A Boy?” What did you think of it?

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Photos: Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel
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  • siv

    I love david! He is a great actor and is so smart. he will go far in hollywood.

  • Lucasmile23


  • keri


  • cassy

    yeah right, he’s so not hot

  • jessica

    that episode was kinda boring. i mean i wasnt that excited to begin with anyways.

  • Lalaland

    His episode hasn’t aired yet on T.V

  • SJS

    I don’t watch Wizards, but David is a talented young guy. I hope he goes far. :)

  • Deen

    he is so perfect, handsome, intelligent and talented. the hole pack. Love him ♥

  • angeliz

    I lov him !! i actually dont like wizzards but im surely gonna see his episode !!!! i think his gonna go far as in hollywood !!! he s so beatiful !! i lov him !!!

  • http://yelleagle.xanga.com Ellie

    alex charms a boy was like any other episode of wizards of waverly places… seriously cant tell the difference… but cant wait to watch david’s episode!!! xD

  • selaly

    Big Fail.
    I love Wizards except him.
    This is NOT good.

  • Psych

    I have a feeling it’s going to be a very “Justin-centric” episode. I like David, he just seems a little pretentious and narcissistic.

  • Emma

    Alex Charms A Boy was kinda boring.. I mean, I love Wizards but the kiss in the rain at the end? C’mon, corny as hell. Like the Justin and that vampire chick, when they got locked in the glass thing at the museum.. that was corny too.

  • koolkat

    @cassy: you must be freakin’ stupid then, cause David is a really sexy guy with beautiful eyes. have you seen his body? wow he is so hot.

  • @Valzatisdale

    He is my favourite :) He will be more famous then branjelina :D
    I hope so .. :D

  • roxy

    davids gr8 wish him the best of luck!!! he is very nice and sweet his looks r a bonus!!!

  • Brandon

    It’s always great to see a young, talented actor doing other things within the business. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of “Wizards,” but from what I’ve seen, he’s really good in it, and all of the other Disney stuff he’s been in, from “That’s So Raven” to “Dadnapped.” So good for him. He seems like a cool guy. I’ll try to catch the episode he wrote.

  • mmmac

    davids so much more that just disney. hes done work all over the place for the last 10 years! most of the disney kids haven’t done a quarter of what david has. he’s the real deal. the others just got lucky.

  • mmmac

    oh and now hes got writing to his credit too at 20 years old! im just barely getting by with my english essays! hes awesome hands down.

  • AB

    he is ok but the least funny member of the cast…I prefer any of the others including max and the parents to “justin” because he is hardly ever that funny.. usually boring…just my opinion :-S harper is the funniest sometimes she is hilarious and the rest except justin all have funny moments too :)

>>>>>>> staging1