Joe Jonas & Chelsea Staub: Madeo's Mates

Joe Jonas & Chelsea Staub: Madeo's Mates

Costar pals Joe Jonas and Chelsea Staub quickly sneak out the back of Madeo’s restaurant after dining on Saturday night (January 16) in Los Angeles.

On Sunday night, Chelsea met up with some friends including singer Kristy Frank and took in a Spazmatics show.

Chels tweeted during the show, “Spazzing at Spazmatics. The 80′s are back, baby. Neck braces are the new Affliction shirts.”

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  • bruno

    yeaaaah!so exciteed! n see them togetther better!

  • jojo

    joe soooo cute <3333333

  • kris

    was saturday night, not yesterday

  • gabi

    gosh Joe is lokking AMAZING!!

  • AJ

    LOVE chelsea! though i think this was saturday night not sunday. she has twitpics with her girlfriends from last night at the spazmatics show and shes wearing something different

  • deen

    Joe jonas, *__* ♥

    He looks hotter each time, I love his hair! perfect guy ever

  • gabi

    I mean Joe is always lokkinh amazing but I just died with these photos!haha

  • audrey

    omg that is one HOT couple!!!! haha joe’s smile looks like he’s up to something! hello josea!!

  • mrs.nickj!


  • xo

    better than nick & selena, ill tell ya that!

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    aww! glad there’s more pic from that night (:
    Joe looks soo Hot like always! his hair & suite ^ Everything is just perfect in him <3

  • Lauren

    gosh im so sick of hearing about them been a couple just because they were pictured together…..they do work together and what not…but the media will be the media; maybe they are dating but i thought she had a boyfriend

  • Noemii

    Joe is so HOT and Chelsea is so PRETTY <3 I love them :D . And I CAN’T WAIT FOR JONAS SEASON 2 (:

  • Sketch

    Yay, cant wait for JONAS! Love them both.

  • jessica

    they would be so cute if they were a couple. but i know they arent. but it would be cool though.

  • wisdom

    awww joe is handsome! and chelse is prettty.

    Is it true nick is dating burrito head opps I mean selena?

  • eveters

    i think joe is starting to look gay-er and gay-er :(

    which is so sad

  • jonaslove

    He looks incredibly handsome, I love him<3 I don’t like Chelsea that much but I LOVE her heels :)..
    I’m LOVING these Joe Jonas’ posts, keep them coming !!!!!

  • oobi

    If he is gay, so what? What is wrong with being gay ?He is still hot, good-looking, and sexy…
    Such idiotic and prejuducial comment especially on this day, MLK,Jr. Day.

  • loliv

    he looks so fine…bye bye Zac!
    Joe is da man!

  • jessica

    how is he becoming more gayer? i dont see your point

  • piece of dung

    hes starting to looks more and more like kevin….just a thought

  • maria pia

    so excited!!

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @piece of dung: Uhhh how is he looking more and more like Kevin?

  • Ella

    Joe really looks super hot most esp. when he is wearing suits. :)


  • joejluvver

    I KNOW! hes gorgeoussss…. but i wish hed shave off that stubble… it annoys me

  • Nazeefa

    I seriously ADORE Chelsea and Joe.
    It’s great that they’re such good friends. I love them together as Joe & Stella on JONAS.
    But for real, they are both TWO Gorgeous looking people. Gosh.
    <3 =D

  • http://joejonas love joe jonas

    iiiiiii looooooveeeeeeeee joeeeee jonas so so so so so so so so so much he is way HOTTT OMG major cool hoooottttttt

  • love joe jonas

    ilove joe jonas for ever he is way hot and i love him so much he is major hot xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • edyta

    i love joe and chelsea <3

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