Abigail Breslin Chats Helen Keller

Abigail Breslin Chats Helen Keller

Abigail Breslin shows off her straight straight hair in this new shot from the February 2010 issue of Nylon mag.

The 13-year-old actress makes her Broadway debut in The Miracle Worker, an updated version of the William Gibson play. Abigail plays Helen Keller, the deaf and blind activist and author who learned to communicate with the help of her teacher, Annie Sullivan (Alison Pill).

Abigail shared, “Helen Keller is one of my heroes. When I got a call asking if I would play her, I said, ‘Heck, yes!’”

Even though she’s working on Broadway, she’s still a teen girl at heart. Which means, she’s obsessed with Twilight. “I’m a crazy, obsessed fan. I went to see the first movie on opening day. But I felt left out because everyone in the audience had Twilight t-shirts and I didn’t. So I have Twilight T-shirts now. And have you seen those Twilight water bottles? I have one of those,” she said.

Check out Abigail‘s full interview in the new issue of Nylon mag — out on stands NOW.

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Photos: Peter Ash Lee/Nylon Mag
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  • jessica

    wow is EVERY girl obsessed with twilight?
    i mean seriously i think im the only one that isnt. i mean i saw the first movie and it was complete bullshit. and i am definitly not going to see the second one if the fist one was already so bad.

  • annasaurus

    @jessica: Considering that the 2nd film is directed by someone else, I think you should give it a chance. You can’t escape this tidalwave. Little girls are either obsessed with Twilight and/or Justin Beiber. Pick the lesser of two evils.

  • Harry Potter FAnatic

    ur not the only one i dont like it either!! harry potter series are soooo much better! :)

  • sheila

    wow, i really don’t like these shots of her.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com LG

    You’re not the only one. I’ve given Twilight and New Moon a chance by watching them both. The only interesting part was Dakota’s and the supporting stars. I find the main actors to be very boring. When I say main actors I mean Taylor, Kristen, and Robert.

  • Carly

    her makeup is so weirdly heavy i mean come on! the girls 13. and i agree with all you. twilight isnt that great although i recommend you guys see other movies with Kristen Stewart i was a huge fan of hers way before twilight.

  • connie

    abigail is so cute. I know her from my sister keeper,she is really acting XDD。 but she wear too much make up in nylon。it doesnt look good on her。。。

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com LG

    @Carly: What would you recommend?

  • annasaurus

    @LG: Watch Speak, based on a fantastic YA novel. Then watch Into the Wild and Adventureland.

  • aria

    wow. that’s tons of makeup but i’m sure she will be awesome on stage. so strange to put on all that stuff on her eyes. she is cute without it all.

  • Ashley

    she is cute…. i HATE twilight sooo much

  • Maria


    haha you’re not the only one. i hate it with all that i have! lol

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com LG

    @annasaurus: Tried to watch Into the Wild and Speak, but my laptop was being stupid and wouldn’t let me. I saw most of Adventureland, but once again my laptop starts being stupid.

    She was really good in the movie. When Kristen and Ryan Reynolds started kissing it shocked the hell out of me.It kind of sucks that no matter how much movies she makes she will most likely only be known for Twilight until the last movie comes out.

  • Shannon

    Guys, like shes only 13 and she isnt the one who puts the make up on… its her make up artists and who cares about her make up anyways, shes an amazing actress and lets leave it at that… i mean i know shes my favourite actress of all time and everything but like come on… Give her a break… And Twilight is actually a great movie,, it just depends on ur taste of movies and all…

>>>>>>> staging1