Chloe Bridges Dishes on Demi Lovato

Chloe Bridges Dishes on Demi Lovato

Chloe Bridges and Demi Lovato hit it off right from the start on the set of Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

The 18-year-old actress revealed about their friendship to Popstar! mag, “We just understand each other. Most times, it’s us putting on makeup, actually. I’ll go to her house and we probably spend way too much in front of her mirror (laughs). We always have a good time.”

It was recently announced that Chloe has been cast in a still-untitled ABC Family pilot with Vanessa Marano and Joey Lawrence.

Chloe Bridges Dishes on Demi
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  • Cleo

    I like her :)

  • jessica

    she is so pretty.

  • Cris

    there are some rumors about Delena started to fight because of demi and Chloe spend a lot of time together
    and not so much with Sel. so i guess that makes me not like her.
    IDK i just wish Delena gets back together soon :(

  • jessica

    @Cris: who gives a fuck if selena and demi are not friends anymore. seriously your not gonna like her just because you THINK that they started fighting because of chloe bridges. i mean that doesnt make any sense.

  • Cris

    @jessica: eas,y girl… i didnt mean it in that way… im not a hater! i dont know that girl, i just now that she is in CR2 and is Demis friend, i guess that if they are friends… we have to be all good with that right? :)
    didnt mean to be rude or anything.. just said what i happen to hear today :S so next time you watch your words.. and sure I will to :)

  • Melissa

    You know what Cris is entitled to an opinion so people need to respect that and not be rude to them for an opinion they are free to.Not a fan of Chloe either but it has nothing to do with the Possible Selena and Demi thing.Not everyone has to be a fan of Chloe just because she is Demi’s friend just like there are some people may not be a fan of Miley just because she is Demi’s friend….It is called Free Opinions!


  • joboots


    Don’t need to jump to conclusions,Melissa!!!

  • lulu

    @jessica: jeez, she’s only having an opinion just like you. calm down x x x

  • hinz

    i think this girl is a bit of a wannabe. i luv selena and if all you ugys are saying is true then i hate this “chloe bridges”. selena is SOOOOOOO much cooler and demi and sel should be friends 4ever. all im gonna say. peace

  • lulu

    i have to admit though, she does look a bit like a sim :S

  • sexybitch

    jeeeeezee everyone just calm down, i dont like chloe either. but i LOVE demi.

  • Britini95

    Ag=fter reading things for awhile,I think the reason they fought was because Selena thought Demi was partying too hard because of Chole and asked her to stop. Demi got mad ant Selena and then Selena’s coousin started tweeting about hoe much Selena’s family hates demi now and that’s why they aren’t friends.

  • http://website demisdabest

    she made delena brek up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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