Joe Jonas to Duet with Demi Lovato?

Joe Jonas to Duet with Demi Lovato?

Joe Jonas fiddles with his keys as he returns home from a workout in Los Feliz, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon (January 17).

The 20-year-old musician teased on Twitter this afternoon with BFF Demi Lovato about a possible duet. Demi first shared, “I can’t wait to sing our new duet together!”

Joe then jokingly added, “You mean our new hip hop duet?”

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  • 1

    yes (:

  • Courtney

    Joe looks gorgeous!

  • rachel

    yes i would love that!!! i love Demi lovato i think her voice it just amazing and Joe is my fave jobro!! i cant wait to hear this new song!!

  • mel

    gorgeous man right here

  • Alexa_r

    Yes Of course I want it!!! =)

  • Alyssa

    Yes their voices blended perfectly..

  • Viviana

    I can’t believe he lives there. I have been near there so many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • sacha

    I love them so I cant wait to hear it :)

  • franciinii

    cant wait for hear they new duet i think is going to be make a wave for friends for change .

  • Mollie

    he is so cute . Cant wait to hear their duet <3

  • Camila

    Sure, caaaaamp rock 2 <3

  • joanslade

    the duet is for Friends For Change; Radio Disney said so today.

  • anonymous

    yes :D

  • Yasemin Seren

    He is soooo hot : )

  • Ashley

    Yes we do . Jemi is the best ;) and I am really exited about camp rock 2 .

  • Millie

    Yes we are so exited . Their voice are so great together .I heard it was for friends for change ;)

  • lora

    I love Demi and I love Joe so hell YES !

  • Rach

    yes , yes , yes and yes .

  • kara

    How cute is Joe seriously :D I love that guy and I love Demi Lovato so its all good

  • poline

    I am never tired of hearing them :)

  • jessica

    joe looks hot :)

  • fannah

    It is ridiculous, the size of my crush on this boy. Keep bringin’ it, Joe!

  • fannah

    Oh and yes, I am not a big Camp rock fan or whatever, but I did love their previous duets. More more more.

  • marilynj

    I think Their voices blend beautifully. And I will now live outside his house, pretending to be a hobo asking for some food, or a sitting in front of his fireplace on a cold day. And I am not satisfied with his “diet.” I’ll show him a real diet and real workout and get that belly down! ;) love him

  • leanne

    you know if i picture them together,
    they look like zac and vanessa from the say ok music video.
    except joe has a beard and has black hair.

  • youllneverknow

    does he just keep getting more amazing day by day?

  • lenaaa

    alright i like demi and i loveeeee joe but i just dont think they would look cute together and hopefully it turns out good since nick wont be in it.

  • Andrea

    Especiallly Demi
    Can´t wait for the song

    Team demi 4ever

  • Sofifreydel

    I´m so excited for the duet
    can´t wait,, love Demi <33

  • Diana

    Yayy !! i´m so happy , this song is going to be AWESOME
    i´m a big JEMI FAN


    Hell YES :)

  • Nazeefa

    Joe & Demi are awesome! They’re the best est friends ever. Haha
    And Joe’s amazing. Seriously. It’s kinda creepy hat paparazzi follow him everywhere, EVEN to his own house but he looks gorgeous here. Haha.

  • alycia

    joes lookin good!!

  • deen

    omg so hoooooot. Love the idea, their voices match together very well. And his voice is lovely. love him

  • SJS

    God, he looks so incredibly good in those picture. Messy hair really works for him. He just keeps getting more handsome with age.

    Yes, Joe and Demi sound great together. They both have fantastic voices. I, for one, am dying to hear new music from Joe. :)

  • Satinaw

    OMG I love demi she is so fabulous infact she cutie too except her a big pump mouth.

  • fannah

    @youllneverknow: It really seems like it doesn’t it!

  • bella

    yes una canción
    I love demi lovato she is amazing

  • Danielle

    He looks great! Im always up for demi dueting with any of the jo bros. Although id love for her to do another one with Nick. They would sound great!

  • Hannah JOnas (:

    of course! Joe & Demi sound amaaazing together (:

  • Ella

    Look at that HOTTEST GUY ever!!
    Their new duet will surely be perfect again!! I mean, they have the best blend of voice together.. :)

  • Bob Brown

    Their voices don’t blend at all. I like both but the Jo-Bros don’t have the pipes. Demi, on the other hand, has the sheer vocal power of a young John Lennon. She can shred the moon.

    Good luck to both but unless the vocals are downgraded, as Joe states, “Joe then jokingly added, “You mean our new hip hop duet?” it cannot complement Demi’s vocal power.

    “Send it on” is the perfect example. Great song. Well written and played out. Yet it is the females that drive that song. Bottom line is Joe can write and Demi can sing.

  • jamie

    duet would be awesome =D

  • chris

    My least favorite song in Camp Rock and on the Burnin’ Up Tour was their duet together. Bob Brown has it part rignt, Demi has power in her voice. Joe does not. I’d rather see Nick do a duet with her. Send it on could have worked with just Miley and Demi with Nick adding some vocals.

  • shera

    he’s so natural.

  • gabenceto

    oooo yeaaaaaaa :P

  • erika

    so HOT! i used to like nick but JOE is sooo hot now

  • Sunny

    Yeah!! y not??? I mean they sound cool 2gthr!!!

  • tasya

    totally!! Gonna love it!!! :D :D can’t wait!!!!

  • annie ryan

    yes yes!are you kiddin mee yesss plzzz i think there will be another song like this is me in camp rock 2 wooo JEMI JEMI JEMMIIIII JEMI FOREVER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH;)LOLXZZZZ