Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez: Fan Friendly in Detroit & Chicago!

Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez: Fan Friendly in Detroit & Chicago!

Nick Jonas surrounds himself with his best fans outside his hotel in Chicago earlier this week.

JJJ reader and fan Jacklyn writes to us about her run in with Nick and Selena Gomez not once, but TWO times! She shared, “This is for all the girls not lucky enough to go to a show I went to NJ&TA‘s Detroit show. I was chilling outside to meet friends and girls were attacking the fence. I was in first row and it was amazing!! I got attacked by girls in the front row where I was at for Nicks pick. I got stepped on and my earring ripped out.”

She continued, “I met Nick at the m&g [meet and greet] and it was amazing mostly. My friend Casey also sang ‘Who I Am’ for Nick who snapped along and I talked to him. He seemed grateful for the fans like always. He was really kind, best concert ever.”

Click inside to read about their Chicago meeting with both Selena and Nick

Jacklyn was also lucky enough to go to the Chicago concert with her friends Brandi and Carlee. She wrote of that concert, “For Chicago, we went to their hotel and saw Selena. We got two pictures with her before she left to go to Starbucks and Borders. When she came back, there were about 20 girls in the front and we were on the side.

“We asked her if we could get a shout out video for Carlee‘s little sister and she said only if we’d help her get into the hotel because she had a flight to catch and had to get ready. We got a security guard and went in the back way. She was extremely normal and I didn’t ask for a autograph or ask any questions like how’s singing ext. I wish I would have. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Selena before, but after meeting her she is truly a incredible gifted girl. She told us this was her first time in Chicago and I joked well next time we should all go shopping. We gave her our twitters hoping she will follow us. Thank you for the amazing time selena we hope to see you again soon!

Nick came out and he said lets take a twitpic. So we did and it took 20 seconds because his security guard Mike didn’t know how to work his cell. He took pics and Nick signed stuff for almost everyone. He really took the time and talked too he was really normal.”

Lucky girls!

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  • nathalia Braga

    i love nick and selena

  • guesswho

    no comment.

  • jemi

    yay i love nelena<3

  • jemi

    im so glad that they are friends again. and im hoping that it can be more. :) haha. but idk i love them together though. and nick isnt denying if he’s dating selena, so that could mean something. “could” But im happy that theyre friends:)


    Nelena is a wonderful couple. I’m a huge Nick Jonas fan and I used
    to support Niley, but not anymore, because now I think that we should
    respect Nick’s decisions, if he loves Selena, it’s ok, because he is
    a smart guy, and he will choose correctly. Selena is a beautiful and
    sweet girl, she is perfect for him. Now Miley is happy with Liam, and Nick with Selena… Cool

  • Courtney

    Nick is amazing!

  • Brooke

    bad couple..
    so typical.
    GO MILEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke

    mileys much cooler and prettier than selena, not to mention more talented
    selenas SO boring

  • “I got stepped on and my earring ripped out.”

    I hope you’re okay =]

  • Bethany


    Brooke, you just keep running with all that Selena hate and I will keep rooting for Nelena. Idiot!

  • Lety

    Okay… 2 mounths and Nick get back with Miley like in 2009 – was 2007 – Miley&Nick 2008- Nick&Selena 2009- Nick&Miley and wow who is with him now.. SELENA … wow who is the next??? i dont know maybe MILEY… come on Nick has to decides between Miley and Selena….

    I used to be a Niley supporter but i’m TIRED of all thats stuff about NILEY AND NELENA … I’m happy because i love Miley and she is Happy with Liam ( but i don’t like him so much =P ) !!!!!

    but i still have a dream …. one day Miley and Joe Jonas will be together like THE BEST COUPLE EVER!!! just kidding … but Miley and Joe are really cute together!!!!

  • Selaly

    I respect and support all of Selena’s

  • Lety

    2 mounths no … sorry… i will wait for grammy .. when Nick will see Miley !!!

    i can wrong OF COURSE… maybe Nick be with SelGomez 4ever and Miley with another person but … Nick was Miley first love and Miley was Nick first love… and even unwilling we will always feel something for our first love!!!!

    anyone can disagree with me … I really do not care why the way I … you will be talking about what you think

  • Lety

    THE LAST SONG ITS GONNA BE THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!! and has rumors that Nick has a little apart at the movie… like the boy on the park!!!!

  • angel

    I’d be more excited to meet Selena.

  • Lety



  • Lety


    I’d be more excited to meet their both… i’m from Brazil so have the chance to meet some stars i will be exciting =D

  • Andrea

    i see myself in this! ahhh! i didnt help her into the hotel but i talked to her for a good 5-10 minutes. truly an AMAZING day <3

    thanks for sending this in jacklyn :D

  • James

    I know Jacklyn shes one of my friends & she told me that Selena & NIck are just friends nothing more

  • Jacklyn

    hey guys thanks for writing on my story ifyou want to addme i love meeting other fans or

  • cam

    all this nonsence about whether they are dating or not – let them alone – it’s their business not ours & they are 2 nice people. & all this Miley is prettier or more famous – first of all Selena has the most beautiful flawless face – but that & who is more talented does not make any difference – people should love each other not for the superficial, but for who they are (no pun intended) as people. Stop all the hate & in any event they are at least friends & friends are important.

  • Brooke


    just because i like miley more doesn’t mean i hate selena!!
    it also doesn’t mean you can call me an idiot :)

  • synergy

    Most boring couple ever!!!!


    OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE NICK & SELENA I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

  • me.

    i used to freakin’ HATE nelena together (because i thought selena was a fake and i loved miley back then, so i’m rooting for niley).

    but it’s the other way around right now. i dislike miley, i think selena’s sweet and all… so i hope they’re together.

  • annie ryan

    o love daivd henrie and selena gomez delena!:( <3

  • amanda


  • Chirag

    Im happy they r friends again but if they date then i will b surprised because Selena can get a better guy and Nick can get a better girl

    No Hard Feelings

  • meagan

    Either way, this boy definitely has good taste. Miley and Selena are both super gorgeous. I mean you don’t see him going after Demi Lovato lol.

  • Lolastic101

    I don’t understand what everyone’s problem is.Regardless of who Nick is dating shouldn’t be an issue.If anyone’s a fan of Miley,Nick,or Selena,we should support them in whatever decisions they make even if we think it’s wrong.It’s so stupid to pick sides just because of how “talented” one is over the other.Those of you who criticize the young women,just imagine yourself in their perspective.Would you want your fans to try to tell you who you should date?Uh,no.So,stop talking about them.Celebrities are normal people just like everyone else and they should be able to live their lives and date whomever they please.Only the celebs themselves will actually come out and say who they are dating if they want everyone to know,so stop talking about it.Jacklyn,I hope your ear is better. =) But,back to what I was saying,grow up,people and leave the young people alone,please!

  • Kyle Webs

    Selena’s amazing. I don’t like the other kid though. haha

>>>>>>> staging1