Win To Save A Life Prize Pack!

Win To Save A Life Prize Pack!

To Save A Life, starring Randy Wayne, Kim Hidalgo and Bubba Lewis, premieres THIS Friday and JJJ has an awesome prize pack to give away!

In the flick, there’s a super-cute moment in the movie when a nice, but kind of nerdy boy (Sean Michael) asks “the pretty girl” on a date. It’s an unlikely match but his “asking” captured JJJ‘s hearts.

To celebrate the release of the movie and Valentine’s Day, JJJ wants to know your most clever date invitation.

WHAT YOU’LL GET: A special edition hoodie, t-shirt, the “To Save a Life” novel, plus a poster, pens and magnetic poetry.

HOW TO WIN: Tell us how you asked that guy or girl out that you’ve been crushing on forever and we’ll pick TWO of the most creative answers. This contest ends on Monday, January 25 @ 4:59PM EST. USA & Canada Only. Good luck!

UPDATE: Winners were notified. Thanks for entering!

“To Save A Life” – “Ice Breaker” Clip
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  • heyrickybobby

    best contest yet congrats to whoever wins :) JJJ you guys rock

  • Denise

    Um another contest that i want to win i wanna win this

  • christine

    this is an awesome shirt! please jared! i never win anything it would mean a lot!!!

  • Mary

    That’s an awesome gift bag… I would love to win this! Thanks Jared for always having contests you’re so generous and you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    the shirt looks cool i want it

  • fatima

    this movie is so important i would love to win this stuff

  • demijbfan

    love you jared



  • lorena tan

    awesome i want

  • Tiffany

    so cool

  • Niki Gasiewski

    AWWWW that clip is tooo cute i want it!

  • Sarah

    this movie looks amazing

  • will

    i havent won yet but i really want to

  • lima

    wow, this amazing, WANT

  • cookie gie

    how to save a life like the song!!

  • AMP101

    Cool! Hope i win :) i’m looking forward to the movie thanks to you JJJr. :D

  • Kristina

    How would I ask the guy out that I’ve been crushing on forever?
    well thats a tough question, but i got it.
    we would go to an amusement part, probably wonderland and right the biggest roller coaster. and when we reach the top of it before we go down, i would plainly just tell him that i really like him and ask him to go out again just the two of us sometimes. since i already have butterflies from riding the roller coaster, asking him shouldnt be that bad! i hope :P

  • Justine

    Fantastic! I’d love to enter :)

  • Tine

    Okay, let me answer the question…
    I’d actually do something mysterious! (since the guy loves solving mysteries)
    I’d leave a note — with hearts all over, of course — in his locker saying to meet at a place at a certain time for a surprise. I’m thinking that he would probably already know this and treat it as a game. So at that place, there will be some sort of indication that I’ve been there. Most likely a poem (he loves analyzing them) that gives a clue to several more places which surround the center, where I’ll be casually doing homework, when in fact, I could see him go from place to place. So when he finally comes to the center, he would be confused because on that last poem, it gives out a message saying that someone in the center would like to tell him something. Then he’ll ask, then I’ll just spit it out, half-amused (because of his running around) and half-nervous (who wouldn’t get nervous to tell?). Then…the rest is up to fate. Haha.

  • David

    Hope I Win

  • Carmen

    I love this!

  • Cindy Mai

    Ummm, How to tell that guy I’ve been crushing on them since forever.
    I really don’t know. I’m that type of girl that would build up a crush on someone and just keep it like that for years without saying anything. I get really shy when it comes to guys. People always wonder why i don’t have a boyfriend yet. And i guess its just my choice to say no to boys. But if i were to tell a guy i had a crush on them i would probably, wait until there is a Sadie’s Hawkins Dance. This is a dance where the girl asks the guys. I would ask them to this dance simply by doing a little scavenger hunt. And at the end of the hunt i would be there waiting w/ a sign that says “Sadies with me?” At the dance, when a slow song goes on i think i would tell him about my crush on him. HEHEHE

  • vivian

    cool kit [;
    hope to win[:

  • Megan.

    This is how I would love to ask the guy I like out (or how I would love a guy to ask me out!)
    I would totally make a mixed CD of different songs.
    I’d put “Must’ve Done Something Right” by Relient K on there because the guy I’ve always found the lyrics in that song to be ADORABLE.
    And then I’d just put random songs on there that remind me of him or ones that he likes.
    The last one on there would be “Please Be Mine” by The Jonas Brothers because thats my favorite song ever, and it pretty much says all of the words I would want to say to a guy!
    I’d include a note that has explanations of all the songs and why they are on there.
    I’d more than likely give it to him at the end of the day so then I wouldn’t have to see his initial reaction in case he would say no.
    After that though, I would hope that he says yes! =)

  • char

    haha im a girl, so i dont ordinarily ask guys out.. kinda awkward. i’d rather have the guy ask me out.

    however, if i were to ask my crush out (he’s a percussionist in the school band and im a flutist), i’d probably get him a really adorable build-a-bear that has a personalized message that you could record with your voice. the message would, of course, ask him to go out with him. i’d get the bear to him by leaving it in his band locker(they dont have locks in our school) and ask him to go there by using pictionary in the midst of an epic pictionary battle(a couple of band kids hang out after rehearsal on the first thursday of every month at someone’s house)… either pictionary or charades. if we dont have the time to play pictionary or charades i’d just text him or pass him a note the old-fashioned way. that way i could get my point across without getting tongue-tied :)

    if i could plan out how a guy would ask me out i’d want him to give me a bag filled with personalized m&m’s :)

  • smk

    Pick me!

  • denise

    i soooo wanna win this

  • denise

    i really liked him and i met him through my best friend at a party he was so sweet and caught my eye with his wonderful sense of humor and gorgeous blue eyes

    after coming back from the party my friend texted me insisting i go to my crushes dorm room to see him because he wanted to talk my heart did backflips i wanted to like explode i was happy and nervous. i walked down to his dorm and knocked on the door. turns out he started to like me during the night and had give me a bracelet he made (i still wear it) and then he held my hair back when i got sick and the next night over a romantic candle lit dinner he asked me out and i said yes in a heartbeat

  • Nicole

    Here’s how I asked my crush out:
    I had been stalking him ( I know, funny!) for a couple weeks before I finally got the guts to do it. Not stalking as in watching everything he’d do but more in the sense that I knew EVERYTHING about him. I knew that everyday after school, he’d go to the pizza shop down the block where all the kids went. He loved pizza. I would ask my mom for money everyday so I could go to the pizza shop too and look at him! One day I said enough was enough and decided to make my move. It was a rainy day and the pizza shop was empty after school except for me, him, and a couple other kids I didn’t know. He was about to pay for his pizza but he couldn’t find his money anywhere in his pockets. I felt bad for him cause’ I knew how much he loved pizza. So, I decided to pay for his slice of pizza since his was already cooked and I had yet to order mine. He felt so much gratitude that he asked me if I wanted half and I said sure (good excuse to sit across from him and stare<3). By the time we finished the slice, I had told him I’ve liked him for months and he said wow, why didn’t you tell me? I said cause’ guys are supposed to confront girls! Not the other way around! He said okay so I’m confronting you now, what do you say? and I just smiled and blushed. Even though we broke up like 2 weeks later, it was the cutest way to confront a crush that I’ve ever experienced !!!

  • Adrienne Gordon

    i want this.

  • Margaret Smith

    Awhile back, I asked a guy out that use to pass our house running each day. I was out watering my garden and I squirted him (purposely) with the garden hose. I said I was sorry and we got talking and I told him it was fate and maybe we should get together. We ended up dating for quite awhile.

  • Michael

    great prizes



  • Jennifer Woosley

    I have asked a guy out before by having a bartender give him an empty beer with a note inside. The note said a location, which I put the name of a coffee shop right across the street and a time which i put 1 hr ahead of what time it was. Luckily he did respond and did meet me there. It was such a rush doing it.

  • christopher h

    love to win this

  • David

    Ok so I’m a guy, and the girl I liked (who’s now my girlfriend) and I are big fans of the Amazing Race. We were friends for several months and we both knew we really liked each other so I knew she wouldn’t say no to me if I asked her out. I planned a big scavenger hunt thing for her where I colored a bunch of envelopes yellow like in the Amazing Race and put clues in each one. There were 9 or 10 clues all together and I just hid them around her neighborhood area, like one in a tree, one in a specific library book. I left the first in her mailbox and then texted her to check her mail. She had fun but it didn’t work out too well cause someone else had picked up one that was on the playground and she had to call me after searching for over half an hour. The final clue was in my mailbox (I live a couple blocks away) and had a movie ticket in it and a note that said “Will you see Julie and Julia with me?” she was so happy that I would go through all that work just to ask a simple question and we’ve been dating since then!

  • evelyn

    Great Prize I’m In

  • Angela J

    Lord, I can’t remember that far back, “in my day” we just did a lot of flirting and hoped the guy took the hint


    well i was asked out during an announcement during a sports game…me the most creative was i made a paper airplane and shot it over to him during class

  • Nancy V

    Great contest! Thanks!

  • vanessa

    I asked out one of my friends in a cute and creative way! My all time favorite show is gossip girl and everyone, including my guy, knows it! So i invited my friend to dinner and while he was distracted I changed my contact name in his phone to gossip girl and sent him a “hit” saying that i wanted to go out with him. The name showed up as gossip girl on his phone and he thought it was hilarious AND he said yes :)

  • vivian

    hope to win :D

  • kristy

    Ok, I am really really shy when it comes to people I am interested in. There was someone who I really wanted to go out with but didn’t attempt to initiate anything romantic. Then, one day I realized that the worst he could do was say no so I walked right up to him and asked. Sometimes to get what you want you just have to “take the bull by the horns” so to speak. Don’t be afraid to go after you want.

  • Karen Gonyea

    Count me in please :)

    ktgonyea at

  • emyle

    i met my crush at the library while doing some volunteer work.i would probably ask him to talk a walk on the beach

  • Susan Ladd

    Would love to win. Good Luck to who wins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darcie K

    The most creative date proposal happened when I was in college. The guy that lived across the hall from me was really nice and we would sometimes study together. One night when we were studying, we decided that we were completely starving and the dining hall was closed. He suggested chinese and I agreed because it is my fave. We ate with no incidence and then we moved onto our fortune cookies. When I cracked mine open, the fortune read, “I only care about studying you, please let me take you on a date!”
    I said yes and we went out for several years.

  • Sharon seneker

    Great book and shirt! Count me in! Thanks!

  • Erma

    I said do you want to have dinner some time.

  • kathy pease

    i would say i have been yearning for you from afar now its time we get together and see what is too damn short to procrastinate :)

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