David Henrie as Spider-Man?

David Henrie as Spider-Man?

Could David Henrie be the next Spider-Man?

We’ve heard that Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson were among the names thrown around the table for the title character of Peter Parker, but what about the 20-year-old Wizards leading man?

Directed by Marc Webb, the fourth film would follow Peter as a high-schooler who comes into his web-y powers.

WHO DO YOU THINK should play Spider-Man? DO YOU THINK David would be a smart choice?

David Henrie as Spider-Man?
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  • Lu

    That’d be hot. But wasn’t Peter Parker a high schooler in the first movie? That’s what it was all about, him getting his powers.

  • Jordyn

    David Henrie should be spider man

  • tom

    David is to goofy. I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be Spiderman.

  • chelsea

    i’d actually rather see david as spiderman as opposed to robert and zac, he seems like he’d fit the part better imo.

  • rock_chick_chic

    hell no! they should get someone who has talent and who is not an annoying frickin disney star.

  • hshf

    please no

  • http://stephen-lunsford.net Caro

    Stephen Lunsford should play Spider-Man!

  • Selaly

    Big NO!
    If they want to lose all of their invested money!.
    Nobody is gonna watch it.

  • crazyeka83

    Jason Smith for Spider-Man!!!!!!!!!

    The dude is a freaking legend! Check him out!


  • audrey

    zac or joseph gordon-levitt get my vote!

  • pouty

    zac is perfect for the role (though I’m not a fan). pattinson is too edward-ish! david henrie could be perfect, but in my opinion may be in a few years. he doesn’t have enough experience but he’s talented!

  • http://www.twitter.com/sleepingbeautty sleepingBeautty

    I think it should be David!, I’d be perfect Spider Man!… ILY David!

  • sam

    David is a good choice actually…im surprised! this could be his big break…not many people besides Disney fans know who he is rght now.

  • Katie G!

    i love zac but i dont think he’s good for this part – not that he’s not talented cause he deff is but i just dont see him as spiderman
    with the options they’ve given us i would actually say david henrie is the best one so far

  • Lauren

    yeh i agree david should do it….zac is too comedic like i see the guy from 17 again not spiderman plus; i agree with another comment robert is too edwardish like…moody, grown up films suit him way better than spiderman and plus david is not as famour which is better because he’ll be a great actor and it’ll be just for his talent instead of all twihards going to see the film just to dribble over zac or robert….i think david should be the new spiderman great idea!!!!!!!!

  • mmmac

    abso-freaken-lutely! david would be the best spidey! when you think of zac you totally think of teen musicals and robert pat will ALWAYS BE a vampire to me. besides, david even resembles peter parker the best! GO DAVID!

  • Anybody except Zac and Robert would be awesome. Those two just bug me and Spider-man is my favorite superhero so yeah..

  • the original …

    I think this whole reboot is lame and cheap. They should have made a 4th film with the original cast. Stupid sony trying to save money and not pay the original actors yet trying to keep the marvel license by making this garbage.

  • Carla

    Im a BIG FAN of Zac Efron! but im sorry! i cant imagine anyone but Tobey Maguire in this role :S I cant imagine any of these actors as spiderman… really sorry.
    David Henrie looks too… young for this movie, i think. However, he looks a little like Tobey.
    Zac… I think Zac wouldnt look well in this “outfit”. Just sayin.. xD
    And Rob Pattz… omg… are u talkin seriously? REALLY?
    RPattz? First a vampire and then a spider-man :O? wow.-

  • Just Interested

    i thin k david would be good & i say a big NO to zac and robert can’t see them as peter parker/ spider man

  • mariane

    Robert Pattinson is better than good! :)

  • http://twitter.com/preskoo preskoo

    Zac should totally get this role!

  • lulu

    no!! why is the 4th 1 guna be a prequel!? it won’t be the same without the usual charaters, ive always loved spider-man movies now it’s ruined!

  • amanda


  • petya

    Zac would be a really hot Peter Parker! Robbert Pattinson and David Henrie?! Hell no!!

  • julie

    David Henrie totally should be Spider man !!

  • Courtney

    Ehh, I can’t really see him in this role.

  • angeliz

    I definetely think that david is gonna be a perfect spady !! cuzz he looks thogh and hot and cute and like a superhero !!! he has the body … hes not that goofy !! cuzz hes kind of serious !! and hes is a GOOD match for that movie !!!!!! i ll be a big fan if he is !!!! ZAc is tooo weak for that character in my opinion !…. THEY NEED DAVID FOR IT !!!!

    I lov ya david !!!

  • guest


  • Guest

    He’d be a horrible Peter Parker!

  • lalalove

    Zac efron and Robert Pattinson aren’t…idk nerdy enough for Peter Parker. Peter’s character is all about being awkward and nerdy and they just don’t fit that at all (and I mean that in a good way) xD

    I could see David doing it moreso than zac or rob. Not saying he’s geeky or anything…but he does kind of have that nerdy and awkward but cool thing going on in Wizards like how Peter Parker is. o;

    I’ve heard Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumors as well. He would have been perfect when he was younger, but I think he’s gotten too old to play a high schooler. :/ It’s a shame though. He’s a great actor!

  • http://nashforum.boltun.su/ Natasha


  • annuk

    uhm, no.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    ZAC ZAC ZAC !!! zac prooved that he is a fantastic and talented actor ! i loved him in MAOW and 17 again and hairspray and HSM+ he could be 100% perfect with his new haircut ! for me zac is perfect i mean when he started hairspray i said ” he has no chance ” i watched it and he was awsome and perfect to play link even know he is nothing like link !

  • flor

    I just can’t imagine Zac Efron as Spiderman, I mean he would be so perfect for the part of Peter Parker, but seeing Zac Efron as Spiderman with the suit.. ehm… I don’t think so. Robert Pattinson is jus too Edward Cullen. David would certainly be the best option, he’s so talented, and I’d love to see him in a role like this! :)

  • jp

    Tobey Maguire is the only one that can play spider-man, these other retarded people are well, retarded

  • m

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pTIpAmokhw Devin should play spiderman(: !!!!!

  • jerra

    Tobey McGuire will ALWAYS be my Spider-Man.

  • fernanda

    Oh YES YES!

  • ilgar

    I think,
    Robert Pattinson cant be Spiderman because of his face doesnt look like Peter Parker.
    And also Zac efron cant be because he doesnt look like him too
    But David Henrie’s face has a similarity with Peter Parker
    I think David Henrie should be!

  • areyck

    I think Josh Huthcerson would be a nice choice hes buff

  • becki

    I think Josh Hutcherson should play SpiderMan. He’s not a Disney/Nick actor and it seems like it would be a good next step for him. Plus, I think he’s got the right look too! He would be an awesome Peter Parker/Spiderman.

  • Mariemax15

    i think he would be a great and the best spider man !!!!!!

  • Peggy

    if it’s David Henrie, I will definitely go see the movie in theater!!!

  • Michelle

    YES PLEASE, he would make a super hot spiderman, he’s a great actor too <3

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