Was Nick Jonas' Rose Garden for Selena Gomez?

Was Nick Jonas' Rose Garden for Selena Gomez?

There’s been much discussion on which girl Nick Jonas & The Administration‘s song “Rose Garden” is truly about — Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus?

Nick, 17, dished to M mag about the song, “‘Rose Garden’ is one of my favorite tracks. It is inspired by a true story. The rose garden was this young girl’s safe place. I thought I was cool that she ran to this place to feel safe.”

He also caught up with MTV to comment on the rumors floating around him and Selena since they were caught by TMZ in Chicago.

Nick shared, “[It's] not so much a surprise. The thing that’s kind of funny to me is the fact that I’m still very young, and as far as a relationship, it’s kind of young stuff, and people being interested in that is funny to me, but it’s all good. It’s flattering, and that’s how you have to look at it.”

WHO DO YOU THINK “Rose Garden” is truly about?

Nick Jonas & The Adminstration – “Rose Garden”
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  • clara


  • clara

    argh ):

  • Char

    Maybe it isn’t either of them…

  • yo

    well it can’t be about mcyrus. her father didn’t leavee.

  • http://www.iamawesome.com cfieifei.



  • clara

    argh, for me ):

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/10/29/taylor-lautner-taylor-swift-cruising-the-town/#comments shannz

    seriously though how is miley even an option in this question if you have ever listen 2 rose garden you know it’s def not mile. selena def possible r even demi but not miley

  • ifoundnickj

    nick jonas has destroyed my life
    scratch that
    i have destroyed my life.

    nick, seriously, selena?
    selena, seriously, back to nick?

    after ALLLLL that i dooont miss you at all, you made me change bla bla bla?

    i used to look up to both of you.

  • xoxo

    umm no one said it was about miley… ever.

    this is just to get publicity because they know Niley and Nelena fans will go on about it… pathetic, Nick, i thought you were better than that.

  • niccrosÉ

    Maya (:

  • Danielle

    Nick, its not strange when girls your age and younger want to know…. this is like a soap opera to me lol. Sorry, just wrote a story with me bestie about soap operas.

  • tin

    yeah i believe that they are just friends since they are still young….nick said it all in his interview…so let’s leave the whole nelena and niley stuff behind cause they are basically just friends.

  • Vi

    ITS NOT ABOUT MILEY xD. But i dont think its about Selena. I think its about Maya. That makes sense. Or Demi Lovato. It could actually even be about Danielle (Kevin’s wife) her mom had her when she was 17. But idk about that. The important thing is that its a nice song, regardless of who its about :)

  • k.p.Y

    Because of the first verse, it reminds me of Selena, not Miley. But unless Nick says straight out who its about, I’m not gonna believe anything. But my OPINION is that it’s about Selena, just because of the first few lines in the song.

  • Andy

    If my ex wrote a song about me, as beauiful as this one, I’d take him back in a second.
    It’s very obvious this song is based on her. “When her mom was just a girl and daddy didn’t stay” hello her mom had her at 16, and her dad left when she was like 5.

  • Andy


  • Andy

    OK ! This is not even a question ! Obviously the song is about Selena, the story behind the song doesn’t relate in 1 thing with Miley.

  • m

    I don’t think Selena ever worked in a flower shop

  • Giovanna

    haha no she didnt bt that bits referring to her working on barney

  • elle

    Oh wow. I think it’s kind of obvious that this song is about Selena. Miley isn’t even an option. Yeah they had history but there’s no way this song is about Miley if you really take in the lyrics.

    AND I just LOVE how Nick can be asked a question straight up and find a way to avoid answering the question. He didn’t even address it at all! He started talking about how young he is. I love him. <3

  • cam

    I agree that the song is most likely about Selena beacause her mom was very young when she had her & like you said he left when she was just a little girl. & it is a beautiful thing to have your friend write a song for you and about you, I’m sure Selena was very touched. Part of the beauty of songwritng is that a song can relate to many people and that it can touch each person in a different way, so many songwriters do not say who the song is about. I read some twitters of some of the niley fans & they so don’t want any song Nick writes to be about anyone but Miley that they even say it could be about Nick’s friend Maya, but it is not about Maya for sure because Maya’s family situation is very different than what was described in this song.

  • http://none Nay o

    I actually think it’s about Demi… he clearly loves her as a friend and respects her as a fellow musician. Her situation is exactly the same as Selena when it comes to background. Her mother had her young, her father abandoned the family when she was 2, and she’s been working ever since she was very little (beauty pageants and a recurring role on Barney anyone?). She’s also suffered from bullying when she used to go to school.
    I mean, all I’m saying is that there is a high chance this song is about a friend he loves and respects (Demi), not only about a former lover (Sel).
    Then again, unless Nick confirms anything we will never know for sure.

  • Megan

    plainly obvious is about selena. the whole first verse is like a dead giveaway. i think nelena is back -____________-

  • http://celeb-gossip-it-up.blogger.com/ Theresa

    Why would it be about Miley? Did her mother have her when she was young and did her father abandon her? I don’t think so.

    @Nay o That is a possibility. The song could be about Demi.

    Speaking of Demi, I hope that if Nick and Selena are back together or are at least “friends” and Demi and Selena are actually in a fight that Nick will bring those two back together. It honestly breaks my heart to hear rumors about them not being friends anymore.

  • just me

    @Nay o: yeah that can be true…who knows it could both be about demi and selena. we just don’t know only nick

  • Sophia


  • wisdom

    I think is about demi . selena has no problems with her father, nick spend a lot of time with demi on tour and she is very hurt by her father leaving her when she was a little girl, and rose garden is not an apologgy or a romantic song is only a story about a girl who’s father left and last time i checked selena still spend time with her father and they are in good terms demi is not in good terms with her father and nick help her deal with the song she was writing about her father in which she says is very painful to sing.

  • Matt

    Nick, you’re young, I understand that. But please not try to be a rip off of Bruce Springsteen?

  • Mary KATE

    selena spends time with her step dad not her actual dad but w/e i think its about selena but i dont rele think their dating

  • http://www.google.com Lindsey

    this song has to be about selena! he says in the first verse that “she was a beautiful mistake”, and her mom had her when she was like 16. He also says ” but her father didnt stay” and selenas father didnt help her young mother raise her….its all in the lyrics:)

  • Harry Potter FAnatic

    ITS ABOUT DEMI!!! the first line gives it away
    demi’s father left her. and nick and demi are really good friends
    i think they should date…there were rumors flying around last year that they were when nick wrote that he thought demi was cute…

    but i think they are realllly good friends and obviously the song is about demi

  • Susie

    Pffft. It’s not about Demi, or Selena, or Miley. Maybe the song ‘Rose Garden’ is actually about a girl named ‘Rose Garden’. Geez anyone smart enough to think about that?

  • Michelle

    idk who it is about, but if i had to choose, then i’d say selena. since after all, in the first verse he says that she is brought into this world by a beautiful mistake when the mom was young and the dad left. Selena’s mom gave birth to her at sixteen, that could be the beautiful mistake and mom being young part since im sure no person intends to have a child so young. and then her dad and mom divorced, so that could be the left part since she now lives with her mom and step-father. But for him to say left, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the dad abandoned them, just simply isn’t around as often anymore.

    so yup, these are my reasonings.

  • Izzy

    I think its Selena inspired. “She was brought into this world, out of a beautiful mistake”. The guy is an excellent songwritter. :))

  • aria

    selena is back with nick…duh. it’s sooooooooo obvious

  • lulu

    i hope it’s about demi, selena gets on with both her parents, and her real dad always been supportive. plus, i don’t like her, she loves the publicity, she knows when the camera’s on her. and he’s obviously just blurted out they’re dating again. tbh, he could do sooo much better. I’d rather he went out with a nice fan, but 1 who doesn’t hog the camera, a bit like danielle, she’s nice! I’m fed up of these Disney girls!

  • jasmine

    this is kinda slow…
    cuz this song is 100% about Selena.

    since he said it was a TRUE story…. here’s proof…

    “She was brought into this world
    Out of a beautiful mistake
    When her mom was just a girl”

    - Selena’s mom was only 16 when she gave birth to Selena.

    “And her daddy didn’t stay”

    - Selena’s dad divorced her mom when Selena was age 5

    “She was working at age 9″

    - Selena guested in several movies with really minor roles, but actually started at 7 on Barney

    “She was young but not naïve
    Always wise beyond her years”

    - Selena is so much wiser than her age…. caring abt the world….

    “Hoping that no one would see
    Every time she dried her tears”

    -Selena is headstrong, only cries in front of really close friends or family.

    Rose Garden… well, dont know.
    but…. i guess all thats above are enough proof

  • sophie

    Maya (:

  • Nanna emma

    Oh isn’t it obvious. It’s clearly about Maya..
    Why does everybody always assume it’s about Miley or Selena…

  • maiiiii


    She was brought into this world
    Out of a beautiful mistake
    When her mom was just a girl
    And her daddy didnt stay

    Selena’s mom gave birth to her at a very young age & her mom&dad are no longer together

    awwww <3

  • AJ

    I’ve NEVER heard anyone suggest “Rose Garden” is for Miley! I’ve heard debates on whether it’s about Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato. He’s written other songs about Miley, but I’ve honestly never heard anyone say “Rose Garden” was one of them.

  • lisa

    seriously i used to look up to nick no more he is a heartbreaker and a fake person i miss the old nick. all you people are looking at his looks he isnt a nice person please selena said all that shit about u and u didnt love her publicity thats making u look like an ass

  • http://twitter.com/byivi Ivana

    I don’t know, it’s so confused.

  • cheerdontjeer

    “She was brought into this world
    Out of a beautiful mistake
    When her mom was just a girl
    And her daddy didn’t stay”

    selena’s mom gave birth to her when she was only 16 and her daddy left her when she was really young. she now has a step dad.

    so obviously it’s about SELENA

  • Joanne

    it’s about selena

    “she was brought into this world, out of a beautiful mistake
    when her mind was just a girl and her daddy didn’t stay”

    selena’s mom had her when she was 16, very young
    and her parents got divorced

  • http://twitter.com/hi_itsmelissa Melissaa

    Unfortunately, it probably is about Selena.
    1) her mom had her in teen pregnancy
    2) dad left when her mom was young.
    3) she started working really young


    <3 u nick and selena. :D

  • max


  • Nazeefa

    I have no idea who it`s about. I`m just looking forward to in a few years where someday it WILL be clear who it`s about.
    For now I`ll watch people hypothesize who it`s about.

  • mariana jonas

    selenaaa! totally about her

  • kelly

    Clearly it’s about selena gomez! Her mom had her when she was 16…which im pretty sure was a mistake…and her dad left her.

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