Miley Cyrus: Inside Look at The Last Song!

Miley Cyrus: Inside Look at The Last Song!

Miley Cyrus clings to on-screen dad Greg Kinnear in this new inside look for their upcoming flick, The Last Song.

In the MSN Video, author Nicholas Sparks shared, “Like all of my novels, it’s a love story. You’ve got the love between a parent and child and a love blooming for the first time. I want the audience to come out saying, ‘Wow that’s a great film. That’s a film that meant a lot to me.’”

Miley popped in, adding, “Everything Nicholas Sparks has done has really impacted people’s lives. I loved The Notebook. Everything just really has a great message.”

The Last Song hits theaters on Friday, April 2.

Check out the full video at!

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  • mariana jonas

    i love liam hemsworth <3

  • Brooke


  • Brooke

    very similar to dear john….. anyone else thnik so?

  • Lety

    i dont like Liam ( like a person ) so much … but i will see with he can act!!!!


  • lisa

    i love miley im glad she found liam. who needs nick jonas who doesnt know who he loves he changed

  • guesswho

    i can’t help but scream awwww when i see Miley with Liam. seems like Miley found someone who makes her happy<3
    the movie looks so good, i want it to be April fast!
    i can’t wait for this.

  • yazmin

    i read the book and its amazing!!! i like it more than dear john!! i cant wait to see the movie its going to be amazing!!! i love nicholas sparks!!! i cant wait to se miley with another character!!

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg I loved the book!!
    I can’t wait for this movie..
    it looks totally awesome..

  • Kina


    Nicholas Sparks’ novels all tend to be the same story, just sugar-coated in different methods.

  • synergy

    miley cyrus amazing actriss and very talented. This movie looks amazing with great actors and talented people.

    I cant wait.

  • @Kaitlyn_blake

    Just finished the book today, it made me cry but it was sooooo amazing! I loved it and I can’t wait to see the movie I think Miley fits the character perfectly! : )

  • Smacky35

    I love Miley! But I doubt i’ll watch this. Looks too much like a chick flick.

  • kali

    Seems great.

  • http://yahoo Mile fan

    I love Miley. She is an outstanding actress and singer.

  • http://yahoo Mile fan

    @Mile fan: I love miley. she is an outstanding actress and singer.

  • leeloo

    wow it’s gonna B amazing movie! can’t wait 2 C it!

  • LoveLeeR

    Can’t waiiiit !

  • cam

    @mariana jonas:
    I can’t stand Liam – he is a creep. but I will see the movie because of Miley & Kelly Preston.

  • heather

    i can’t wait <3

  • Yola

    i love Nicholas Sparks very much!

  • Tiffany

    I can’t wait! <3 Here is where all of her clothes are


    Slightly disapointed in NS. Why Miley? She’s not an actress. This film will be a huge flop. It will not make the no1 spot. Mark my words.

  • xo

    if the movie is at least half as good as the book then the movie will be awsome cant wait to see it

  • jon

    This movie will be great. Miley is a wonderful actress with years of experience for someone so young. Some of the posters are idiots, for example WHATEVER,…why don’t you just get on a rocket ship and go to some other planet forever

>>>>>>> staging1