Selena Gomez Tells Her Top Ten to Jay Leno

Selena Gomez Tells Her Top Ten to Jay Leno

Selena Gomez waves to the audience during Jay Leno‘s last Jay Leno Show in Hollywood on Wednesday night (January 20).

The 17-year-old actress dished about if she actually had a curfew and the last time she broke it. She shared, “[It's] midnight and I broke it last year…with a boy.”

Sel also revealed the oddest place she’s ever been found by a fan, saying, “In a bathroom stall. A little girl poked her head underneath. It’s kind of okay if you’re six, but if you’re 20, I’m a little scared.”

Top Ten with Selena Gomez
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  • wisdom

    she is not aging well. She looked better when she was younger.

  • meeee

    she looks a bit weird . :/ but i still love her <3 :]

  • LC

    she’s so adorable!! gotta love her

  • Tiffany

    She looks adorable in her cute black shirt. I wish I had tivoed it. Get all of her clothes here

  • Selaly

    Here is my idol!
    would have to say she is the cutest girl on earth!
    Her acting is amazing… Her singing is getting better and better.

  • Selaly

    you are just so wrong!.

  • aldi

    yayyy shes was so funny!!!! i love her so much…. definitely shes the best!!!

  • aldi

    @wisdom what are you talking about??? of course sel was so beautiful when she was younger but obviously shes STILL so gorgeous, every day she is more and more pretty….. so plz dont be so jealous and pathetic hater…

  • Carla

    adorable :)

  • Marc Aupiais

    Maybe its just my internet or South Africa’s- but the video won’t load!

  • cam


    Wisdom, your name does not fit you. Are you nuts? Selena is 17 and gorgeous. Come back in 15 or 20 years & we’ll revisit that comment.



  • miss

    wisdom stup the hell up selena looked beautiful like always she just keeping getting prettier and prettier everyday. shes a great actress and she good at singing dont diss my girl. i love her and selena soo funny and cute last night like always(:

  • bebe

    what was selena implying a that she did with the boy?! she told Leno she wouldnt tell

  • none

    When a girl usually breaks curfuew with a boy that means she got some. I dont think Selena is a virgin anymore.

  • oh yeah! Your mom.

    I think wisdom just meant that she looks a little older than she actually is just from her face. She looks like a 25 year old but a pretty one. I’m not hating at all just stating. Plus she’s a very talented actress.

  • jessica

    ok stfu you selena fans. i mean people are allowed to have an opinion. not everyone is gonna agree with you. deal with it.

  • selena

    Selena is the most wonderful girl in the whole planet. So definitely.

  • Brittany

    You’re talking about a seventeen-year-old girl, right?


    i think i know who she broke her curfew with Taylor hehe who wouldnt i probably would too lol


    HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!gotta love her

  • mariah

    sooooo pretttty

>>>>>>> staging1