We The Kings: Demi Lovato Is Incredible

We The Kings: Demi Lovato Is Incredible

We The Kings guys Travis Clark, Danny Duncan and Hunter and Drew Thomsen are still in ‘a dream’ state after working with Demi Lovato.

The guys dished to JSYK on working with the 17-year-old songstress and praised, “She’s incredible. She had been a good friend of ours for a while. I called her and was like, ‘Hey, I have this song. I’m gonna send it to you. Let me know what you think.’ I send her songs just to see what she thinks. She was like, ‘It’s absolutely amazing. It gave me chills.’ And I was like, ‘All right, well, do you want to sing it with me?’ And she’s like, ‘No way!’ She started freaking out.”

The song, “We’ll Be a Dream,” is “all about growing up, being what you want to be, staying true to your roots, and finding love.”

Travis added on, “She’s a Disney star, and we knew that we might get hate on it or whatever [over working with her], but I think once people actually hear the song they’ll realize she’s actually a very incredibly talented singer. It makes the song, it really does.”

HAVE YOU HEARD “We’ll Be A Dream?” What do you think of it?

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Photos: Gino DPinto via JSYK, Angela Weiss/Getty
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  • blah

    i love this song so much!!! its rly amazing

  • http://www.twitter.com/naiaravcosta Naiara

    I love this song! It´s amazing!!!Demi is really a good singer.I like her. :)

  • rachel

    i LOVE we the kings and demi lovato and when i found out they did a song together i was over thr roof. i totally love the song and i think we the kigs made a good move on picking demi to be in the song with them. its an amazing song! i love it <3

  • http://twitter.com/VivaLaMaki Maki

    ‘We’ll be a dream’ is one of my top 3 favorite songs EVER.
    So beautiful.

  • http://twitter.com/mayaaaomg Maya

    their whole album is amazing! don’t JUST buy we’ll be a dream, their whole album is … amazing. and plus they’re all cute :) I was so happy and proud of them <3 yay wethekings!

  • lala

    i love this song. STILL. :D

  • Meredith

    i really hope it will be their next single. i’d love to see a video:)

  • http://none Nay o

    This is great! i heard the song, and i couldn’t agree more with those guys! seriously, she might not have a classic or innocent look like is expected from a disney star, but that doesn’t mean she’s shady or on the way to becoming a bad girl or anything. I think that’s just the look she feels more comfortable with. Besides, IMO she IS the only female disney star who can actually sing amazingly, live. And you can really tell she’s into music and knows her stuff. I think she’s very talented and people shouldn’t misjudge her just because she’s kinda goth and works for disney. Appearance isn’t all there is to a person you know?

    Go demi!! you have a long way ahead.

  • jessica

    hopefully demi will break out of disney soon, so she can get taken seriously as a musician. i just think disney is holding her back.

  • Manuel

    very good song :)

  • Dani

    I loveee that song <3

  • sofy demi4life

    of course DEMI IS INCREDIBLE


    The song is really cool i love it
    Demi is my role model she´s amazing

  • diana utd

    i´m in love with the song Demi did an amazing job on it
    team demi 4ever <33

  • Steph

    Demi is disney’s best singer/musician
    I hope wtk make a video..Demi sounds amazing!!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/kristi-jonas Kristen

    I adore that song! Demi sounds amazing in it, as well as the guys. As someone said above me, I do hope she breaks out of Disney soon. People just don’t think Disney is capable of talent. I hope Demi can be taken seriously as a musician.

  • bella

    hay que lindo la canción well be a dream es hermosa ,los dos tienes bellas voces ,genial cantaron ,I love demi lovato and we the kings
    demi she is the best

  • bee

    i think hardcore rockers like them getting hate JUST becase theyre working with a disney star is SO lame. Demi can sing her tail off, and shes stunning and really sweet. only jealous people dont like her. -_- the song was amazing and i liked it.

    p.s. stop hating on disney people. they make more money than any other stars in hollywood almost and they work HARD. its not all fin and games.

  • Sketch

    I loved the song. And seriously Demi is the ONLY talented Disney star..

  • Eslee

    its an amazing song.. !

  • axis

    People just need to let this girl shine! This song is incredible and just shows how powerful she is as a musician.

  • d

    Huge props to WTK for having the balls to work with someone talented who their fans might not like.

  • stephen w

    this isnt the best song heaven can wait is the best song they ever made

  • http://hhhau05@yahoo.com helen

    I love this song very much. the lyric is wonderful. Their voice sound very good. I LOVE DEMI LOVATO

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